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Part 7

   Back at their temporary base, gathered in the small living area, the team discussed the recent events that transpired. SubHuman was annoyed with Bravado for starting the fight with the Neo-Nazi members and partly with himself for not being able to reel Bravado in. Hunter was shaking off the criticisms while standing around shirtless with the bottom half of his Bravado costume on and showing off his recent tattoo (Dallas Cowboys logo on left shoulder).
   “We’re not angry,” Red Sprite said.
   “Yes we are. It was surveillance. Only engage if there is trouble,” Kid Victory countered playing with his visor in his hands.
   “I repeat we are not angry,” Red Sprite asserted to which Kid Victory turned to her annoyed.
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Part 6

   Inside a pharmaceutical research center, specifically a large lab that had been burglarized days prior, Brown Widow paced back and forth while Kid Victory took pictures of his surroundings with his visor. Red Sprite was busy on a computer, combing through data to see if anything stood out. Widow looked at the back of her hands, scratched the exposed skin where her webs shoot from, thinking about the costume that she only wore a handful of times thus far. A russet brown outfit for the most part. A color she found unappealing on its own but effective for the costume. There was the rust color hour glass design on the chest which she thought was neat. The sleeves of the outfit were black, matching gloves and boots, which had a rust colored stripe down the center. Her small black mask connected with the red wig was similar to her old, ugly outfit. She thought about that costume and how most of her work as a hero in that time was spying on bad guys, reporting them in and only occasionally having to get into actual fights.
   “You okay, Widow?” Kid Victory asked.
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Part 5

   Black boots stomped down the cold steel hallway of the secret facility. A Greek beauty in a black outfit that combined leather and lightweight armor. Her hair short, brown eyes intimidating, and thin lips stuck in an unimpressed manner. The men and women stopped in their tracks, saluted and rushed off in other directions. As she turned a corner she saw a familiar face, finishing up talks with a scientist. He turned and smiled at her.
   “Master Doctor,” she said.
   “Europa. Kill anyone lately? I’m joking. Of course you have,” he responded.
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I apologize for no update, will be back Thursday.

Part 4

   The next day the Guard worked on analyzing and researching the activities of Nazi groups in France as well as investigating a few of the known attacks within Paris.
   It all started in the morning with Kid Victory and Red Sprite meeting an Interpol agent. This contact was arranged by one of their allies. At the meeting the pair were interested in any details that fell through the crack. Once back at the base they split the team in two with Kid Victory, Araminta, April and Arturo staying behind to work on the research aspects. Arturo was actually continuing his language development while the others dialed into the Intelligence Hub. The three combed through all the details of the Teiwaz attacks and comparing them to any similar Teiwaz crimes in other countries.
   While the three did that, the other half of the team did more hands on work. Locating business and homes associated with Teiwaz sympathizers and making proper notes of the locations and surrounding areas. The group also stopped in on a few suspected crime scenes that were hit the terrorist organization. After several hours the group returned to base with more supplies and started discussing all the information.
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Part 3

   The team was tired. The flight took them into the Lower Normandy region of France. There, in the commune of Lisieux, they stowed their Flier. Reina Titán and Red Sprite had visited the area before, battling alien invaders, so the community was happy to help. After arriving the group boarded a freight truck and was then driven into the region of Île-de-France. From there the team acquired two vans, split the team and headed into the 10th arrondissement of Paris. The group made their way toward a CIA safe house that was no longer in use-or so they were told. A building tucked into a narrow street that was once the home to small offices but now had grown ugly from lack of upkeep. The team did a quick sweep of the area before getting one van into a garage while having the second van parked nearby.
   Inside they went to the top floor for the five story building. They group used the stairs as the elevator was out of commission. The floor only had a few offices and the one that the team headed for was the largest. Outside the door was a fire extinguisher case which covered an out of date keypad. Sally used the code given to her by Big Boss that would both open the doors and also not show up on the CIA’s system. Once entered the door unlocked and the eight teenagers made their way inside, happy that their long travel was now over.
   “This place is a dump,” Erica commented.
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New chapter later today.

