Part 15

by CM Towns

   The Teiwaz had several ways of moving valued goods. The train was one, the black vans with fake companies was another, and the Guard figured there was also a trucking company involved. It would be a good way to transport dangerous weapons and supplies across state lines without looking too suspicious. The feds had the same idea but did not find anything out of the ordinary from the companies they looked into. Lucky for the team the Professor saw a couple of connections to TF trucking company. A pair of TF drivers had relatives who were picked up in connection to hate crimes. It was a small connection but a little digging saw that TF trucking had more white employees than any other race, the date of the companies establishment was after a few major busts by the ATF for illegal weapons sales by hate groups, and the company had been under the microscope from the FBI ever since the Teiwaz case broke.
   The Guard zeroed in on one particular base for TF, broke in and searched files for deliveries and pick ups. Once the data was drained the team found a place to park their Flier. Professor and Red Sprite went through the data trying to match up dates and locations versus abductions and government raids. They looked at warehouses used for pick up and companies that were delivered to. One piqued Sprite’s interest; Rune Inc. From there Professor locked onto cameras within several trucks to scope out the freight and saw everything was packaged in large crates. She started looking at their dealings with Rune Inc. while Sprite looked up general information.
   Rune accounted for a quarter of TF’s business dealings and their general work was in aeronautics. The team decided to pursue the closest truck and see if there was anything of note on board. When they caught up to a truck they popped it open and began searching through the cargo. They skipped past the first crates knowing that any dangerous materials would be buried deeper inside. Once the team found high powered laser rifles they knew where their next stop would be.

