Part 11

by CM Towns

   It had been a busy day for Araminta. She got to thank Reina Titán for rescuing her and met Kid Victory and Red Sprite. She got to train alongside Sprite and SubHuman, working on her shielding and dodging. It was tough but they worked a routine and added onto it. Started out with blocking one of SubHuman’s electric blasts with a small shield. Moved from there to blocking two blasts. Then into blocking two blasts and using a portal jump. Lastly the routine went block two blasts, portal jump and block a fireball from Red Sprite.
   From there she watched briefly as they went on their investigation inside the ops room. Going through government compiled files and data on the Teiwaz to try and find a lead. She did not contribute to this research, instead just watching as a handful of the team went to work. That’s why she was suppose to head into CARDY COUNTY and hang out with Jessie, Frank and Reed. They were stopped just before leaving after a lead was unearthed. Araminta was now topping the day off in a genuine superhuman battle.

   “C’mon!” Kid Victory shouted as they moved around the corner of a warehouse. They passed by a couple late night warehouse workers. One was on their cell phone screaming about superhumans all while trying to get away from the chaos. Araminta figured the workers and neighbors were flooding the local police department with scared phone calls. Kid Victory shouted instructions as the moved the yard. Araminta put up a shield to block incoming shots from a pair of Teiwaz soldiers behind them. Kid Victory swung around her and nailed two soldiers in the chest with his stun gun, which had been amped to a concussion blaster. He stowed the gun in the holster and told Araminta to follow. He turned the corner, stopped, grabbed his grapple gun and directed Araminta to shield all around herself.
   Araminta was about to protest but she did not have the time as Kid Victory used the gun to ascend upward. Aramimta created a full shield around her body as two more Teiwaz foot soldiers came upon her firing. Victory swung down, colliding with one man using both knees. He quickly took the second man down using a sweep motion followed by repeated slamming of the head into the ground.
   Victory put his grapple gun back and pulled one of his clubs. “Sorry about that, but quick baiting seemed good to get the drop on them,” he said before tossing Araminta the club.
   “Use the shield with one hand and swing the club if you need to,” Kid Victory said pulling a folded boomerang.
   Araminta was breathing hard, gripping the weapon tightly, head racing with bad images. Kid Victory took the moment to call in on the others. “Duck,” he said to Araminta and once she did he let loose the boomerang nailing one soldier in the neck.
   Araminta saw the Neo-Nazi laid out and looked back at Kid Victory who gave her the thumbs up. Araminta looked back at the Teiwaz man and had a nervous chuckle about it.


   Huntsman fought a few robots in the sky, throwing one down which got caught into a blast of fire by Red Sprite. She stayed firmly on the ground, keeping her eyes on the situation above as well as around herself. Hunstman’s aggressive, forward charging attitude attracted the bulk of the Teiwaz robots. She turned when she saw one robot charging toward her. Red Sprite dodged a couple laser beams fired from the machine’s right palm and countered with a fireball to that same hand. Next a roll and flaming punch to the knee joint of the bot, followed with a large short range fireball setting the robot ablaze. Red Sprite kept the fire focused on the robot, preventing it from from spreading.
   A pair of robots hit the ground eight feet away from her and Red Sprite took cover from Huntsman’s blasts from the sky which shredded the two. He landed on the ground and said, “You saw that!” in a happy, yet alien voice. Red Sprite gave him a stern look. Huntsman questioned her look with, “What!?”
   “We’ll discuss this later,” she said. Red Sprite received Kid Victory via her earpiece and answered, “Everything is fine here. Robots are down.”


   SubHuman had his hand on the chain link fence, electrifying it as Mr. Monster tossed one Teiwaz soldier into it. After the first soldier dropped convulsing he tossed another one into it. Mr. Monster got on the earpiece and said, “Easy-peasy.”
   “If I was filling out a resume I would so put down Professional Neo-Nazi Ass Kicker,” SubHuman said kicking one of the bad guys while they were down.
   Mr. Monster turned at the sound of foot steps and signaled SubHuman to hide. He dropped on the ground by the soldiers as Monster took to the roof of the warehouse with a leap. Three soldiers came around with their guns drawn. Mr. Monster dropped behind them and collided the helmets of two foot soldiers together, before throwing them each to the side. The man in the lead turned and tried pointing his gun but was disarmed. SubHuman tackled him, a brief struggle to get his helmet off so that two fingers to the temple could send a small but effective shock, knocking the Teiwaz soldier out.
   The two soldiers Monster threw off tried to get up and flee. Mr. Monster grabbed one and tossed him over the fence into the street nearby while SubHuman blasted the other in the back.
   “Kicking Nazi ass should definitely be a paid profession,” SubHuman said.
   “Cops just outside, our cue to exit,” Mr. Monster said before he lead the way back to the others.


