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Finally started the coding on 005. Because blog sites don’t provide easy to use INDENT option I have to manually do it. Also need to control the breaks between the paragraphs. I’m only a few chapters in but thats almost 4 weeks of chapters.

On 006 the third draft (proofing/revisions) is close to finished.

007 is ready for its third draft treatment.

008 is currently in its second draft which has been slow. Outside real life I’ve been working on some other stuff. I will put a bit more focus on it soon. I will say its about half way done.

By the time 005 is done I should actually be moved on to whats happening after 008, will start a series of shorter stories which is the plan.

Case File 005: Relics

The Guard has expanded their ranks. Not only are Flash-Man and the newly christened Brown Widow members of the team but several other superhumans and vigilantes have joined up. The new members get costumes, names and develop their skills and learn to work as a unit. However the transition and training period is short when two big cases come down.

The first case takes Reina Titán and her team to Manhattan to track down an enemy she has history with, a stranded alien named Fliopt. A gifted mage who has utilized his talents and knowledge of alien technology to become one of the most in demand gun runners on Earth. Fliopt has come to Manhattan is in search of a treasure that he could use to bury his competitors and anyone who may choose to stand in his way. Joining Reina’s team includes Mr. Monster, Huntsman, and Flash-Man as well as a trio of new members. Kestrel, a female vigilante of Native American descent. Gravity Woman, a black superhuman who can manipulate the gravity around her. Also Ichi Senshi, an Asian martial artist who can create swords from spirit energy. However the weapon Fliopt seeks maybe to much for the team to stop.

Start date tba. I’ll tease the rest of the new members next week.

Upcoming Case File

Title is Relics.

The story is the longest at 29 chapters.

It will be a jumping on point. However I like to think every story thus far could be read and pretty well understood by themselves. Thanks to the trusty profile and glossary pages.

There will be new characters. Teases soon.

More details to come, including start date.

Case File 002 Mix now on 8Tracks

Rhythm Nation[single edit] by Janet Jackson
How to Make A Monster[Kitties Purrformance Remix] by Rob Zombie
Egyptian Cowboy by Electric Six
The Devil His Due by Chris Randall
Filth Pig by Ministry
She Rides by Danzig
Bury My Body by the Animals
Bara No Soldier from Bubblegum Crisis

Case File 004: Dagger

The Guard is a YA saga about a group off teenage superpowers and vigilantes who come together to stand against criminal empires. The last story to be completed was entitled Dagger. Here’s the write up.

A series of attacks on US government instillations has George Blackwell seeking help from the Guard. This leads to the team of young heroes going up against the ruthless Daga Cartel-the number one criminal empire in Mexico. The Daga rose from the cartel wars to stake its claim and now they are looking to further expand their powerbase. This means new weapons, new soldiers and more control of the drug trade throughout the Americas. With the cartel having operations not just located in Mexico but also in several states the team is forced split up. Along the way they team with a couple new heroes-the Spider Woman of New Mexico and the worlds only known speedster.

Read it HERE or start from 001 HERE.

The fourth story, I don’t remember exactly what lead to it. I was speaking with my uncle, who had been assisting by reading the chapters and giving feedback or pointing out mistakes, and I guess we were discussing what had been going on with what he was reading and I was giving a loose idea of future ideas. After that discussion I must have decided I needed another story before I expanded the cast. Something that allowed me to spend more time with my main 7 heroes, I’d say 8 but even though Professor is important I don’t have her in the same room very often. I also used this story to tease the additions and bring in the two newest heroes of Flash-Man and the SpiderWoman of New Mexico April O’Day, who gets a hero name next story.

I had wanted a Muslim character way back. I don’t know why, I guess its just a rarity in superhero comics even though we are now seeing Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel or Simon Baz as Green Lantern. While I was working on the first three stories I was conceiving possible future team members and somehow I got on the idea of a Muslim hero with super-speed. I’m a sucker for team constructions and the speedster is important to Justice League mythos but also Justice Society and to a lesser extant Avengers. Where Huntsman name is a nod to Transformers, Flash-Mans name is a nod to Megaman more than it is the Flash. I’m not the biggest Megaman fan but he always had cool sounding villains. With April, I took the name from an old Romance Comic I saw the cover of online. I like names and that stuck. Why I made her a spider woman, I don’t know. Why I made her trans was simply to beef up the LGBT+ representation. Half the characters are not exactly defined with Jessie being openly bi but dating a male teammate.

With the Daga cartel I wanted a bad guy that was simple, like the Teiwaz, but were in a position where their elimination would cause problems. A reflection of how the cartel drug wars in Mexico. As terrible as it sounds, there needs to be one main criminal force because if there is not, the fighting for territory causes even more destruction. I don’t know if I made that point well in this. However I like to think I made new baddie Tiro Certero pretty badass.

Check out the story. Next week I’ll start teasing case file 005 and possibly have a start date.

I’ll post 002 mix later this week with 003 and 004 next week.

Case File 001 Mix-now from 8tracks

10 tracks long.

Sailor Moon Theme
Mystic Lady by T. Rex
Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks
Blowin’ Sky High by Berlin
Forest Green by Mike G.
(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do by Filter & Crystal Method
Mice and Gods by Clutch
Disposable Teens by Marilyn Manson
Dare by Stan Bush
Real Hero by College & Electric Youth

Case File 003: Kirby City Crackle

The Guard is a YA saga about a group off teenage superpowers and vigilantes who come together to fight against the worst scum out there. The third story I did was entitled Kirby City Crackle. Here’s the write up.