   The team moved out fast. Dawn was breaking in and by the time they got to the closest Rune inc. warehouse the Teiwaz would know. This meant that they would either clean house, blow the place to holy hell, or have a welcome party ready and waiting.
   They flew into Ohio, headed for Canton until they were above their location; a strip of a building on the side of a busy street. One floor in size with a few warehouses in the back, a fenced gate. Looked like just another random business that people never minded as they past by. Kid Victory gave the orders but the team knew exactly what to do.
   Reina Titán and SubHuman touched down first. “Come on, the warehouse,” she instructed. SubHuman was nervous as he walked to the side of Reina who was focused on the task at hand.
   As they closed in on the warehouse the wall blasted open and a silver colored ball rolled through, stopped and extended into a thirteen foot mecha. It was silver on the outer portion that formed the ball shape while the inside was black chrome colored. Both hands were guns. Reina believed one shot hollow point armor piercing rounds on the right while the left appeared to be a laser cannon. The mecha also had large barrels on each shoulder. The body portion of the mecha was obviously where the driver sat.
   “Nice chrome bad boy. Now show me what you got,” Reina challenged before lunging at the mecha and tackling it down. Another one rolled out and before SubHuman could react a pair of blasts fired down on to it. The mecha leaped up to met Huntsman in combat while Reina threw her robot into the next building effortlessly.
   A wave of foot soldiers arrived and SubHuman started blasting. Reina joined in. SubHumans blasts had little effect but Reina’s were knocking them down. “Protective gear! Get back, wait for the others! I got this!” she directed SubHuman before turning to the returning mecha. She flew toward the machine but got a laser blast for her trouble and that fight went into the street.
   “Just great,” SubHuman said as he moved his way back while firing ahead. Mr. Monster jumped into the fray, wailing away on the Teiwaz soldiers while taking shots from their handguns. Red Sprite landed on the roof and leaped down to the ground as the Flier moved back up into the sky. Red Sprite used fireballs to force a few foot soldiers to stop drop and roll. She joined SubHuman and lead him inside the office building. The inside was a cubicle set up, pretty standard, nothing out of the ordinary.
   “Their suits are protecting from my blasts,” Frank said highly annoyed.
   “Keep to the plan. We go back out there and-” Sprite was interrupted by an explosion hitting the wall beside them. The pair moved to the side, ducking behind some cubicles. Sprite threw fire back in the direction of the blast. A scream tore down their covering and Red Sprite and SubHuman fired back with large blasts. They saw two people-a girl and a boy-dodge their attacks. The sprinklers suddenly came on and Red Sprite looked up. She said to SubHuman, “Get out, your powers may be effected by the water. I will be okay.”
   SubHuman headed back the way he came in and Sprite stood ready for a fight. She checked out the girl from the distance. Short brown hair, average build in a Teiwaz outfit is all she could make out. The boy was in matching outfit and had unkempt black hair. His face made him look kind of sickly. Both were-of course-white.
“Superhumans,” Sprite stated.
   “Hello alien. My names Arsonist. The boy’s SCREAMER. Now check this out,” the neo-nazi girl said and snapped her fingers. Water tightened around Sprites neck like a rope. Red Sprite struggled to breath and suddenly was thrown against the wall. Her head jerked around to see another girl. This one pale skinned with long red hair and the same sickly appearance that Screamer wore on his face. Her outfit was similar but seemed more padded, as if she was wearing something underneath.
   “That’s WATER. Three against one Alien. Odds look good for us,” Arsonist taunted.
   Red Sprite got up quick, aimed a line of fire toward Water before hopping on and off a desk. She collided with Arsonist, tossing her over into Screamers sonic blast. Red Sprite turned her sights toward Screamer and while he drew in a breath she connected with body blows and one strike to the throat. A blast of water hit Sprite in the gut and slammed her hard against the wall.
   Screamer started to pull Sprite up and she uses a judo arm drag Reina taught her. Red Sprite used both palms out to blow fire in the direction of Water, backing her up and she slipped. Red Sprite moved around the cubicles, while Arsonist-back on her feet-started throwing her yellow colored rippling orbs at Sprite. They exploded on impact but missed Red Sprite every step of the way as she guided through to find a spot to hide.
   Red Sprite heard steps so she lit the cubicle wall and moved around while staying low. She figured someone would check the fire, which would allow her to creep behind. Water could sense her movements so she created another water rope. This time around Red Sprites ankle and once again threw Sprite into a wall. She summoned the water into a ball and tried throwing it but Red Sprite ducked and hit a fire ball to the gut. Water put it out as quick as possible but once she got back up there was Red Sprite with the knock out punch.
   A sonic scream hit Red Sprite hard. She tried to get up but one of Arsonists bombs hit the ground a couple feet to her left. The force from the small explosion knocked her a few feet away and out cold.


