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Due to work schedule and added responsibilities as well as personal reasons I’m going on hiatus. However, after the holidays I’ll finish the story quickly.

Sorry to everyone who has been constantly checking the site.


Part 23

   Jessie and Go stood with their backs to the fence in the yard of the Manly household. Both had sodas in their hands and watched as the oldest sibling in the family, Alannah, was working the grill. The pair met her and the rest of Hunters family a few days ago. Alannah was the head of the household and in her mid twenties. She was the only of the four with black hair which made Jessie assume that she dyed it. Alannah had a few tattoos and piercings and it was easy to guess that once she was the rebellious one of the Manly children, until fate made it so that she would have to look after the family. The other daughters included Britney, the middle sister, who had just turned twenty. The youngest of the girls and the baby of the family was Rosemary, who was thirteen.
   Go was curious as to what happened to the parents but held his questions while Jessie was aware of their situation. The Guard, or rather a portion of the Guard, looked a bit deeper into their Hunter’s background than some of the other new teammates. Hunter had tried out for a spot in the government sponsored team Division-1, that made the team anxious. As it did with Eartha and Erica who had both been attempted recruits.
   Jessie reflected on the family situations of the parents, both having passed in a terrible situation. Alannah took on raising the family with the money left to them by insurance and support of grandparents plus working part time. Jessie could see she took her role seriously. This made her think about the families of her teammates that were met with tragedy. Sally, her partner and dear friend, lost her parents after arriving to Earth. Antoine lost his mother in a car crash. Reed’s father dead and mother frail in the explosion that gave him his powers. Araminta’s adoptive parents were murdered by the cult who was involved in her birth. Aamil’s parental situation, some would be surprised he does as well as he does. Jessie was not, Aamil was a strong one.
   Jessie then spied a look over at Go, family divorced and now living in Long Beach, California with his mom and some of her family. Pearls parents and Arturo’s parents were divorced as well. Frank’s parents were never married, breaking up when him and his sister were young. She thought about that. How her parents had an on and off relationship for years-her sister Lucita being her half sister. It was a combination of her status as a hero, Sally needing a new family, and her parents own issues and loneliness that brought them back together. It was an open relationship and that annoyed Jessie to some degree but she was lucky. As was Elijah and Eartha. Well, Eartha’s father was actually her step dad but she lived in a two parent household. April and Erica’s parents were also still together, but both were rejected. April for being who she is rather than the Adam O’Conner they wanted her to be. Erica, her parents just did not want to deal with having a superhuman (or rather magically inclined) daughter.
   “Deep in thought?” asked Go.
   “Yes I am. You?”
   “Was. Then decided to try and focus my brain power on how good the food will taste.”
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Part 22

   Pair of cars raced down Fenlon avenue and made a hard turn on East Neveda street. A short distance ahead a local police station. One the occupants of the cars planned on visiting. A blast hit the road ahead and both cars swerved. Huntsman landed on the street with his gun arm aimed. The occupants got out and stared down the purple colored machine kid.
   “You alone?” asked Mateo.
   “You absorb energy right?” Huntsman said before unloading a large blast on Mateo sending him flying.
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Table of Content Updated

Updated the Table of Contents for Newest Story to be recent so you can check out anything you missed. Next chapter up later in the week. Thursday or Friday.

Part 21

   Kestrel ducked the swing of the cloaked cultist before a strike to the gut followed by a boot to the head. Kestrel turned in time to block a punch by another cultist. She followed with a swift headbutt and then a kick to the chin. Kestrel pulled her crossbow, hit the button to extend the limbs and fired the arrow that was already loaded into the leg of a cultist who was closing on on red Sprite with a torch in hand.
   Red Sprite had just kicked down on cultist when another came with a gun and threatened her. Red Sprite summoned the flame from the torch on the grounded to burn the shoes of the cultist. He hopped up and down and Red Sprite swept the man down before a stomp to gut followed by distinguishing the flames on his shoes.
   Kestrel looked around the cavern. A man made construct underground and designed with carvings of some language that could only be interpreted as evil. These cultists were here in gathering, planning and scheming under the light of torches. It would not be an evil gathering of cultists without torchlight to illuminate their dark verses. Kestrel and Red Sprite at first only spied but their words infuriated Red Sprite who chose to attack them.
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Between my new hours at work, constant tiredness, and the fact I am fighting depression (in part over my writing) I’ve been absent. The stories done and I will get back to it soon. Might only be a single chapter a week but next week I will start posting again.

