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The Guard-Young Adult Superhero Fiction

Part 10

   Willow Run Airport, the now closed airport near Ypsilanti, Michigan was the current base of operations for the Guard. The airport, despite a long and storied history dating back to 1942, had faced severe financial troubles. It was designed for freight and corporate use but with Detroit’s economy as it is-before and after the rise of superhumans-it became harder and harder to keep it open. The Yankee Air Museum that once was a part of this airport was moved to a new location. It was the perfect place for the Guard. Large enough to hide the Tuskegee-1 and with room to move.
   The group lead by Elijah with Aamil as second in command and Frank as his third arrived the night before. They started preparing after the attack on the firm and arrived before the criminal anarchists video went viral. They set up base, made dinner, and discussed what the first move would be before turning in early to prepare for the start of the next day. When the morning came they got to work.
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Part 9

   They were brasher now than they had been. The five young superhumans had accomplished so much in the past day, more than any other previous. Many times it was one or two acts of robbery, arson and/or vandalism. Starting with attacking banks or business with shady practices. When the team would expand the attacks became more daring. When they had a stronger team they would make the cops know that they were outgunned. The news called them terrorists, some called them criminal anarchists. Their actions brought split responses. Some hailing them for their proactive response in attempt to challenge the system. Others hated them because their actions were aggressive and violent, believing in peaceful means. For these five peaceful means accomplished nothing.
   On the day that passed these criminal anarchists robbed a major bank. Not just a million dollars but of precious valuables from security boxes. They split the money up to needs, some jewels for their own tastes, and planned the rest to dump into charities, shelters, or just burning it somewhere the police could find it. Part of the team smashed up a firm, one involved in protecting dangerous criminals and businesses that hurt everyday people. The attack including the execution of one of the partners. The other half of the team made a quick stop at a police station and made almost a dozen cruisers worthless. Then later that night, the whole of the team played demolition crew to an automobile factory whose CEO gave himself a raise while laying off a portion of the workforce. As the fire burned four stood in front of a camera dress in all black.
   “America-today we show you that nothing is safe. We will walk into your banks and take from you. We will walk into your firms that protect the corrupt and make these lawyers pay for their transgressions. We will come to one of your celebrated industries-and lay waste to it. An industry that is bankrupt and used government bailouts to keep it afloat but only for the money grubbing execs-none of that goes to the people work hard. They can be cut aside. We will take your wealth and dump it into the streets for the people who need it. America needs to pay. The government is a tool of corporate interest. The police protect the status quo, they don’t serve justice,” One of them said.
   Another stepped forward, “This country was about being the home of the brave and land of the free. It’s abused the brave and taken away the freedoms. Peaceful protests don’t work. The law doesn’t work. It’s time we burn this shithole to the ground.”
   “You will label us terrorists. We are not. We do what we must. Once we are done here, we will move on to every country that needs real freedom. Breaking the chains of the rulers. Our ideology is freedom from oppression. Government and corporate,” another added.
   The video went off and it was up twenty minutes later online.
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Stick around, will be back soon.

Part 8

   A couple days had passed and the majority of the Guard were meeting for a training session. In the days between the occupants of the base, along with Aamil who had spent most his summer there, worked with the hub gathering details on the case they had been developing. Today several members would show off their progress in training without Araminta, Elijah, Frank and Reed. Antoine, Jessie and Sally would oversee their progress and decide if they could go out. If not one would take charge of the case. Frank and Elijah were a little insulted by the idea that they couldn’t head up a novice team but did not argue.
   Antoine, arriving late met up with Sally and Jessie outside the observation room.
   “You guys waiting for me?” he asked.
   “No, just chilling talking about this new video,” Jessie said signaling to Sally. She handed Antoine her tablet and he played the video. The video faded in and four individuals in all black and wearing clown masks stood with their backs to a chain linked fence.
   “We are concerned, angry, citizens of the world. We have dealt with racism, sexism, humanism. We have seen the face of corruption and we are making a stand. The banks we have targeted are part of that system of corruption and greed. Retail outlets who finance third world garment shops paying low wages in unsafe environments. The police you send-just cogs. Some don’t understand they they are there to strengthen the status quo but others know. They acted violently and aggressively at any turn,” said one.
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Part 7

