Part 12

by CM Towns

[WARNING-Some harsh language ahead. This is a villain chapter.]

   “The point of all this?” the Master Doctor asked of Anslem as they stood together, looking out the large window at the end of his office. On the other side of the window was the main operation room. Busy men and women working below while images of the teen superhumans played on the large screen.
   “Trying to locate the kids, get a clear idea of where to strike,” the General answered.
   “So we build more robots so they can get blown up and smashed?” Sillen asked in a sardonic tone.
   “Build more robots because we need them. We need these kids done with. No screws up next time,” Anslem warned.
   “So you threw money on an assault just to figure out where these enemies are? The INNER CIRCLE is not going to be happy. We’ve already blown-”
   “I’ll worry about the Inner Circle. They understand and support my plans,” he said.

   “Really?” Master Doctor responded generally surprised.
   “While you have been working on the weapons we’ve armed locals to knock out some large scores. Split in our favor, and for the cause. Plus the South American operations have put forth some funds to help,” Anslem explained.
   “Got to love the drug trade. Of course the top brass could just divert funds from the legitimate companies,” Sillen pointed out.
   “Not right now. There are too many eyes on people associated,” the General told him.
   “Too bad. So-weapons for the ensuing fight. Lethal or nonlethal?” Sillen posed.
   The General was annoyed with the question. It was rhetorical, Sillen knew what was priority. “You know exactly what we want. What we need.”
   “Yes, yes,” he said studying the images on the screen. “The kids are coming along. The way my pet is working with the punk rocker. Reina takes care of the ships. Huntsman and Red Sprite on the robots. The negro giving orders?”
   “It appears so. Why an inferior like him is giving the calls I do not understand. Reina Titán would make more sense,” the General said.
   “Prefer the brown to the black?” questioned Sillen with a smirk.
   “Brown or not, the Titán would be an excellent edition to our organization.”
   “Doubtful we’d be able to properly re-educate her,” Sillen said walking over to the small bar and pouring some whiskey. “We do not know if she’s alien, if she’s magic based, or something else entirely. Besides, that power, even if we could re-educate her it could possibly damage her psyche. Making her unhinged. Or the brainwashing could go so good she decides she should run the entire operation.”
   “I hate it when you make perfectly valid points to ruin a good idea,” Anslem stated.
   “Scientists. We just fuck everything up,” he joked in response.
   “We need better suits for the soldiers. Stronger robots that can keep Huntsman and Reina busy,” Anslem told him.
   “Of course,” Sillen said before taking a sip. “We had some success with the magnet guns. Increased capacity would give us an edge against the machine boy. Reina presents a mess of complications but I had already been devising ways to deal with her, or, more accurately slow her down.”
   “We need cells, containers,” Anslem added.
   “We’ve already been working on those,” replied the Master Doctor after a sip of his drink.
   “You have been keeping very busy anticipating my directions. Would have been nice if you were more forthcoming so I don’t have to sound like a fool,” Anslem said.
   “I’m in charge of R&D, General. Part of that is knowing what you need before you do,” Sillen responded.
   “I want you to study the videos and see if that helps you prepare the weapons,” said Anslem.
   “You should let your soldiers worry about their movements. I set the weapons, they use them. I’m more concerned with seeing my pet in person,” Sillen said.
   “You have other pets,” Anslem responded.
   “Wild dogs. Some you shipped off to buyers and others as hounds for our important leaders. This one, this one is a prize,” Sillen beamed.
   “Why did this beast keep it’s head when the others devolved?” Anslem asked.
   “Don’t know. Could be my scientists screwed with the procedure and accidentally corrected my mistakes-however unlikely. The other is that we triggered this boys dormant or junk genes. Creating an interesting reaction to the procedure. The other is that he had latent magical-um… We don’t really have a word for it, but the ability to tap into an unknown force. It’s possible this boy had that and it protected him.
   “Whatever the reason, I plan on finding an advanced human girl and mating them to see what we get. Would you prefer an Aryan or one of the lowlifes? A nice brown girl?” the Master-Doctor joked.
   “I would prefer neither to be honest,” Anslem said.
   “Oh, General, if we’re going to control the future we have to take risks. That may mean keeping some of the bad elements around,” Sillen stated.
   “Like kikes, niggers, faggots, wetbacks, slanty eyed devils, and so forth. I know my business well Doctor,” Anslem responded.
   The Doctor smiled. “Yes.”
   Anslem watched as Sillen finished another drink and put down the glass. “How long until we have enough men and equipment in place for a concentrated strike?” the General asked.
   “Anytime, really. You go now it is about the numbers game. We wait a week for my team to increase productivity and we’ll have more weapons available. That way we do not have to put all our eggs in one basket. Whether or not it works is another thing entirely,” Sillen said.
   “You’ll have a few days. I already contacted some of our outreach programs to bring in smart men and women to help with the work,” Anslem said.
   Anslem is about to continue but a call pulled his attention. The Master Doctor waited as Anslem finished getting updated on another op running. “We have successfully pulled three robberies in New Jersey. We’re dividing the money and shipping most of it out here,” he said.
   “You’re working too many hours Anslem. You need some rest. Especially with your treatments,” said the Doctor.
   “I’m fine,” Anslem responded before giving out the orders, “Get your team moving, the help will be here in several hours. I’m going to divert some of the soldiers to assist in anyway you think they can be utilized. Make sure we’re on standby as soon as possible.”
   The Master-Doctor nodded, turned away, and left the General to continue his preparations.