The Guard is currently split between both coasts, working on their training. Jessie and Sally are overseeing Reed and Araminta while Antoine is leading Frank and Elijah. Antoine, better known as Kid Victory, gets the news of a jail break and finds out one of his rogues has decided to return to Kirby City to throw a party. One that includes a few very dangerous individuals, trained mercs, and local thugs looking to have fun. Now the team has to get together, curb the destruction and take out the numerous bad guys. Easier said than done, especially when Kid Victory discovers the real reason behind the assault on Kirby City.

Read it HERE or start from 001 HERE.

The third story reminds me of the origins of the project. Before this I tried a Reina Titán/Red Sprite but before that I did a bunch of Kid Victory comic scripts. The scripts were for fun but the Reina knovel was serious but after multiple drafts I abandoned it. Then I decided to combine both worlds which worked because in the KV stuff I allude to a world of superheroes outside Kid Victory’s home without visiting that. In Reina Titán novel I state there was magic or aliens. Combining the worlds I use Reina and Sprite as the kick off because they are based in magic and alien existence. Throughout the first stories I make mentions of this here and there but in 003 I give more focus to Kid Victory who is more traditional Western superhero style.

The story focus’ on a rogue known as Mr. Ash assembling a team to burn down Kid Victory’s city and defeat him. Very simple but I think the Guard needed a big super-villain team face down. Mr. Ash and Cektic were villains in those old KV scripts though I tie Cektics origins more toward Reina and Sprite’s tenure as a superhero fighting alien invaders. You see KV’s partner Kate Storkes, the Professor and little seen 8th member, get an expanded role here. She is a carry over as is KV’s family though I made slight change to his brother. I also spotlight Kid Victory’s former partner who i teased in the first story. There are a number of changes between those old school Kid Victory scripts and the one here in the Guard but I don’t think I need to get into detail.

While it is mostly focused on KV’s rogues and background I do introduce Reina Titán’s family. Changed a bit from how I presented them in my attempted novel. Plus another cameo from Reina’s best friend who played a big supporting role in that abandoned novel. For the rest of the team, they are split between Kid Victory’s city and Reina’s city but they all come together to battle the villains. Check out all the profiles HERE.

Later this week I’ll spotlight the 4th story and then the week after start teasing the 5th story. Remind me to start doing the HTML set up.

Case File 002-Old Monsters

The Guard is a YA saga about a group off teenage superpowers and vigilantes who come together to fight against the forces of evil. The second story I did was entitled Old Monsters. Here’s the write up.

The teenage heroes of the Guard are working to get their operation up and running. They continue to look into Teiwaz activities as well as creating files on potential dangers, setting up an off site Intelligence Hub and planning renovations to their secret headquarters. All this while getting to know one another better. Soon a museum robbery brings new trouble the teams way. An ancient evil whose been awakened and set upon the world to create terror and chaos. Its up to the Guard to face down the monster and then the puppeteer behind the scenes. A being of incredible power and unknown motives.

Read it HERE or start from the beginning HERE.

The second team finds the group bonding together and creating their work environment/home. This is the first story where Kid Victory’s partner and the teams Intelligence officer Kate Stokes makes a full appearance. There is also an appearance from Reina Titáns best friend as well as an extended cameo from a certain character who plays important parts in future stories. A character that ties into the world building. Plus of course the stories bad guy, Vizier. You check out the profiles HERE.

As for the building of the story, a couple chapters I used here were taken from a random Guard story I started writing before I finished the first case file Rise of the Guard. While I was having problems getting everything there I decided to skip to a possible second story. Before the skip I was not using the base and certain attitudes to a few characters changed. So that helped with the first case file and also, of course, this one. I also used a chapter I left on the floor from an early drat of the first story. However I chose not to push with the original bad guy and added some other elements. Came out pretty well. I think its stronger overall if less action packed.

Details on the new case file soon. Next time I’ll plug the 3rd story.

Case File 001-Rise of the Guard

The Guard is a YA saga about a group off teenage superpowers and vigilantes who come together to kick super-villain ass. The first story I did was entitled Rise of the Guard. Here’s the write up.

Its been three years since the dawn of the superhuman age. When a runaway known only as Araminta finds herself the target of mysterious men she is rescued by the worlds first superhero Reina Titán. Araminta is then introduced to a group of teenage heroes who have banded together to take down the terrorist organization known as the Teiwaz. An evil society that has infiltrated the United States government and is kidnapping and experimenting on teenagers to build into a future superhuman army. Only this young group of heroes have what it takes to stop them.

The first story introduced the core team of Kid Victory, Reina Titán, Red Sprite, Mr. Monster, SubHuman, Huntsman, and Araminta as well as the villainous organization known as the Teiwaz. It also introduces a few supporting players and has a cameo, of sorts, from Kid Victory’s partner. You can check out all their profiles HERE.

As for the story it self, I went through multiple drafts and had yelling fits with myself (not really). A good first chapter is hard to produce but I think the first chapter here did a good job of kicking off the story and tone. SubHuman was a later edition in my first story as I felt things were missing. While he’s not a favorite to write I think he works fine off the cast. I admit that my teams big three of Reina, Sprite and Victory are my favorites to focus on. I believe it shows, especially with one chapter with Sprite toward the end. The Teiwaz is a pretty easy to hate set of villains but I like to think the villain of Master-Doctor stands out here. I wanted to just do a fun action teen superhero story.

Check out the story HERE if you haven’t already. Details on the new story in a few weeks but until then more plugs of my previous Case Files.


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