   “I don’t want to go back,” Erica said to Araminta. They were seated across from one another in the food court of the mall. Hours earlier the two-along with Frank, April and Arturo made their way into Cardy County (around 45 minute drive) and almost another hour to get to the Warren Mall. From there they split into two groups with plans to meet later at the bookstore to return home. Erica was not looking forward to that. While the base had its positives she would much prefer a normal home or even apartment. Something with windows, close to fast food restaurants and a 7-11.
   “Maybe we can all stay in the city for a night. We got the money,” Araminta said.
   “I would like that but someone would bitch about it being a waste. Nope, we’re going back home to do what we do everyday. Train, watch movies, play video games, and repeat,” Erica complained.
      “It could be worse.”
“It definitely could. Living in that boarding house with the so-called counselors constantly asking ‘what are you doing, where you going’ and having to share a TV and computers. At least I got to go into the city more often,” Erica stated.
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Part 6

   Reed stood next to Sally looking over a statue of The Hope Athena. The two, along with Elijah and Jessie, were the only visitors of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art this Wednesday evening. The LACMA was closed on Wednesday and Jessie, or rather Reina Titán, called in a favor. The director gave her keys and tools to enjoy a day at the museum for her and her partner Red Sprite. Jessie used this to have a fun day out with her boyfriend, but included Sally and Reed for the trip.
   Sally loved the LACMA, it was one of her favorite places in California. A love of History, specifically cultures was one she inherited from her parents who were both archeologists. Sally’s mind wandered back past life, as it seemed to always creep in when she was in the museum. Memories of the Shuin Kingdom, one of the oldest kingdoms from her homeworld. A beautiful place she missed greatly even as she grew more and more connected to her adopted home of Earth. She let the memories wash over, the warm ones. The time with her parents watching them work. Visiting museums and taking trips to see wondrous sights.
   As for Reed, he personally found museums generally boring.
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Part 5

   Inside the training room Erica, Araminta, Eartha and Arturo stood at the ready. None wearing their costumes but in black training uniforms. Erica had a back up water pack strapped on while Araminta had her sword at the ready and Arturo was holding a short staff that had a button that once clicked turned it into a two sectioned staff. A two section staff is a flail weapon with the staff end and a small flail end connected by a chain. Arturo wanted a weapon like Kid Victory’s stun gun but Antoine wanted him to train with this instead. Arturo was not happy with his weapon compared to the others. Kid Victory had two clubs that became a staff, Bravado now had an extending staff he didn’t really use and now SubHuman carried a baseball bat.
   The ladies with weapons at least have blades, he thought.
   “Okay, we’re starting,” Frank said over the PA.
   A part of the wall opened up and robot started marching forward. Araminta took command and said, “Erica, you’re up.”
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007: Part 4

