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Due to holidays, work, my own personal business-Guard will return to finish the 6th story in early 2015. Enjoy the rest of your year.

Part 15

   Arturo paced around the camp site below the Château de Coucy. Arturo hated camping and this was worst. Sure nothing bad had happened but Arturo was anticipating for that to change. Magic. He hated it even if it gave Arturo his superhuman abilities. He still could not fathom exactly how he did what he did, mimicking the abilities of animals and insects. How could he fly by mimicking birds without growing wings? Arturo got a headache every time he thought too hard about it.
   Sally watched her teammate pace back and forth and said, “Are you okay?”
   Arturo shook his head no.
   Sally responded with, “Tell me what bothers you.”
   “Lots. The castle. That spell. How easy it was to get that book. Whatever you’re doing now,” he answered.
   “In English,” Sally told him.
   Arturo was annoyed. He understood Sally was trying to help him better communicate in English but he felt it was not necessary at that moment. Arturo made sure the look on his face was one of annoyance.
   “I too was surprised by the lack of challenges. However a very strong magic warded against wicked trespassers. Mizer must have been thoroughly frustrated,” Sally said.
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Part 14

   Frank is up on the roof, headphones on with Bad Brains playing. His head working through the information they operated on and the consequences of their attack. No one was hurt, luckily, but it showed the Teiwaz were not only good at distracting them but aware of just how the Guard was trying to track them. The Teiwaz were several steps in another direction and if Mizer was to be believed they could be gone very soon. This was a serious issue and one that the team took seriously.
   The mp3 player now switched to Suicide and Frank got up to stretch.
   “Teiwaz pricks,” he said to the wind.
   The team in New York, his home state, did good. Frank looked at the reports and little footage they got. They went after Fliopt and ended up taking on a pair of metal monsters. Reina Titán went all out too. Something she rarely does-even when the team went up against the crazy mummy Vizier some months ago.
   Frank laughed. It was Kid Victory, Red Sprite, Reina, Mr. Monster and himself against an ancient mummy with incredible super powers. Almost unbeatable until Huntsman and Araminta showed up with the coffin and Red Sprite was able to read the inscription and have the monster taken care. Frank wondered why Reina did not go all out at the time and her response was simply ‘I didn’t really think I needed to strain myself for a battle we would win.’
   That shot his mind toward Mizer, who showed up after their battle to take credit for unleashing the Mummy and to taunt the team. Now she shows up again offering a trade. Some ancient book for important intel.
   What is the bitch’s game? he wondered. By now Suicide switched to the Fall and then to the Big Sleep and is now on Ramones as his mind considered Mizers schemes, the Teiwaz’s actions, and how his team is reacting.
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Part 13

   First the matchbook, then the surveillance on the bar, next tracking and intel gathering. From there the team moved on suspects with possible ties to the Teiwaz. Bravado and Araminta were on a roof over looking the target location. Bravado with binoculars keeping eyes on the apartment while Araminta watched his back. Bravado focused in on Brown Widow and Kid Victory creeping down the side of the apartment building. His sight went down to the street, looking for the van which had SubHuman and Water.
   The plan would be for Kid Victory and Brown Widow to surprise, possibly grab someone. Whoever escaped would be met by their teammates. Bravado and Araminta would play back up if things got out of hand.
   “What’s taking so long?” Bravado asked.
   “Let me check,” Araminta said before speaking into the com on her hood, “Professor?”
   “I’m here.”
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Happy Thanksgiving

Series is on hiatus for the week. Be back next Tuesday.

Part 12

   Araminta yawned before taking a sip of latte. She was seated at a table along with Frank, April, and Hunter outside the little cafe near the teams safe house.
   “It was so fucking boring. Almost fell asleep a few times,” Hunter said.
   “So those notes didn’t come in handy?” Frank asked.
   “I don’t know. Some of the team is going through them and the security footage and computer files from the bar. After getting back I crashed and just was not interested in looking through anything after getting up. Especially as I have to go with Erica to watch over the place again,” April said.
   “Erica is not thrilled about that,” Hunter commented.
   “Then Antoine and Araminta again,” said Frank.
   “Maybe. Maybe they’ll switch it up,” said Araminta.
   “I’m surprised you’re up and moving,” Frank said to her.
   “Hard to get good shut eye, even if I’m hiding in the room below the safe house.
   “This surveillance and we missed one of the two attacks. Barely got any sleep before the one we did respond to,” Frank said.
   “They’re tiring us out. Making us chase them around while they work on accomplishing their real goals,” April explained.
   “Sally suggested this is another version of the superhuman arms race. The Teiwaz have connections and weapons but with things the way they are, they need to build and assess more resources before going forth with whatever their world domination plans are,” continued Frank from Aprils point.
   “The Teiwaz might be gone before we can catch them,” Araminta stated.
   “They will be,” said a voice from the table next to them. Araminta froze up and Frank gritted his teeth.
   Hunter looked from the mystery woman to his teammates and asked, “You know this woman?”
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Part 11