I also finally finished the second draft of the 8th story meaning its time to finish the 7th. I’ll have to move quicker. Luckily these stories have been getting a bit longer. Lucky for the time between, not for me.

After I get the 8th stories last draft done the next planned stories are all shorter.

006: Part 2

   The Tuskegee-1 cruised over the Atlantic ocean for hours after leaving the headquarters. The team got packed quick after the meeting and team assignments. Reina Titán and Mr. Monster would head the team going to New York while Kid Victory and Red Sprite would take another team to France to investigate Teiwaz activity. Kid Victory and Red Sprites team included original members Frank Tremaine alias SubHuman and Araminta as well as new additions April O’Day alias Brown Widow, Hunter Manly alias Bravado, Erica Wellman alias Water and Arturo Vargas alias El Hijo de la Bestia. A team assembled with half Caucasian members to blend in better. A more ethnically diverse team of teenagers would be more suspicious. Despite the fact the newly expanded team had not debut there was already rumors of the Guards expansion available. As for the non-Caucasian members there was Sally Majokko, alias Red Sprite, who was fluent in multiple languages including French. Plus she was third in command and had more experience then all but Antoine. Antoine Jackson, alias Kid Victory, Arturo and April were the only other non-white team mates. April though, being of mixed race origin, could pass as Caucasian. Arturo’s placement on the team was suggested by Reina. Antoine was there as team leader of course.
   The Tuskegee-1 touched down onto the water. The vehicle stopped for a few minutes with the PA announcement, “We are switching to sailing for the next couple hours to reserve fuel.”
   Inside the cockpit Sally hit a few switches, moved from fuel to solar power. Once accomplished Antoine put the Flier in gear and set sail on the water. Antoine put in the coordinates and yawned before taking off his belt. Sally looked at him and turned back to the computer monitor on the dashboard.
   “Something bothering you?” Sally asked.
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006: Part 1

   In Kid Victory’s home base of operations in Kirby County, specifically the city of Elias Beach, Kate Stokes finished prepping her underlings on the first of the two operations. First having laid out what was planned for one half of the Guard in New York and Kate now was ready to move on to talk about the team headed to France. Kate Stokes, alias the Professor, is Kid Victory’s partner and the head of the Guards Intelligence Hub. The Hubs purpose is to provide technical support, document files, assist in investigations and operations. The Hub itself was a loft with three workstations. There was the bigger more elaborate set up for Kate herself and then two desks pushed back to back for her two subordinates. The workstations features top of the line computers that were made specifically for the team. Other major tech they had was a printer/fax and a work table. The work table allowed for holographic imagery but Kate rarely had use for it. The rest of the loft was the kitchen, the living area at the far end, and upstairs the mezzanine with futons and bookcases.
   Kate and the others sat in the living area taking a moment before the next debrief. The News was on the wall mounted plasma, on mute but with captions. The two other members of the Intelligence Hub included Vidya Mistry, whose handle was Acid Burn. She was recruited only months ago at the beginning of what the team classified as their Third Case File. She has done well to adjust to the work even though her hours are limited between school and demands at home. The third and newest recruit was Jack Hughes, who went by GR44. A former military man who lost is left leg in combat. Hughes was mixed race with caramel tanned skin. Jack was average height, had a strong frame, stubble on his face and a small scar under his right eye. Friend of the team, super-scientist Tesla, introduced him to Kid Victory and after a while Victory brought the man in. Jack, being an adult, had more free time than the girls. He worked part time at Innovative Arts, was taking classes, and most of his free time was dedicated to helping the Guard.
   “Okay troops, this is what is happening,” Kate started, “The second team of Kid Victory and Red Sprite are leading SubHuman, Araminta, Brown Widow, Water, Bravado, and El Hijo de la Bestia in the France operation. There has been a spike in Teiwaz activity through out parts of Europe. Or I should say a number of crimes have been blamed on the organization since we helped expose them. In recent months the group has become more bold. We do not know why,” Kate explained.
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Case File 006-Table of Content

Case File 006: Kings, Queens, Knights and Pawns

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


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