Character Profile-Araminta

by CM Towns

Real Name: unknown
Nickname: n/a
Alias’: Lauren Rossum, Lauren Brody
Codename: Araminta
Superhero Moniker: n/a
From: unknown
Ethnicity: Caucasian (Heavy German, Danish, Polish ancestry)
Hair/Eye Color: Long Strawberry blond/Gray eyes
Height/Weight: 5’5″/118 lbs.
DOB: unknown (16 years old)
Classification: Magic
Abilities/Weapons: Creates “witches circles” used for teleportation(blue glow), healing(white glow), or shielding(yellow glow).
Origin: Runaway, being pursued by a mysterious cult for reasons unknown to her. Joins the Guard after being rescued by Reina Titán from members of the Teiwaz.
Costume: Araminta wears an iris bodice canvas with buckles, matching long gloves and boots with one inch wedge heels. Her tights are slate gray as is the cape and hood she wears, which is connected to the bodice. She wears a masquerade style domino mask with the ends coming up to a point. The same iris coloring with the slate gray around the eyes and iris around the trim. Belt also has pouch for money, phone.
Family: n/a
First Appearance: Case File 001-Rise of the Guard