Character Profile-Huntsman

by CM Towns

Real Name: Reed Telle
Nickname: n/a
Alias: Michael Rossum, Michael Bright
Codename: Huntsman
Moniker: The Purple Sentinel
City: Charlotte, NC
Ethnicity: Caucasian(Heavy in English, Scottish, Welsh)
Hair/Eye Color: Blonde, short/Blue eyes
Height/Weight: 5’4″/115 pounds; Powered Up 5’7″/578 lbs.
Bday: December 3(13 years old)
Classification: Alien based mutation
Abilities/Weapons: Becomes a living man-machine. Strong metal body. Super strength. Boosters on the bottom of his metal boots and on scapulas allow him to fly. His right forearm pops out, slides down around the hand to form a laser cannon.
Origin: Survivor of an alien attack, a bomb using protein machine. Reed went into a coma for almost 2 years. When he came out he discovered he had the ability to turn into a man-machine. He left a government facility and lived mostly on his own. Joined the Guard when he was recruited after being a target of the Teiwaz.
Costume: Metal man. Patriarch purple body with a persimmon orange alien face, upper arms, and the sides of his abdomen down to part of the thigh. He has a purple helmet with three blunt horns and purple glass eyes.
Family: Mother, Uncle, and Aunt & her immediate family.
First Appearance: Case File 001-Rise of the Guard