Character Profile-Reina Titán

by CM Towns

Real Name: Jessica Dolores James
Nickname: Jessie
Alias: Jessica Cruz, Emanuela Cruz
Codename: Reina Titán
Moniker: The Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe, the Queen of Queens, Her Mighty Majesty
City: Southern California
Ethnicity: Hispanic (Mexican/Mestizo, White Latin, European, Amerindian)
Hair/Eye Color: Medium length raven black hair/Brown eyes
Height/Weight: 5’9″/141 lbs.
Extra Descriptors: Wonder Woman tattoo, stars and logo on left shoulder/bicep. Tribal tattoo around Alien marker on right wrist.
Bday: April 10 (17 years old)
Classification: Magic Based
Abilities: Super-strength, flight, speed, near-invulnerable, morphing of clothing, near-immortal. She uses iridescent colored energy attacks like sphere blasts of varying size (sometimes in rapid shot style she calls Full Auto), propulsion attack called High Speed Strike, energy exoskeleton that expands in size and strength known as Colossal Form, and a single shot laser blast called Kill Shot.
Has more abilities, rarely used.
Origin: Jessica James crossed paths with a lost and confused Sally Majokko, when she attempted to help her Jessie was gifted with a magic collar. The collar gave her incredible abilities based on what it felt suited the Jessie’s personality. Together with Red Sprite they battled the forces of evil, eventually absorbing the collars power so she would no longer need to wear it. The two teamed up with Kid Victory to fight the Teiwaz, starting the Guard.
Costume: Usually in white with a black horned serpent coiling up the right leg, over the hip up the back and over the left shoulder with its head resting on her chest chest. The name of said beast was a Ophiotaurus, Greek mythological beast. Her mask is connected to her costume covering the top half of her face. A small black mask layered on top that comes up to small horns. White eyes underneath. She wore black gloves that covered half the forearm and also matching black boots as well as a black belt with pouches(phone, money, wirecuffs, first aid). Other color combos are yellow with black, turquoise with crimson, and emerald green with silver. Mask eyes always white.
Family: Father Diego, mother Mari, sister Lucita. Foster sister, Sally Majokko.
First Appearance: Case File 001-Rise of the Guard