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Two Guard members will get together.

We meet Bravado’s family.

We get a glimpse of one of the heroes past before they gained their superpowers.

One of the Guard will learn something about their powers they never knew.

Teases for the huge 8th story.

Expect, of course, big fight scenes.

Returning in June.


Heres whats going on.

The next story is mostly done. Just needs editing on a few chapters and a couple additional scenes and trims. Will start on that soon.

008 is in need of the third draft/proof read. It should be pretty easy as I’ll jump into that shortly.

009-011 is set for second drafts.

012 was a monolith and I quit towards the end because as I progressed I realized I needed to trim a lot and that I would be dropping certain things and adding others. But I got close to the end and have a better idea of what I must do.

Luckily 007 and 008 are larger chapters so I have time for a lot of the big rewrites.

Outside all this I had been on burn out with how quickly I knocked out 009-011 and 012 draining me. I’ve been neglecting a major rewrite of a YA manuscript. Been itching to take a second crack on this horror manuscript. Right now however I am working on a pitch for Oni’s open submission. Half way through the first draft of the submitted script.

I just need to get abck into the daily grind of writing.

As stated The next Guard story will start next month. Early in the month. More details soon.

Apologies for lack of updates. Personal reasons.

The new story will start in early June. Its mostly done, just needing a little work on some of the rough edges.

I also need to start rewrites on other stories.

But more details later.

Angst-The Summary

The Guard is entangled with multiple enemies. King, Izam Mizer, and the Teiwaz are all out there at large. All this and even more trouble as Mr. Monster and Flash-Man leads a team to take on an anarchist group of superhumans who’s actions have become questionable to the point of terrorism. Their attacks have left millions of damage and several dead. The battle seemed easy on paper but soon they realize these superhumans are not to taken lightly. That’s just the main story. Elsewhere Kid Victory pursues on of his rogues while Reina Titán takes Bravado and Ichi Senshi out for training. Meanwhile Red Sprite has a life changing team up with Kestrel.

The Case Files: Kings, Queens, Knights & Pawns

The sixth, and last story I wrote, is entitled Kings, Queens, Knights & Pawns. Here’s the write up.

The evil organization Teiwaz has been running operations on and off throughout Europe and are currently within France for unknown reasons. Their activities have now forced the Guard to take their first trip out of the States to do battle with their enemies. As they begin their investigation they become aware that one of the Teiwaz’s main shot callers is in the country and if they can grab him they will be one step closer to shutting down the whole empire. Taking place during Case File 005, this story shows the other half of the team. Kid Victory, Red Sprite, SubHuman and Araminta are joined by four new members. Brown Widow a Latino spider woman. Water, an elemental mage. El Hijo De La Bestia who has animal mimicry abilities. Also Bravado, muscle memory and mimicry talents.

As you can see the Teiwaz are back and we get a cameo from the villain Master-Doctor from the first story but mostly new Teiwaz bad guys are introduced. Also the story introduces the organizations leaders. The sixth story also has another extended cameo from a different big bad. Lots of developments in this one. I also learned in this one that I don’t like the character of Water. But it challenges me to make her heroes journey more personal. Also, the Guard meets Division-1, the US governments superhero team. They’ll have more interactions in the future.

My favorite chapters involve my heroes just kicking ass. So those closing chapters with the big battles. Also some character development and personal moments with the characters Brown Widow, SubHuman, and Araminta. Plus I always enjoy writing Red Sprite and Kid Victory for different reasons.

At 21 chapters and around 145 pages.

Read the story HERE! If you haven’t started at all, check out the Case Files and start now!

The Case Files: Relics

The fifth Guard story is entitled Relics. Here’s the write up.

As the Guard expands its ranks two new cases come down. First case takes Reina Titán and her team to Manhattan to track down an enemy she has history with, a stranded alien named Fliopt. A gifted mage who has utilized his talents and knowledge of alien technology to become one of the most in demand gun runners on Earth. Fliopt has come to Manhattan is in search of a treasure that he could use to bury his competitors and anyone who may choose to stand in his way. Joining Reina’s team includes Mr. Monster, Huntsman, and Flash-Man as well as a trio of new members. Kestrel, a female vigilante of Native American descent. Gravity Woman, a black superhuman who can manipulate the gravity around her. Also Ichi Senshi, an Asian martial artist who can create swords from spirit energy. However the weapon Fliopt seeks maybe to much for the team to stop.

The first portion of the series is a big introduction of new characters. Not just the ones listed above (Kestrel, Gravity Woman, and Ichi. Guess which two are LGBT) but also El Hijo de La Bestia who has animal mimicry powers and Bravado who was mimicry powers. Plus Water, who had a small part in the first story. The story also is the first full mention of the government superhero team who will pop up later. The villain of the piece, Fliopt, ties in to Reina (and Red Sprites) own superhero history. This story also represents the first villain that really can test Reina Titán’s power.

I really enjoyed the opening parts. The team orientation, hanging out, beginning of the training. There is also a pseudo-fashion show with Michie talking about the costumes, most of which she designed or altered. Also really dig having Reina fight someone who could bring it to her in a fight. The developing new friendships. Including Kestrel’s attraction to a certain lady and getting a little advice about it. It was interesting writing more Reina and Mr. Monster stuff as we meet Monsters family. His origin being that he was the oldest son in a rich family, specifically the second richest black family in the world.