   2 Rue Ambroise Paré, right outside the Hôpital Lariboisière the Guard was dealing with masked men and a couple in mini-mech powersuits. Bravado stood toe to toe with one terrorist, dodging strikes and laying in punches he picked up form watching boxing highlights. Each hitting with the grandest impact. Brown Widow mixed it up with a pair of men, but instead of using attacks she used her agility and quickness to keep them off foot. Purely focused on defensive techniques and counters with a mix of her webbing. When dealing with a pair of the power suited men Water used a wave of water on them for SubHuman to light them up with a blast of voltage. Overcharging their gear and frying the circuits.
The last two swiftly dealt with by Red Sprite without use of her fire. Red Sprite made mental notes of her teammates tactics and progress. When all was said and done she told them team they would need to retreat and wait for the others. The group escaped into the sewer system and made their way to the meeting place.
   Inside the hospital Kid Victory walked the halls, looking for the other men involved in the attack. One shouted behind him, and Kid Victory could hear the gun drawn. Kid Victory had his visor programmed so that the ellipsoid earpads would translate French. The armed man had told him to stop as well as spouting racial epitaphs.
   With his mic connected to the pads his English would translate into French through blue tooth on the speaker had hooked on his right arm.
   “You should look above you,” Kid Victory replied. The man did just that and El Hijo De La Bestia dropped on him from the ceiling and then tossed him through the window.
   Kid Victory walked over to the window to look out and then turned to El Hijo.
   “Sorry,” El Hijo said.
   “It’s okay,” Kid Victory said looking back at the man laid out on top of a car, sure to have broken bones.
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News On Series

After being lazy, finished third draft/proof read of the 7th story. I need to move onto doing that for the 8th story but I have to push that back for a while.

Due in part to the series moving faster than expected, work, possible jury duty and the holidays we’ll be seeing some hiatus’. The first one will Thanksgiving week. The second will be Christmas and New Years week. Then after the 6th story probably 5-6 weeks before 7th story unless I feel well enough ahead.

This week however you should expect two chapters on the regular days.

Part 10

   “This is one helluva park,” Hunter said looking over the canoes in one of the lakes at the Bois de Vincennes. He looked over to Erica who was standing with him and added, “Sally was saying this place was impressive and I agree. Lets go check out the zoo.”
   “Aren’t you from Texas? Red blooded American? Shouldn’t you be hating it here?” Erica asked.
   “The official decree is France is run by cowards and prissy men. There’s nothing in there saying we can’t like the scenery,” said Hunter.
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Part 9

   Division 1, the US sponsored super-team, was in the rec room of their base. Evan Daniels codename Audio, Matthew Reinhold codename Mentalist, Sherisse Jenkins codename Lashes, and leader Russell Caine codename The Marine were on a couch catching the news on a giant flatscreen set. Behind them the winged girl Song Yung, codename Muse, was learning pool from team powerhouse Damian Johnson, known as American Made. All while the steel skinned Cynthia Rose, codename Ms. Steel, watched them.
   Russell was soaking in the news reports. First about the giant machine-monsters battling the Guard in Manhattan. The other about Teiwaz terrorist activities in France and how part of the Guard were on the scene. Russell looked around at his teammates. All young, all with gifts and powers yet non over the age of seventeen. Russell was 33 himself and non-powered. He was put in as field leader for this group, picked out of the Marines for his natural talents. Russell was a little over six feet tall, peak physical condition, light brown complexion, shaved head, with stubble on face. He may be the leader, but he was not the face of the team, Damian was.
   Damian was only 16 and once a victim of alien invaders. His experience had given him extraordinary powers which put him on the list of the ten most powerful beings in the world. Damian was a good looking young man-lightly tan skin, blond hair and blue eyes, big smile. American Made they dubbed him.
   “Why haven’t we been called about any of these Teiwaz attacks,” Sherisse asked. Sherisse’s skin had deep brown tone, deep brown eyes, and a stub nose. Her hair was professionally styled and straighten to Sherisse’s chagrin, preferring it to be out and big. Of the young heroes she was in the best shape, taking her training extremely seriously. Her powers-glowing whips that came from out the wrist, was another result of Alien based mutation.
   “Russell, what is this BS,” she asked of him.
“If our bosses wanted us to head overseas they would have told us. Apparently it’s not considered a priority. Maybe the French feel they can handle this,” answered Russell.
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