   The group assembled and boarded their Flier, headed back to base with Reina Titán flying outside and keeping an eye out for possible threats.
   There was an adrenaline rush with most the team. Talking up the experience as they made their way back. Araminta listened as they talked, still feeling like a mess of emotions about the whole affair. She was scared but Kid Victory seemed to push her through and watching him handle himself made her feel a tad more confident. Araminta had to admit to herself she did have a ‘job well done’ feeling like Kid Victory said she would.
   Once back to the base Kid Victory, Reina Titán, and Red Sprite retreated down to the Executive floor in what they believed was a War Room designed for top personnel. A room built around a large circular table with a screen at the center. The room had clocks and monitors all along two of the walls with the far wall form the entrance having a large screen built in. Kid Victory plugged Professor in as he sat at the main seat of the table. A hologram of a diploma appeared in the center of the table. That diploma represented the Professors avatar.
   They all got adjusted in their seats and the post-action conference started with Reina saying, “Teams happy-confidence boost and all-but that was not a real fight. Those were weak ass robots. Their soldiers were not properly geared up for that battle. I took down the SFV’s too easily. Plus one was for monitoring and not really equipped for a fight. On top of that we got nothing useful from the troops and only came back with a busted robot.”
   “Some of the helmets of the soldiers had camera’s,” Kid Victory added.
   “They were studying our tactics and reactions. Also trying to get a read on our location. Luckily this was in Maryland,” Professor said.
   “Not too lucky. You guys said this location was in a report? The feds did a weak job checking the place over,” said Reina.
   “The report was about possible Teiwaz locations. The agents swept the warehouses based on anonymous tips. I do agree they could have done a better job but they were working with limited information. It is also possible a spy planted inside the FBI gave his superiors a heads up and interfered with investigation,” Red Sprite said.
   “But luckily they had the place bobby trapped, right? We’re looking for leads and clues and an understanding of our enemies movements and what do we get? We get some well place Nazi spy using their position to point us to possible Teiwaz connections just to spring a small trap on us,” Reina replied.
   “They expected us to receive it. That’s why North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania were included. I chose Maryland after Elijah looked up all the locations. It was a better place for a fight,” Sprite explained.
   “So you expected a clash? What was it to accomplish?”
   “I didn’t expect a clash-I simply did not rule it out. As for what it accomplished, I believe we have learned a few valuable things,” Sprite said.
   “They know you’re on the East Coast. Or at least assuming so but they definitely have discerned that Kirby City and surrounding areas are not housing you any longer,” said the Professor.
   “They are laying in clues to force us to show our hand. They want to capture some of them team,” Kid Victory said.
   “Damn it. I prefer fighting aliens. At least they have the decency to park their damned spacecraft where I can hit it!” Reina shouted. “Did you know about Sprite’s motives?”
   “No. She said Maryland would be the best to check and I agreed with her,” Kid Victory said.
   “I apologize. I should have been more clear about my thoughts on this operation,” Sprite said.
   “No worries, partner. I know you’re doing your best,” Reina Titán said to her.
   “So the Teiwaz want to be ready for a showdown with us. Want to pick and choose the place and tear the team apart. We have cost them millions of dollars, exposed their operations, and are singularly focused on them. Unless they can disassemble us as a team they will not be able to continue with their US operations so easily,” Kid Victory pointed out.
   Reina Titán asked, “So what do we do now?”
   “I have an idea but-I don’t feel comfortable with it until we get more background-names and details,” he said.
   “That could take days, even weeks,” Reina said.
   “Maybe, but better to be prepared than go in blindly. Not all of us can survive what you can,” Kid Victory said.
   “What’s that suppose to mean?”
   “That your normal sense of operating is to charge in unless directed otherwise,” Kid Victory clarified.
   “I’m sorry if I don’t have your tactical mind or patience but I get the job done. Over and over again,” Reina Titán shot back.
   “Yes but this is a different situation-that’s why you put me in charge,” he responded.
   “Yes, and so far the most we’ve accomplished is me robbing them and I got that tip from our sources-not yours,” Reina argued.
   “Enough,” Sprite said. “We are not adults here. We do not need to-as you humans say ‘Get into a pissing match.’”
   “Red Sprites right,” Professor agreed.
   “So what is this plan?” questioned Reina.
   “Talk to the team. I want you be solely in charge of their training for the next couple days. I’m talking about being able to hold ones own in a fight. Don’t worry about powers. They got a grip on the basics there but they need to know how to throw punches,” he said. His eyes shifted to Red Sprite, “Contact the Big Boss, tell him what we learned tonight. Professor, your job is a little more difficult.”
   “Yes?” Professor questioned.
   “WATCHTOWER,” he said.
   “The what?” inquired Reina.
   “A website dedicated to following superhuman movements,” Sprite answered.
   “You have to register to get on the main board. Even after that you are vetted to see if you are a plant. Depending on how you handle yourself on the boards you may be invited into a select group, the SOCIETY. A collection of hackers and information traders,” explained the Professor.
   “We need Professor on the inside, might help us out,” Kid Victory said.
   “Aren’t you scared about being hacked?”
   “Starbox allows me to set up untraceable emails and browse online without leaving a real stamp. Would make it extremely hard for them to crack my systems. Its also why it took weeks before I was accepted onto the main boards,” she answered.
   “Tomorrow myself, Sprite, Professor and Monster-when we can use him-will work the investigation in Ops Room 2,” Victory said.
   “Why do we use room #2?” asked Reina.
   “Ops Room #1 is too large and Tesla planned on knocking down the other two and the shooting range to build his training facility,” Red Sprite detailed.
   “Tomorrow we get down to work. We throw ourselves into the investigation, get the team ready and prepared to finish this. These Teiwaz need to be put out of commission,” Kid Victory said to them firmly.