The biggest story at this point. 29 chapters and over 215 pages.

Read the story HERE! If you haven’t started at all, check out the Case Files and start now!

The Case Files: Dagger

The fourth Guard story is entitled Dagger. Here’s the write up.

A series of attacks on US government instillations has George Blackwell seeking help from the Guard. This leads to the team of young heroes going up against the ruthless Daga Cartel-the number one criminal empire in Mexico. The Daga rose from the cartel wars to stake its claim and now they are looking to further expand their powerbase. This means new weapons, new soldiers and more control of the drug trade throughout the Americas. With the cartel having operations not just located in Mexico but also in several states the team is forced split up. Along the way they team with a couple new heroes-the Spider Woman of New Mexico and the worlds only known speedster.

This one is important for introducing my trans character who eventually goes by Brown Widow and my Muslim superhero who gets named Flash-Man. I also wanted to do a story where the team is split over several locations fighting the same battle. Pairing up Reina with the future Widow in one area. Victory and Monster inviting the future Flash-Man to help them in another. The rest of the team going into Mexico proper to lay down a hurting. The story introduces a few more supporting players and some important bad guys. I think of this as a transition story as I expand the teams size in the next story.

I like writing Flash-Man more than I thought I would even though that developed in future stories. Brown Widow’s introduction chapter I thought was good, especially because before writing it I had no concept of how to approach her. There is no personal favorite chapter but I did enjoy dozens of scenes and I really liked writing the big fight scene with the heavy Tiro Certero.

Story runs 18 chapters and around 135 pages.

Read the story HERE! If you haven’t started at all, check out the Case Files and start now!

The Case Files: Kirby City Crackles

The third Guard story is entitled Kirby City Crackles. This is the write up.

The Guard is currently split between both coasts, working on their training. Jessie and Sally are overseeing Reed and Araminta while Antoine is leading Frank and Elijah. Antoine, better known as Kid Victory, gets the news of a jail break and finds out one of his rogues has decided to return to Kirby City to throw a party. One that includes a few very dangerous individuals, trained mercs, and local thugs looking to have fun. Now the team has to get together, curb the destruction and take out the numerous bad guys. Easier said than done, especially when Kid Victory discovers the real reason behind the assault on Kirby City.

Kid Victory is your traditional big superhero. Defends a city (or rather a county) from various Rogues. I wanted to play in that sandbox. I also got the time to introduce Victory’s family, and on the other side Jessie and Sally’s family. This story includes Kate getting and assistant, Vidya Mistry, to help with the undertaking of the Intelligence Hub. The story is also important to the overall series mythology for introducing Kid Victory’s former crime fighting partner and name checking a major bad guy.

I really enjoy the character interactions above everything else. Much like the first Guard story I pair of teams in certain fights. The story also gives a bit more background to the teams youngest member and one of its powerful in Reed Telle, aka the Huntsman. While half the team are novices in the superhero life, this one story does a have great development for Araminta.

The story is 19 chapters and around 130 pages in length.

Read the story HERE! If you haven’t started at all, check out the Case Files and start now!

Right now a relative of mine is doing the read through of the seventh story. Its been slow because he’s been busy with new job, different hours, and life in general. But I hope in a couple weeks he’ll be finished and I can implement the handful of changes.

Story 8 needs a third draft, 9-11 need first drafts, and I’m working on 12. Which is massive in scope. It will be split into 4 sections. I’m on the fourth section right now.

Next week more story spotlights.

In a few weeks I’ll start the seventh story.

The Case Files: Old Monsters

The second guard story is entitled Old Monsters. Here’s the write up.

The teenage heroes of the Guard are working to get their operation up and running. They continue to look into Teiwaz activities as well as creating files on potential dangers, setting up an off site Intelligence Hub and planning renovations to their secret headquarters. All this while getting to know one another better. Soon a museum robbery brings new trouble the teams way. An ancient evil whose been awakened and set upon the world to create terror and chaos. Its up to the Guard to face down the monster and then the puppeteer behind the scenes. A being of incredible power and unknown motives.

The second story opens with the team really coming together. You see them knocking out more Teiwaz goons as well as hanging out and adjusting to their new lives as a team of superheroes. As the write up explains, the villain of the piece is really a smoke screen for a major threat in an extended cameo. One that adds to the worlds mythology and the background to a couple of my superheroes. I took ca change of pace from evil empires to villains of power so that I could write up a classic superhero team versus big bad villain story. The story also fully introduces Kate Stokes, partner to Kid Victory who is the head of their Intelligence Hub. Also meets Reina’s best friend costume designer for teen superheroes Michelle ‘Michie’ Gibson.

My favorite part of the story is the chapter in the teams game room. Just the team hanging out. I love it. While I dug the big fight scene I dug the revelation of the villain behind the scenes much more. Said villain does a good job of establishing themselves as final boss level badassery.

Story is only 18 chapters, clocking in at around 125 pages.

Read the story HERE! If you haven’t started at all, check out the Case Files and start now!


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