Character Profile-Kid Victory

by CM Towns

Real Name: Antoine Jackson
Nickname: n/a
Alias: Zack Jordan, Adrian Jordan
Codename: Kid Victory
Moniker: Black Dynamo
City: Morrison, just outside Kirby City, part of Kirby County
Ethnicity: Black
Hair/Eye Color: Black, shaved down/Brown eyes
Height/Weight: 5’8″/157 lbs.
Bday: March 30th (16 years old)
Classification: Vigilante
Abilities/Weapons: Utility belt has Grappling Gun on left hip holster and in pouches includes any of the following: small explosives, tiny flash bombs, smoke capsules, multi-tool custum smartphone, battery for stun gun, energy pack to turn stun gun into two shot laser blaster, single folding boomerang, bolas, parasites(tiny wireless devices that tap into systems), EMP disc bombs, mini spikes, foam bombs(bombs that encase enemies in foam before tightening), building to building zipline, and/or first aid. Holster on right leg is stun gun. Knife on left boot. Little money hidden in right boot. Sheath on back has fighting sticks that combine into staff.
Origin: Inspired my the rise of superhumans and masked vigilantes, Antoine Jackson and his best friend decided to become superheroes. Soon after their start their adventures became larger and more grandiose, thanks to the help of many friends Kid Victory became one of the best known vigilante’s in all the US. Kid Victory started the Guard along with Reina Titán and her partner Red Sprite when they teamed on the Teiwaz investigation.
Costume: Kid Victory wears a simple, black ops style outfit. The fabric was interwoven with new alien and experimental synthetic fibers making it resistant to extreme temperatures and able to take small firearms. His top had his KV logo in forest green in the center. Forest green boots and gloves plus the silver visors across his eyes. The visors was connected to round devices that cover his ears like large headphones. They have tiny buttons in the center and there is an overlapping portion on the left ear piece that is used as a dial. This allows him to alter the displays. A mic comes out the bottom of the right ear piece.
Family: Father Zachary and younger brother Robert
First Appearance: Case File 001-Rise of the Guard