Part 4

by CM Towns

   His real name is ANTOINE JACKSON. You look at him and you would think an average, non-descript black teenager. Average height, on first look average build. Round face, extremely short hair shaved on the sides, and a big smile. Nothing out of the ordinary. That is until he wears his alter ego-Kid Victory.
   In just over two years this teenager went from a wannabe vigilante, in a city most people had never heard of, to a nationally known vigilante hero in a hotspot city. Armed with advanced nonlethal weaponry and excellent prowess in hand-to-hand combat-Kid Victory has become one of the best known superheroes working and one of the top vigilante’s operating. Most vigilante’s were adults where as practically all superhuman’s were under the age of eighteen. This fact made Kid Victory stand out even more. That and his growing Rogues Gallery. Kid Victory was one of the few heroes to have more than a couple costumed bad guys causing trouble for him on a consistent basis.
   Kid Victory wore a simple black outfit much like that of a military operative. The fabric was interwoven with alien and new experimental synthetic fibers able to protect from small firearm blasts. His long-sleeve top had his KV logo in forest green in the center. Matching forest green boots and gloves plus his silver visor that covered his eyes and was connected to large headphone like metal covers for his ears that were connected around the back of his head.
   The media speculated about the headset but few believed it was as advanced as it actually was. The ear covers had tiny buttons and dials and allowed him to alter the displays allowing for everything from targeting systems to night or heat vision to binoculars to even more. There was also a microphone that pulled out of the left side which was always convenient.
   Victory carried lots of gear being a teen vigilante. His utility belt with several pouches, folding boomerang, plus his patent grappling gun on the left hip. Another holster around his right thigh that sported his stun gun plus a small sheath on his back that held his two small clubs that could connect into a bo staff. He also carried a knife in his right boot. Despite having no superhuman abilities he was a gifted fighter and a natural tactician.
   This night in Kirby City, Kid Victory blocked a kick form one ninja and grabbed the wrist of an attempted punch from another ninja to his left. Victory hit the second attacker with a punch to the ribs and with the same arm shot the back of his elbow to the jaw of the first. He pushed the ninja he held toward an incoming attacker, using him as a temporary distraction before a single haymaker to the jaw buckled the third ninja. Kid Victory turned to the first ninja, grabbing at his jaw, and came in with a tackle. A few yards away, atop the building that was their arena, two ninjas stood back with one pointing a high powered laser rifle.

