Character Profile-SubHuman

by CM Towns

Real Name: Frank Tremaine
Nickname: n/a
Alias: Ross Heinlein, Scott Burns
Codename: SubHuman
Moniker: n/a
From: New York
Ethnicity: Caucasian(Heavy German, Swiss, French ancestry)
Hair/Eye Color: Brown hair/Blue eyes
Height/Weight: 5’9″/152 lbs.
Extra Descriptors: Mohawk, shaved on sides
DOB: July 4 (16 Years Old)
Classification: Alien based mutation
Abilities/Weapons: Electro-blasts from hands.
Origin: New York City punk who found a weird alien machine with his buddies, messed with it and ended up in the hospital. Forced to be documented as a superhuman, he was sought after by the Teiwaz but rescued by the Guard.
Costume: Simple, black ops style outfit. The fabric was interwoven with new alien and experimental synthetic fibers making it resistant to extreme temperatures and able to take small firearms. His codename is written across the chest in White-Out. He wears a studded denim-esque jacket made of the same fabrics as his outfit. The jacket has a Minor Threat(or Ramones, or Bad Brains, or Sick of It All, or SOD) punk patch on the back. He wears a skull bandana tied around the bottom of his face and goggles. Belt with pouches(wire cuffs, first aid, phone, money, switchblade).
Family: Parents, younger sister.
First Appearance: Case File 001-Rise of the Guard