Part 20

   The spotlight swung around the roof of one of the skyscrapers in downtown Kirby City. The lights were from a police helicopter searching for the known villain Jai-Oin. They had deciphered the coordinates left for Kid Victory which was no surprise. The villain had left the coordinates as to meet. A response to Kid Victory’s various actions throughout the county in an attempt to force Jai-Oin into a confrontation. What surprised Kid Victory was that the police thought he would be dumb enough to be at those exact coordinates. He was watching from a couple buildings down looking for a sign from his rogue. Victory figured those directions were just to put him in the general vicinity.
   Kid Victory used his visors binocular/night vision functions to view other buildings and the street below. Nothing popped up and he sighed. Kid Victory checked his phone, looked for any news from his teammates and partners. Snikered at what he read and then checked the police chatter. It sounded like they were planning to leave sooner or later. They had checked the building floor to floor and everything was clear.
   Kid Victory wondered if this would have happened a few months ago. Not all the police were on his side, not even half, but some of the top brass would have kept their noses out as long as it was contained. Now with Division 1 up and running the government wanted a crackdown on the masks and capes. Kid Victory started to consider that the team needed to work on getting their multiple safe houses up and running. They were relying on the money trickling down from Big Boss and his pals plus some help from the Collingworths family. Kid Victory needed to consider a new money source but the only thing they knew was stealing from criminals which they were already doing. He didn’t much care for that tactic but it worked.
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Part 19

   “I’m not going back out there. Not to fight these jerks,” Erica said to Frank who was standing with April. The three were inside the Tuskegee-1. The pair had gone inside to check on Erica who was in a bad mood after the fight.
   “You faced down with Teiwaz baddies and you’re scared of some super-teens?” Frank asked.
   “I didn’t want to fight those baddies but in that case their wasn’t some wizard lady who totally kicked our asses. That’s different,” she replied.
   “They were still heavy odds against,” Frank responded.
   “We had Red Sprite and the element of surprise. These ones have powers and the wizard bitch was in my ears telling me to quit and telling me how bad I was at this!” Erica shouted.
   “She was not anywhere near you!” Frank shot back.
   “Are you saying I’m lying?”
   Frank went to respond but April put a hand on his shoulder.
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Part 18

   “Aamil, Aamil, look. There you are-you can’t move. You see it and can’t believe it. No-you can believe. Admit it, there is a part of you that’s happy. Happy this is going down,” the girls voice said.
   Aamil was having an out of body experience. He saw himself from a couple years ago-watching as his father lunging at his mother. H looks at himself, eyes widening-his sister reaching out and screaming.
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Part 17

   Mr. Monster had the binoculars with nightvision focused on the building across the street. Water was seated beside him as he watched for any suspicious activity. Water yawned and looked over to him before turning away, thinking how she wishes they would call it a night. The building across the way housed several business and at one time Elijah’s parents were in negotiations with one such business. They were looking into new investment opportunities and were welcomed to Detroit however the company came under fire and the Collingsworths backed out.
   “Its almost time to switch,” Water said.
   “Hmmm,” was Elijahs response.
   The rest of the team was nearby in an empty building, awaiting the possibility of action.
   Mr. Monsters phone beeped and he picked it up, “I’m here. … Okay.”
   “So?” Water asked.
   “GR44 was checking up on us,” Monster answered before he said, “Damn.”
   Water looked over but couldn’t see much in the dark.
   “They are inviting us,” Mr. Monster said into a phone. He turned it off and a portal opened.
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