   Mister Monster landed a pair of punches to the shirtless Teiwaz naturally tan teen who called himself Powerhouse. Bald headed, beady eyes, a little acne, husky size and a few inches shorter than Monster but obviously built for a fight. He tossed Monster aside easily. He launched himself for a splash but Monster put his feet up, caught him in the gut and threw him back. Powerhouse hit the ground, got up and received a swinging double axe handle to the side of the head. Monster went for more punches. A palm strike to the kidneys by Powerhouse stunned him and he followed with a headbutt to break Monsters nose. Mr. Monster grabbed at his face and got a kick to the chest.
   “I use your brother and sister beasts as training dummies. I give it to you though, you fight smarter but that’s not saying a lot. I’m gonna hurt you,” Powerhouse threatened.
   Mr. Monster did not give a retort simply catching Powerhouse with a jab and following in with more wild punches.
   A short distance away SubHuman took a few mean punches to the gut. This Teiwaz soldier were hitting much harder than he expected. Booster shots no doubt. Something they had heard about. A specific type of drug to give their users a burst of increased strength, speed and stamina. That was bad for SubHuman and it did not help that their gear was designed to be able to absorb most the shock from his electrical blast. It took a lot of juice to get one to stay down. SubHuman stowed away those thoughts when he caught a kick. He pulled back, the man went down in an ugly split and SubHuman put everything he had into a boot to the face.
   SubHuman was tackled, hit with a forearm and then started getting choked. He reached up with all his strength, got a little under the mask to touch skin and pumped him with enough electricity to take the man down. Once up he saw a pair of Teiwaz aiming, he grabbed one of the soldiers and used him as a shield. Just then Powerhouse’s flying body knocked the two men down.
   “Thanks!” SubHuman said before throwing his human shield to the ground.
   Monster leaped over the two men and onto Powerhouse. The two rolled and got up to get into more of an exchange. SubHuman rushed one soldier who was getting up but got caught with a hard punch to the chest. SubHuman felt like a rib just cracked. The Teiwaz soldier went for a grapple, SubHuman grabbed his arms and suddenly flashed on what Jessie did to him in training and he used that same Judo sweep to put him down. SubHuman stomped three times into the helmet. He was grabbed from the back and thrown a few yards. The soldier rushed in, caught a boot to the knee and SubHuman went to follow through.
   Mr. Monster took an uppercut to the jaw and Powerhouse gripped his wrist and threw him around by the arm dislocating it. SubHuman hit him with as much electricity as possible. Powerhouse yelled out of pain and went down to all fours.
   “Thanks for not being geared up like the others-” SubHuman could not finish what he was saying because he was caught off guard by Powerhouses quickness. He grabbed and tossed SubHuman but Monster caught him. Powerhouse rushed through the two with a shoulder block. Right haymaker buckled Mr. Monster down. He walked over to SubHuman and kicked him in the side.
   “You guys are weak. Powerhouse just took you two apart. Ha!” he gloated.


   Outside along the street, Huntsman blew a mecha from the sky. The man ejected in time but Huntsman caught him and tossed him into a tree. Huntsman landed on the ground and took a sonic scream to the chest. He rolled and Powerhouse tackled him down but Huntsman blasted him off. He then missed Screamer with his laser cannon but flew up high to keep on the pressure.
   Reina Titán was on the ground, covering up from a series of unnatural bombs. She fired back some blasts but Arsonist dodged. Reina moved in, swerved and caught Arsonist with a punch to the gut and a back hand slap. She turned and saw Water use a broke fire hydrant to hit Hunstman. Reina nailed her with a blast to the stomach. Reina next rushed in and collided with Powerhouse. She took a couple punches but threw him off. Huntsman nailed him again with a blast from his laser cannon.
   Reina Titán dodged a sonic scream, took to the air and dodged a second before launching a few blasts. She landed by Screamer, caught his punch and used a karate chop to the neck. It was a dumb move but with her strength it was extremely effective.
   Reina looked up, distracted, that’s when she saw their Flier explode. She screamed out as the Teiwaz were moving in for the kill. Huntsman flew up to the explosion but an enemy Flier hit Huntsman with a pair of blasts. Reina figured magnetic based because they hit Huntsman hard and sent him smashing into the street with debris flying. Powerhouse launched onto him and started pounding away.
   Reina flew toward them but a mecha dropped down and took her by surprise with a gas grenade. Her vision quickly went blurry and there was a strong sense of nauseousness and dizziness. She threw up a little and that’s when a missile hit her. Reina got hit good-slamming through the Rune Inc. building.
   Reina Titán was out. Strong poisons and gases was effective on her to a point and that missile had force behind it. Her body would quickly break down the poisons and reject it form her system. The missile would have a shorter duration of effect. It would hurt for a moment or two and that would be all. The Teiwaz were not expecting Reina Titán to go down easy-just to stay down long enough to grab her partners.
   A short time later Reina just sat up and looked around. She walked out, saw the SHRT(Superhuman Response Team), police, medics, media, and gawkers. Reina flew away and landed at the meeting point. A clock tower at the Courthouse Building in Canton where Kid Victory and Araminta were waiting.
   Kid Victory nodded and called into the Professor, “Time to move into the final stage of the plan.”