Part 7

by CM Towns

[WARNING-Some harsh language ahead. This is a villain chapter. So please, keep that in mind. While envisioning my villains deaths.]

   DR. SILLEN, or as he was also known, THE MASTER DOCTOR, was seated in his office looking over files that were scattered across his desk. He wore a long PVC-like doctors coat in black with green buttons down the center and the Teiwaz Arrow logo over his heart. The coat was open and under the coat was a simple green outfit with a black belt and military boots. He was pasty and gangly in appearance with big eyes and wild brown hair. Sillen tossed one file down and looked to another, detailing the construction of another small MECHA. He scanned through the details, taking a red marker and writing over paragraphs simple comments like ‘GAS GUN-DANGEROUS GAS GUN.’ He closed the file, put it in an outgoing box and grabbed another.
   A knock at the door and Sillen invited the visitor in. GENERAL ANSLEM stepped through. The head of the US operations of the Teiwaz, Anslem was a tall man with a shaved head, full goatee with white hairs peeking out, narrow eyes and a crooked nose. He was styled in a modernized SS dress uniform with a black coat adorned in medals on the right, SS logo on the left collar, a red sash with the swastika logo on his right arm, and a black belt around the coats waistline with the Teiwaz symbol on the buckle. Underneath you could see his white dress shirt with red tie peeking out. He wore white gloves, black pants and red boots. Anslem held his cap, with it’s stylized skull crest, under his arm.
   “Working late?” Sillen asked not looking up.

   Anslem took the left chair across from Sillens desk and looked over the clutter. Saw a magazine opened and marked on, which intrigued him, so he picked it up to leaf through. Anslem cursed under his breath.
   “That was an interesting article,” Sillen said.
   “Tranny kids likely to be superhuman?” Anslem laugh and threw it back on the desk.
   Sillen chuckled, looked down to the magazine and back to the General. “Fascinating article if completely untrue. The research does not provide reliable numbers so you can not compare them accurately to the known number of superhumans. Of course the number of unknown superhumans is most likely higher than that.
   “Secondly these kids-the whole abominations of gays, lesbians, and trannies-make up a chunk of the homeless youth. Meaning their prone to squat in areas that could be hotspots. Long term effects may develop. No different if they were white and straight.
   “The most interesting element of that crap report is that it continues to prove the only thing we know-there is no clear cut demo for superhuman activity. The most registered right now are males. Skin color goes white, yellow, black, and so forth. Sexual identity is not documented nor is religious affiliation. These numbers mean nothing as it appears more than half of the working superhumans or vigilantes are female and we still can not establish which ethnicity is more likely to gain abilities,” Sillen explained.
   “Such a shame isn’t it. Allowing inferior races to have equal footing,” Anslem responded.
   “Yes, yes, now you came in for a reason. Not like you to make small talk,” Sillen said returning to his paper work.
   “We are moving pieces around. Puling operatives here, cutting assignments there, watching our enemies every movement,” Anslem said before adding, “The money train robbery by Reina Titán cut into our bottom line.”
   “Yes, yes, I know. My workload has tripled even though I no longer have new pets to work with,” Sillen said.
   “Your experiments on the blacks and browns was a vanity project,” he contended.
   “Trying to engineer superhumans is not a vanity project,” the Master Doctor shot back.
   “We have the booster shots, we have POWERHOUSE, we need to work form there. Besides-you still have some of the other beasts to use as attack dogs,” Anslem said with cheer in his voice.
   “The booster shots are still beta-testing and we’ve seen soldiers overdose as well as side effects of usage. Powerhouse is lucky he survived that fool Carmichael’s experiments. How many died from those? Besides, that kids psych test post-op shows he’s become more prone to violence and mood swings,” Sillen explained.
   “We also have the re-education,” Anslem said.
   “Kidnapping and re-education is not working as fast as you’d like. The goth girl bit her tongue and bled to death the other night and last week that linebacker was shot dead trying to escape,” Sillen reminded him.
   “There have been mistakes made but the future of the Teiwaz is the children,” Anslem said readjusting himself in the seat. Sillen grumbled tossing another file into the out box. “Which is why I’m here. Reina Titán and possibly Red Sprite were with Kid Victory in Kirby City. Our men on the ground is looking for a new base of operations for their growing team.”
   “No luck?” asked Sillen.
   “We believe they moved somewhere on the East Coast. We are thinking around Virginia based on sightings,” he replied with a smile.
   “How did you conclude this?” asked the Master Doctor genuinely curious.
   “That negro Blackwell took a brief detour to a hangar in Danville Regional Airport. Our men followed until discovered,” Anslem answered.
   “So what now, General? We divert our men and women to comb Virginia and its adjacent states?” mocked Sillen
   “This is important news.”
   “Not important enough for me to worry about. I’m already overseeing every tiny detail of our weapons program so that we can do battle with not just the government but some Chicano supergirl and her super-friends. Until you can point to a target I am of no use,” Sillen said looking back at the file in front of him.
   Anslem pointed at him and replied, “Yes you are. We have old bases in the area that we’re watching. Once found out we move in on them. We need to get the captives primed quicker so they can help.”
   “I’m not the expert in the fine art of proper brainwashing but is not the process currently being subscribed to-the best option? The one that would make good soldiers?” Sillen asked.
   “That is true,” said Anslem.
   “Superhuman’s have different brainwave activity than normal folk like myself. Plus we’ve witnessed that they have increased healing potential, they become sharper of mind-though not necessarily growth in intelligence. More like memory or observation. Makes the brainwashing much more difficult,” he explained all this while using his hands to pretend he was holding a brain, to make wave motions, and point to his head.
   “We need them up and running quicker.”
   Sillen nodded and typed on his keyboard, going through computer files. “Well, the brainwashing collars my opposite number in Spain is working on has not had any significant advances. Best option is to increase bombardment of re-education. Maybe bring in a hypnotist to add to the work.”
   “This initiative is a major priority,” Anslem stated.
   “Yes, to win this war we need firepower other than just Powerhouse and ARSONIST. We got the water girl, the screamer and… Who else now that the other two died?” inquired Sillen.   
   “We’ll have a couple more ready. If not the beasts can be set loose. Maybe work on the booster shots,” Anslem said standing up.
   “Excellent,” Sillen smiled. He watched Anslem leave. He mockingly said, “The future is so bright…”