Character Profile-Mr. Monster

by CM Towns

Real Name: Elijah Sterling Collingsworth III
Nickname: Beastly
Alias: n/a
Codename: Mister Monster
Moniker: n/a
City: Buckhead District of Atlanta, Georgia
Ethnicity: Black
Hair/Eye Color: Originally black hair/brown eyes; Now yellow hair, slicked back/white eyes
Height/Weight: Originally 6’1″/ 178 lbs; Now 6’5″/223 lbs.
Bday: August 17 (17 years old)
Classification: Science based mutation
Abilities/Weapons: Healing factor. Increased strength, speed, agility, and senses. Able to cling to walls. May have more abilities. Utility belt contains pouches(wire cuffs, phone, money, smoke capsules, small bombs).
Origin: The prodigal son of a famous black family, Elijah was kidnapped by Teiwaz agents and subjected to experimentation that gave him extraordinary abilities but mutated him his appearance into something inhuman. Rescued by the Guard he joined their ranks.
Costume: Mutated through experimentation. Skin is onyx black, yellow hair and white eyes. Sharp nails, sharp fangs and canines. Wears dark blue pleather pants, white sleeveless pleather shirt with a fanged monster face stylized in the center, no shoes and a belt with a couple pouches.
Family: Parents(Elijah Jr. and Robin), younger brother(Joe) and sister(Yari).
First Appearance: Case File 001-Rise of the Guard