   Antoine knocked at the front door of the Hub. He looked over to the camera up and to his left, waved, and the door popped open. Antoine smiled at Kate who welcomed him in. Antoine looked around, TV was on at the far end and Vidya was seated at her workstation.
   “Busy today,” observed Antoine.
   “Our intelligence department is doing the work of a dozen people. That’s right-three part timers and half a dozen other even less part timers,” Kate replied.
   “So you’re tired?” Antoine asked.
   “Of course I’m tired! And a little cranky. What am I saying? A lot cranky. I hate evil,” Kate replied.
   Antoine chuckled and agreed before saying, “Hey Vidya.”
   “Hey, Antoine. Out late last night?” Vidya inquired.
   “Actually sat home and worked on some gaming. Did a little filing work but just chilled,” he told her with a big smile.
   “So you came by to give us a hand? I’m about to leave right now so you can take my station,” Vidya smile.
   “You having a day out?”
   “Yep. Going to the beach. Decided to get up early, put in some work before having fun. Lots to do,” Vidya said very chipper.
   Antoine nodded, “I’m going to have some fun myself tonight with friends but I am here to help for now. Or just say ‘hey’ really.”
   “Good. Teiwaz, Mizer, Fliopt, King and trying to keep tabs on some of our associates. Busy, boring, tedious work. Also you can now add in this string of superhuman attacks happening,” Kate said before a yawn.
   “Anything on those traces for the Jai-Oin case?”
   Kate shook her head no and then said, “Ghost called. Took a quick look into our Stanis lady when she was in his part of the world. Nothing to report.”
   “I probably need to talk to him soon. Tesla too-governments coming to further complain about his new line of computers,” Antoine said.
   “Their going to shut down the Pascal computers? My dad just bought one-loves it,” Vidya said.
   “I don’t know what will happen. The ability to cloak oneself on the internet is something that really bothers the government. For good reason but also it allows for more privacy, which is also good,” Antoine said.
   “The Pascal computers and tablets are big business, especially for their low prices. It’s not just about the ability to cloak ones activities, which the Pascals only can do so much against government spying-no its also a business move. Tesla’s making a superior product for cheaper than the others. Due to the military contracts and patents he holds he can take a hit with the computers. Obviously he’ll be switching over fully soon, prices will rise but by than everyone will want his machines,” detailed Kate.
   “So the corporations want the government to shut down his computer line because it makes their buddies sad. Government wants to shut it down for making it hard to get in. But at the same time they want him to keep working for them?” Vidya asked.
   “Pretty much,” Antoine said.
   “What jerks,” Vidya said.
   “I agree,” Antoine said.
   The three made small talk before Vidya bid them farewell. Kate walked her to the door as Antoine made his way toward the couch and the TV. Jack Hughes had his tablet out and working while the news was playing footage from Reina Titán’s recent interview with a British independent journalist. Kid Victory had mixed thoughts on her doing it but he himself has did a few brief interviews before. Not like the one on Reina took on.
   The interviewer said to Reina, “You’re referring to the list that was put together, the 10 most powerful in the world. Have you met everyone on the list and do you think they rank?”
   Reina Titán responded with, “I met most. Definitely not the Division 1’s golden boy American Made. As for where they rank, the list is about power but they don’t know exactly how powerful Makt is or even Lady Glória. Plus its only power. Red Sprite is an incredible fighter, probably better than a number of people above her on the list. An excellent mind for combat. Probably whup a few people on that list easy.”
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007: Part 3

   At the Guard’s home base most the teammates were spending time in the Game Room. Aamil was currently frustrated with his skills at the FPS game he was playing alongside Arturo. Frank was playing pool with his April, while Eartha was watching and drinking a Blue Pabst Ribbon. One of the various alcoholic beverages that was in the liquor cabinet.
   “The nonsense in Turkey man, really wish we could go over there and just whup some ass,” Frank said.
   “The problem with that is even if we were to interject ourselves it may end up worst,” April responded.
   “Then we go back and send them another message,” Frank stated.
   “So you’re in favor of being a world police?” Eartha questioned.
   “No. I mean-definitely not, but it’s just frustrating,” he answered.
   “We could just go over there and help protect the protestors,” April suggested.
   “Yeah, that would be good. Still, get us in trouble cause you know we’d end up smacking some of those damn riot police,” said Frank.
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007: Part 2

   Underneath hot white light-Give a scream. Takes us up into the sky and sets us free. We’ll lose ourselves, get our kicks, embrace the beat. Forget what’s real and burn out on a love so sweet. Take all you need and leave the rest… Now follow me to take the best.
   I like to watch the way you walk, I live to hear the words you talk, I’d love to know the things you do when no one’s there to spy on you. I want to crawl inside your head, to kiss your mind with lips of red. I dig the things you do to me, you’ve lit the fire to set me free. Oh, baby…

   Jessie sang on her broken bed with the acoustic guitar while Elijah fiddle with the tablet next to her.
   “There you have it-a new bed will arrive soon,” he said.
   “Excellent. Have you built the one in your room yet?”
   “Right now I’m liking the floor. You know, why risk another bed?” Elijah smiled and Jessie laughed. He then added, “Hope there wasn’t anything under your bed.”
   “Nope. Donated most of my books and got them digital. Other stuff I moved out into the new media cabinet,” she said.
   “That song you were singing-that was on your mix?”
   “Yes, my sexy sexy sex time mix. It’s by a group called My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult,” Jessie said.
   Elijah burst out laughing. “All their songs that sexy?”
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