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Part 26

   The phone, or gPhone, was good. While many phones were down in Manhattan due to the power and the knocking out of towers Tesla did a good job making it so the Guard can communicate. Though it made it hard for allies to get into contact with them. The message Reina Titán received had to be minutes old. The news it gave even older. Nicole Stanis and the police, agents, feds and military were using Sat Phones, walkie talkies, or other devices that could keep the communication going in the dark. Stanis had to contact an outside source to pass the message. A message about where Reina should focus her forces. She sent a message to her teammates back at the suite and put the majority of them in and around the Upper West Side while she would take East Village with Flash-Man as her only back up.
   This split was smarter. Titán’s brief fight with one of the War Powers taught her one thing-they smelled Jerole’s power on her. She could beat them but it might involve a heavy response and that type of force could damage her surroundings. Peoples lives would be danger if she let it all out-but it might have to be that way. These relics, these Manhunters from the Red Planet, needed to be finished off quickly. Flash-Man can assist in dealing with damage and protecting lives. The other team should be able to handle the other War Machine, or at least wear it down. Huntsman had the most power and Mr. Monster had the smarts. The other three had their strengths. Gravity Woman could fight long range, Ichi had the guts and skill, while Kestrel could provide distraction and also work with keeping the sight clear of casualties.
   Reina Titán moved across the dark Manhattan skies thanks to her gPhones GPS, which guided her far enough to see fire in the distance. She landed on the intersection of 2nd Avenue and East 9th Street and Reina sensed movement up ahead. She squinted, her powers allowing her excellent vision. So even in complete darkness her eyes adjusted to so Reina could view movement.
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Part 25

   “This blows,” were the words that came from Eartha’s lips. Her two companions agreed with whole heartily. Eartha, Pearl and Go were looking out into the sunset from atop the classy hotel that was being used as their base of operations for the case. It had been a rough day. The night before the power blacked out through most of Manhattan. The power company started working on the problem but with the relics popping up and causing destruction progress was slow. Earlier in the day the team split into two small units and ventured out to confront the War Powers. Eartha (Gravity Woman) and Pearl 9Kestrel) went out with Reina Titán, while Go (Ichi Senshi) was with Mr. Monster, Huntsman and Flash-Man. It would have been better to go as one unit but with the two Manhunters operating solo and the uncertainty of their strengths compared to their weapons and powers Reina thought they might have a chance. It did not work nor did it fail.
   From what Go explained, when they encountered one of the War Powers Huntsman had hit hard and fast, however the one with the Star was stronger. It fought back and the blasts, while rocking it, did not have the desired effect. Huntsman did not have much time to put more behind the blasts before he was pulverized through a building. Monster tried to take it down to the ground and wrestle it but that did not work. Go tried assisting but when they collided weapons its strength was too much. Flash-Man stuck to keeping collateral damage to a minimal and did not get much time to help before it went back underground and lost them. Flash-Man wanted to pursue but Monster chose to hold back. The other fight was a different story. Reina Titán took on the enemy with Eartha playing back up while Pearl dealt with moving people to safety. Reina tried to make short work of it and her vicious strikes took the Manhunter from Mars by surprise. It created enough distance before slipping away in the wake of damage to cover slow Titán.
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Part 24

   Night rolled in with Jessie taking on aerial surveillance and checking the destruction they had been attributed to the Alien War Powers. Aamil was monitoring police chatter and in contact with GR44 back at base. Pearl and Eartha were passed out in their beds while Reed, Elijah, Go and Michie were in the living room with board games while the TV was on low, keeping them tuned into the local news.
   “They are investigating the tunnels. Doing so slowly. The Hub hasn’t reported anything. Right now nothing, but those things can’t stay hidden for too long,” Elijah explained to Jessie on the phone.
   “Not with the military moving in,” Michie commented. She was seated next to Elijah as she studied the Sorry board before making her move.
   “You be safe. …Yes, me too. Bye,” Elijah said before hanging up. He turned to Michie and said, “You’ve been here before. Sitting on the sidelines waiting for news on Jessie and Sally, how do you deal with it?”
   “I use to sleep badly. Always worried. Now I normally sleep okay. But I always kept my phone close by,” Michie answered.
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Part 23

   Huntsman stood perched atop one of the many building in the city, waiting for his teammate. Gravity Woman dropped next to him with some food.
   “You sure you didn’t want anything?” Gravity Woman asked.
   “In this state I don’t need to eat,” replied Huntsman.
   “When you get out of that metal form?”
   “I eat like its the last meal ever.”
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Part 22

   Somewhere underground the War Powers laid in wait. The one with Fragmented circle used its limited telepathic abilities to probe the mind of a maintenance man they had snatched. The man who now laid unconscious at their feet. The War Powers had many gifts and the ability to connect minds with sentient creatures was one of them. They had to be in close proximity to their target, totally focused on said target, and once engaged the trance state would keep them occupied unable to multi-task.
   The Manhunter with the Star dug into its memory and reminded itself of the red planet with its columns and castles and caverns. The oceans and vegetation. The green semi-intelligent beasts that scuttled along at their feet to do the bidding of their master and one of the Great Gods; Tomian. His grand fortress the largest monument of the stars. With the War Powers and Red Soldiers at Tomians command he sought pure control over his siblings and their planets.
   The destruction of the beasts on Earth as well as wars on the Second Planet, the Fifth Planet, and the Ringed Planet. The wars raged on and off and back on. They exterminated various races, left the Fifth Planet beyond decimated and Tomian himself killed two siblings in the great battles. Those were the glory days. They turned back to Earth and battled the beings that now existed. War once more went on and off for centuries. The Gods and their lesser Gods and their creations embroiled in much bloodshed. Jerole and the battered Pziavl combined forces and it seemed they ultimately won.
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Part 21

   “Advanced Human Affairs, huh? Weren’t you guys the Super-Human Monitoring and Policing Agency just a little while ago?” asked the officer driving.
   “Too hard to abbreviate,” Jessie said.
   “You don’t look like a government agent?” he said.
   Jessie knew the “Because I’m a woman? Or do you have a problem with my skin color?”
   “WHAT!? NO! I meant you looked young. Like barely in your twenties,” he said quickly.
   “Oh. Thanks. Sorry about that. When you’re in my business it’s very much a men’s club and a white persons club. People sometimes think I got where I was for diversity sake,” Jessie said.
   “I get it,” he replied.
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Part 20

   “Okay boss, what now?” asked one of Fliopts Harkin men.
   “It’s too heavy to move and sooner or later Reina is going to bust in on us,” Liola added.
   “I’m thinking, I’m thinking,” Fliopt said checking the etchings on the massive statue. It was stuck into the ground so it was hard to know the exact height but Fliopt had remembered it being intimidating inside the temple Barritis. It had to be about eight or ten feet tall but it’s width was what made the most impression.
   Fliopt, Liola and two of his Harkin soldiers were inside a caved in sewer, little below where the Daily News’ former printing press was located. This area had been damaged from the invaders years ago and had not been serviced by the various maintenance and construction crews like other parts of the Manhattan underground had been. The ongoing renovation process slowed due to economic issues, Union issues and a fear by some of what exactly existed down below the streets.
   “Okay-I think I have this figured,” remarked Fliopt before uttering an incantation. It was a couple sentences long and the rough translation was “I INVOKE THEE! I INVOKE THEE WAR POWERS! RISE GREAT MANHUNTERS! TAKE YOUR PLACE BESIDE YOUR MASTER! WAR POWERS ARISE!” which was spoken in a dead dialect.
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