   “That’s not very ninja of you,” said the voice from behind. The gun totting ninja turned to get a back fist and their gun snatched away. Reina Titán took the weapon, broke it in half and watched the other one try to flee. Reina fired a small blast to the back of the leg, taking him down easily and likely leaving a small burn.
   Reina overpowered these ninja’s too easily. Near invulnerable with super-strength, flight, the ability to shoot energy blasts in the form of iridescent spheres and she could manipulate her costume. Currently she was sporting her typical white with black but she also did yellow with black(second most common), turquoise with crimson(rare), emerald with silver(if she just watched good wrestling), and red with gold(extremely angry mood). All this from a magical word that was once linked to a mystical alien collar that she absorbed into herself.
   “Nice to see you drop by,” Kid Victory said as Reina started to cuff the bad guys with wire cuffs.
   “Since you weren’t home I came knocking. So-these are the time traveling ninjas?” asked Reina unimpressed.
   “No. Their bosses are,” he said before alerting the police operator of their location.
   “Follow me HER MIGHTY MAJESTY,” he said headed toward the ledge of the building.
   “Okay BLACK DYNAMO,” she replied mockingly.
   “Lift down?” he asked and Reina grabbed him by the waist and flew down the side of the building onto the street. Some of the locals were stunned, others just minded their own business as Kid Victory walked over to his cycle.
   “You’re lucky they haven’t given you an ethnic based nickname. Like the Latin Sensation,” he said.
   “Still better than that other nickname of yours-THE AMAZING ONE,” she smiled.
   “That’s Kid Marvel.”
   “Oh-sorry,” she replied.
   Victory had the helmet on and said, “Still you get the good ones. QUEEN OF QUEENS and MOST DANGEROUS WOMAN IN THE UNIVERSE.”
   “I don’t care much for the queen one. Or the Majesty moniker,” she said before Victory pulled out and drove off. Reina kept pace above him, following him as he drove the streets of Downtown. Kid Victory knew practically every inch of Kirby County. From downtown Kirby City to Millers Point. Elias Beach to Bolland. Victory needed to know the streets in and out to both avoid police and enemies as well as the shortcuts to his secret lair. Fifteen minutes later, thanks traffic, Kid Victory went off road beside the rail-line that connected through Kirby County and to other counties further south. A few minutes at top speed and once the ground ahead of him dipped down, that’s where he split off left, following a path that lead to a sewer access tunnel. He clicked a button on the bike and the fenced off end opened up, Victory drove in with Reina Titán on his tail.
   There were just a handful of sewer tunnels under parts of Kirby large enough to drive his cycle through and Kid Victory knew each one. This was the longest stretch and he’d get to point in the center where it splits into three separate tunnels. One on the left went down to Elias Beach and would lead just near the condemned Funland amusement park, where his new team had briefly stayed. That park had an underground lair once run by an enemy of his. The Teiwaz might have caved the lair in but no one knew about the access tunnel that had been added to allow him to come in through the unused workers entrance from a hidden door.
   The other path on the right lead to Bolland and would splinter into three short directions all leading to dead ends. From there he would be forced to leave his vehicle behind and access through the manholes which had now been fixed for easy access in and out.
   Straight ahead would go to Millers Point at the far end. An elevator lift into a privately owned freight container in a warehouse by the docks. That’s if he went all the way. After passing through the middle tunnel he put a little more speed to his drive, ten more minutes later, Victory hit a button as he pulled the cycle to a stop. A secret door to his right opened which was an access door to his secret headquarters. Victory pulled the cycle in as Reina walked in behind him.
   The lair was the size of a large freight container. At the far end up against the wall was a computer station with a circular door a couple feet over and three feet up from the ground. In the middle of the bunker was a work table with gadgets. Against the wall across from the sewer access was a few lockers, mini-fridge, microwave, a door to the restroom and shower, and at the far end a new contraption being built.
   The door by the computer station lead out of the bunker to a tunnel that stretched eight yards until hitting a caged door. From there you would be in another portion of the sewer. Over the stretch of sewer water, hundred and twenty paces north into another tunnel. Seventeen paces in there is a secret hatchway above that leads up into Kid Victory’s closet at home. All this made possible by a mix of interesting local history, his scientist friend Tesla, and the good will of locals Kid Victory and his partners have helped out over the years.
   “There’s also a tunnel crawlspace above the work table,” Kid Victory said as he pulled bags from under said work table and went to the lockers to fill them up.
   A short, Asian teenage girl joined them. She had long brown hair and brown eyes, thin lips and looked like a fair skinned Japanese girl. “You were out working,” SALLY stated.
   SALLY MAJOKKO, Earth name SALLY KANZAKI, was Reina’s partner and adopted sister. Human in appearance but Alien in truth she wore her hair brown and her eyes matching in color, though neither was natural. She could alter the color of both-it was a secondary power. Her natural hair color was a foreign shade of red and her eyes deep yellow. Her first power was that of complete control over fire. Sally was a red mage-the ability to bend, manipulate and create fire. Her incredible power was relatively recent, dormant in her family for years before being unlocked by a great force. Sally did not entirely need to rely on her magic as she had grown quickly into an excellent street fighter which took opponents by surprise due to her small stature. Sally had trained in Krav Maga and classic Karate, as well as taking short seminars in hybrid styles.
   “Yeah. You met my dad?” Kid Victory asked them.
   Reina nodded and Sally replied with, “Yes. He was annoyed at the prospect of you being out of town for a week.”
   “Yes, well, luckily my school and others are closed due to mysterious death threats signifying that Kid Victory may actually go to these schools and they were going to kill all the young black males,” he said.
   “Nice. I haven’t figured how to shut my school down yet. Maybe I’ll just bomb it from above,” Reina joked.
   “Or,” another voice from behind interject, “You give me the address and I’ll see to it the local schools are all inflicted with mysterious circumstances that shut off power and water.” TESLA was a Chinese man standing about the same height as the over five-foot-nine Reina. He had a full goatee, styled black hair, and intense eyes. He was wearing a jumpsuit with the name of his company IA-Innovative Arts.
   “One of your robots,” Reina said looking over to the machine at the far end being worked on by a pair of child size machines.
   “Small machines, the size of cats, will do the damage. Should allow you enough time off to work through your current case,” he answered.
   Reina walked past him and pointed to the machine, “This the teleporter?”
   “Indeed. I’m still fine tuning it. Trying to make sure it syncs up with the one inside your new HQ. What an amazing facility. Can’t wait to start renovations,” he said with joy.
   “Tesla was telling me his ideas for a state of the art training facility on the Executive floor. After he tears down walls and expands the ceiling,” Sally said.
   “Seems pricey,” she commented.
   “The work is it’s own reward for me. Plus I sell a watered down variations of my work to electronic companies or military contractors for a nice profit. Keeping you all ahead of the latest advances and me rolling in the money,” said Tesla while rubbing his pointer and middle fingers with his thumb. The universal motion for making money.
   “You sure you’re not a mad scientist?” Reina Titán asked him.
   Tesla laughed. “The teleporter still needs time but the satellite will be ready shortly. I have trusted assistants working on it-unaware of what its for.”
   Reina turned to Sally who answered, “A satellite allowing us and our partners to be connected through specially designed smart phones. Also taking full advantage of the alien software and firmware which has given what you-um-Earthlings refer to as STARBOX technology.”
   “Free fast internet and phones without the man holding us down? Thanks Tesla,” Reina said.
He laughed again while Kid Victory shouted at them, “READY!”
   “Guess it’s time to go,” Reina said.
   Sally took a pen and wrote down an address and handed it to Tesla. “That is the location of the high school that needs to be shut down.” Tesla took it and nodded and said farewell to the three heroes as they left the lair, and planned their way to West Virginia through the use of favors and private jets.