Character Profile-Red Sprite

by CM Towns

Real Name: Sally Majokko
Nickname: n/a
Alias: Sally Kanzaki (Official Earth name), Kana Toyota, Kana Shimoda
Codename: Red Sprite
Moniker: The Dragon, Ms. Spitfire
City: From alien planet Niebleheim, based in Southern California
Ethnicity: Alien, humanoid in appearance. Earth documents classify her as Asian-American of Japanese descent.
Hair/Eye Color: Natural colors are red long hair, yellow eyes; Disguised as black long hair, brown eyes.
Height/Weight: 5’4″/121 lbs.
Bday: Earth documentation February 28 (“16 years old”)
Classification: Magic
Abilities/Weapons: Fire Elemental. Also can shift color tone of hair and eyes. Been developing her use of incantations and sigils.
Origin: An alien who became stranded on Earth after being a part of an archeology journey to Earth in search of a mysterious temple thought to prove the existence of Gods. Sally’s dormant magical powers were awaken by an ancient demi-god and she was set forth to Earth to find and work with a champion of justice. She partners with Reina Titán, and is one of the driving forces behind the Guard.
Costume: Red Sprite wears a flame retardant costume. It is sleeveless red top with black symbol on the center that resembles a tic-tac-toe grid inside a circle. She has a matching knee length skirt and combat boots with black long tights underneath as well as a black tiara. Sometimes she wears an alternate outfit where the skirt and boots would be black while the tights switched to red. Belt on skirt has pouches(wirecuffs, phone, first aid, cash).
Family: Foster child of the James Family. Parents dead, but a few friends and associates of Majokko family live on Earth.
First Appearance: Case File 001-Rise of the Guard