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Part 16

   Throughout the US there are multiple former military bases. Some get torn down and in its place are communities or new shopping districts. Other times nothing happens-the buildings just stay there unused. Then there are the rare times where on the outside its still abandoned but inside tells another story.
   That story did not interest Reina Titán who smashed through one of the bunkers and through the main floor to sub-level one. On her arrival the alarm sounded and it was music to her ears while people shouted in fear. This facility came up in the various raw data the Guard collected in France. Information that was not passed off but lost in the shuffle of intel research. Some background by GR44 and Professor saw that this was a moderate chance of Teiwaz activity. perfect training conditions.
   Ichi Senshi and Bravado repelled down on grappling guns and went to work as Reina surveyed the scene. She could deal with everyone easily so she would just hang back and take care of any major threats.
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Part 15

   “Hey,” Pearl said to Sally.
   “Hello,” Sally replied. She took a look at the table Pearl was seated at, outside a local coffee shop in East Ridge, Tennessee. East Ridge bordered the much larger city of Chattanooga as well as bordering on the state line of Georgia.
   Pearl motioned to the coffee, “Black right?”
   Sally took the seat across from her and nodded, “Yes, thank you.”
   “You flew from LA?”
   “No, I went to the base early in the morning. I got a ride into the town and flew out from there.”
   “How’d you get a ride?”
   “The cars-well, the SUV, has remote control. Took into the county, hopped onto a taxi,” Sally explained.
   “So the flight was okay?” inquired Pearl.
   “It was. Why did you want to meet here?” Sally asked.
   “I thought… Actually I didn’t.”
   Sally took a sip of her drink and then said, “You’ve been operating in Blount for a year now. Mostly gangs and dealers. Why move up to bigger bad guys?”
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Part 14

   “… This man here believes in such a foolish idea?” said one of the masked men. One the Guard believed to be Mitchell Cane, also known as MC.
   The team had used the information provided to identify Mateo and Viridian but were still unsure of the female paper master and the mysterious fifth member. They put all this together the night before before being awaken by a new stream from the anarchists group. one in which the four had strung up a hostage. A man by the name of Jacob Delany, a controversial writer.
   “Reverse racism? When’s the last time you heard about two black cops screwing with a white boy and calling him cracker or honkey? Treating him like got guns and drugs? Huh? How about blond white girls getting told their hair is a distraction. Their natural hair. No one wants them cutting their hair. This man is trying to make it okay to look down on people. Keeping the social order to their liking,” MC continued.
   “We’ve already watched it twice can we turn it off?” Erica asked.
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Part 13

   First it was the defense attorney. Working late no doubt to protect his guilty clients who kept him living a good life. He arrived into his apartment-not luxury apartment in the sky but a very impressive one. The lawyer arrived turned on the lights, turned and Kid Victory was there.
   “What are you doing?!” he asked startled holding his attache to his chest.
   “You’ve got friends right Mr. Mayer? Some have played nice with Jai-Oin. Let them know Kid Victory needs to talk to him,” Kid Victory responded.
   “Get out of my home!”
   “You going to carry my message?”
   “I don’t have any connection to Jai-Oin,” Mayer answered.
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Part 12

   The cutlass was turning onto PCH, the music playing was My Girlfriends Girlfriend by Type O Negative. Jessie was driving with Michie in the passenger seat and Sally in the back. Jessie had her mind on several things. Her upcoming work with Go and Hunter, connecting from her teammates in Detroit to her boss in the AHM for that case, the recent show her band did at the house of a friend of a friend, as well as the scene with the guy making unwanted advances on Michie. Jessie dealt with that and felt bad that a rather pleasant evening had to devolve into such a terrible situation. Michie seemed to have bounced back but Jessie was still very bothered. Her mind started to push those angry and frustrated thoughts away to settle in on the show itself. They had a nice little crowd, some heads banging, overall good show.
   Tomorrow Sally and herself would head out and work with some of the new recruits. Originally the plan was for her, Sally and Antoine to each team with one of the reserves. This changed with Antoine being busy. Chasing after Jai-Oin for clues on King took precedence though Jessie would have preferred to put that one on the back burner. Too much going on. She herself has had to make herself seen at AHM headquarters twice this month alone as well as dealing with some superhuman problems in SoCal with her partner. The team might have grown but the problems seem to triple.
   It was a relief that Division-1 was now up and running and taking on part of the troubles.
   “What is this song?” Michie asked knocking Jessie out of her deep thoughts.
   Jessie answered, “Black Balloon by Monster Magnet,” before adding, “Sorry about that shit back at the-“
   “I told you don’t worry about it. Guy was obviously tipsy. I’m fine,” Michie said.
   “It’s no excuse.”
   “No, I guess it’s not,” Michie agreed in a low voice looking out the mirror.
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Part 11

   Four men in an alley, one soon to be the victim and the other three his attackers. One pulls a gun and goes on about him being a snitch and a bitch. A portal opened up up and behind the three, Araminta peaked out and slammed two of the mans heads together. The last attacker turned, stumbled back until he was levitated off the ground and dropped hard onto the concrete.
   “The police will be here soon if you wish to sta-” the man ran off before Araminta could finish so she just slipped fully back into the portal.
   “So whats the average distance between the two openings?” Gravity Woman asked up on the top of the tenement building.
   “Depends on the distance, in this case maybe five yards. But I have been able to effect the way the distance moves. So in this case it was just like a straight line form one door to the next,” she answered.
   “The one where it feels like you’re dropping, don’t you ever get scared?”
   “I use to, know its just a thrill. Besides the gravity inside the gates is different so its like dropping three feet rather than the actual distance,” answered Araminta.
   Gravity Woman looked out into the distance, smiled and thought, Home sweet home.
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Part 10

   Willow Run Airport, the now closed airport near Ypsilanti, Michigan was the current base of operations for the Guard. The airport, despite a long and storied history dating back to 1942, had faced severe financial troubles. It was designed for freight and corporate use but with Detroit’s economy as it is-before and after the rise of superhumans-it became harder and harder to keep it open. The Yankee Air Museum that once was a part of this airport was moved to a new location. It was the perfect place for the Guard. Large enough to hide the Tuskegee-1 and with room to move.
   The group lead by Elijah with Aamil as second in command and Frank as his third arrived the night before. They started preparing after the attack on the firm and arrived before the criminal anarchists video went viral. They set up base, made dinner, and discussed what the first move would be before turning in early to prepare for the start of the next day. When the morning came they got to work.
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Part 9

   They were brasher now than they had been. The five young superhumans had accomplished so much in the past day, more than any other previous. Many times it was one or two acts of robbery, arson and/or vandalism. Starting with attacking banks or business with shady practices. When the team would expand the attacks became more daring. When they had a stronger team they would make the cops know that they were outgunned. The news called them terrorists, some called them criminal anarchists. Their actions brought split responses. Some hailing them for their proactive response in attempt to challenge the system. Others hated them because their actions were aggressive and violent, believing in peaceful means. For these five peaceful means accomplished nothing.
   On the day that passed these criminal anarchists robbed a major bank. Not just a million dollars but of precious valuables from security boxes. They split the money up to needs, some jewels for their own tastes, and planned the rest to dump into charities, shelters, or just burning it somewhere the police could find it. Part of the team smashed up a firm, one involved in protecting dangerous criminals and businesses that hurt everyday people. The attack including the execution of one of the partners. The other half of the team made a quick stop at a police station and made almost a dozen cruisers worthless. Then later that night, the whole of the team played demolition crew to an automobile factory whose CEO gave himself a raise while laying off a portion of the workforce. As the fire burned four stood in front of a camera dress in all black.
   “America-today we show you that nothing is safe. We will walk into your banks and take from you. We will walk into your firms that protect the corrupt and make these lawyers pay for their transgressions. We will come to one of your celebrated industries-and lay waste to it. An industry that is bankrupt and used government bailouts to keep it afloat but only for the money grubbing execs-none of that goes to the people work hard. They can be cut aside. We will take your wealth and dump it into the streets for the people who need it. America needs to pay. The government is a tool of corporate interest. The police protect the status quo, they don’t serve justice,” One of them said.
   Another stepped forward, “This country was about being the home of the brave and land of the free. It’s abused the brave and taken away the freedoms. Peaceful protests don’t work. The law doesn’t work. It’s time we burn this shithole to the ground.”
   “You will label us terrorists. We are not. We do what we must. Once we are done here, we will move on to every country that needs real freedom. Breaking the chains of the rulers. Our ideology is freedom from oppression. Government and corporate,” another added.
   The video went off and it was up twenty minutes later online.
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Stick around, will be back soon.

Part 8

   A couple days had passed and the majority of the Guard were meeting for a training session. In the days between the occupants of the base, along with Aamil who had spent most his summer there, worked with the hub gathering details on the case they had been developing. Today several members would show off their progress in training without Araminta, Elijah, Frank and Reed. Antoine, Jessie and Sally would oversee their progress and decide if they could go out. If not one would take charge of the case. Frank and Elijah were a little insulted by the idea that they couldn’t head up a novice team but did not argue.
   Antoine, arriving late met up with Sally and Jessie outside the observation room.
   “You guys waiting for me?” he asked.
   “No, just chilling talking about this new video,” Jessie said signaling to Sally. She handed Antoine her tablet and he played the video. The video faded in and four individuals in all black and wearing clown masks stood with their backs to a chain linked fence.
   “We are concerned, angry, citizens of the world. We have dealt with racism, sexism, humanism. We have seen the face of corruption and we are making a stand. The banks we have targeted are part of that system of corruption and greed. Retail outlets who finance third world garment shops paying low wages in unsafe environments. The police you send-just cogs. Some don’t understand they they are there to strengthen the status quo but others know. They acted violently and aggressively at any turn,” said one.
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