Part 16

by CM Towns

[TRIGGER WARNING: LANGUAGE-Some harsh language ahead. This is a villain chapter. So please, keep that in mind. While envisioning my villains deaths.]

   “It was easy!” shouted a happy Powerhouse who was surrounded by soldiers and scientists as well as fellow superhuman, Arsonist, as they gloated about their victory in one of the break areas of the secret Teiwaz facility.
    “Very easy,” agreed Arsonist.

   Powerhouse continued on saying, “The nigger pet and faggot punk went down. Than the whole crew took on their two heavy hitters and did them in no sweat. None.”
   “The alien was annoying but we got her,” said Arsonist. “The boss set this up so well. They thought they had the drop on us but we were able to get them.”
   Sillen was at the doorway listening. Fool, was the word that kept repeating in his head. They used mecha, four superhumans, and a group of soldiers that were hopped up on booster shots and wearing specially designed uniforms. If it had just been those two, a regular cluster of soldiers, and some older model mechs they would have been trounced. In fact Sillen was still surprised that the team got the job done. It made him feel uneasy.
   “They shot the plane down! Kid Victory is burnt even worse!” Powerhouse joked.
   “Master Doctor! Come in and join us,” Arsonist said.
   “No, no, I have to go check on some more work. We have to be prepared for the shut down of our shell companies,” he lied. Sillen left and walked the long stretch of hallway to the elevator. Inside he went down a couple floors and exited. He walked the base, nodding to the soldiers and fellow scientists. Once at his desired destination Sillen signaled the guards to let him in.
   The space use to be three smaller rooms that were fitted for their current use-five cells. Each one designed for a member of their superhero opposition. On the far end was Reed Telle in a unit made of plastic and put under a giant magnetic ray that would switch on should he try to power up. Next to him would have been Kid Victory’s cell but he was not captured, thought to be in the Flier explosion. The unit was nothing special but was decorated with chains to keep him company. In the center was the punk rocker, Frank Tremaine. His cell was also pretty standard but it did use an industrial strength lock rather than an electronic one, so as to avoid Frank trying to overcharge it. The empty fourth cell was for the new girl who they also believe died in the Flier explosion. Their first operatives to run into the girl could not be contacted as they were being held in lockdown by the military-so they sat aside that cell with limited information on magical girl’s abilities. The final cell, the one he walked toward, had the beast. Sillen didn’t know his name and could care less. He was not interested in who he was but rather curious about what he had become.
   The Master-Doctor saw him on his knees in a prayer like position. The monster had a collar on connected to a chain. If he went too close to the door a two hundred volt shock would put him down. Sillen then turned and nodded to the guard on the inside and said, “Step outside for a moment.”
   “I can’t do that sir.”
   “You can and you will,” Sillen shot back. The soldier nodded and did as he was told.
   “You must be the good doctor Sillen who helped with my cosmetic surgery,” said Monster.
   “You heard of me?” Sillen said surprised.
   “I’m sure you know your name has been on the lips of a few captured Teiwaz,” he said.
   Sillen chuckled. “They call me the Master-Doctor. I did create and tweak the designs to mutate men into supermen. Obviously I still can not get the formula right. Thinking of moving back to the drawing board.”
   “I can not imagine that the Nazi’s like their superhumans blacker than the average negro,” Mr. Monster jested.
   “No, they do not.” There was a pause and Sillen continued. “You were praying for your friends? Or escape?”
   “Both. Plus the righteous strength to crush my enemies. Your people know about asking God for righteousness in their struggles,” he said.
   Sillen laughed.
   Monster questioned him with, “Are you not a religious man?”
   “Oh the Nazi’s have ties with a belief system. I never believed in God or Jesus cause I am a man of science. After Reina and Red Sprite showed up-I did start to think differently and have concluded if there is a God-he is not how us humans envisioned him,” Sillen explained.
   “Do your compatriots share your views?”
   “I don’t care.”
   “You’re posing as a Nazi,” Monster said.
   “Posing to the lowly soldiers yes but the higher ups know exactly who I am-a man with the brains they need. Playing God with genetics and machines.” A little theatrical with his right hand as he proclaimed, “I am the Master-Doctor of the future rulers of the world!”
   “At least I know I will not be suffering the same sort insults that come from your fellow Teiwaz,” Mr. Monster snarked.
   “Yes. I only use the N-word to reenforce my association. As for the whole blacks are of a lower IQ-it’s hogwash really,” Sillen explained.
   Mr. Monster shook his head. “What do you want if you’re not here to gloat about me being your creation or mocking the death of my friends?”
   “I was just curious about you. A blood sample was taken earlier. I rushed it through to check the results and I can not find a reason why you have maintained your higher complex thought compared to the others. Of course the blood sample was-nevermind, that’s boring science talk,” Sillen answered.
   “I have heard that magic can not be traced in the blood stream.”
   “No but it can be found in the air, grass, water. It is a tricky process because all magic is different. In your case I can not find a single trace which still does not discount that possibility.”
   “Is that how you figured out where Araminta was staying?”
   “The girl? A little detective work I’m sure. Magic tends to manipulate the world around and recreate molecules and atoms. They usually, but not always, morph quickly back into a recognizable form but prolonged use in a single area can still have traces of them. We were tracking a particular mage using gear I designed.
   “I theorized that the more your now deceased friend used her abilities in a single location-by which I mean the school-those atoms lingered allowing for quicker and more precise use. Still, creating the tools to detect are amateurish and at most gives only a fifty percent likelihood,” the Doctor detailed.
   “Shame all that work for one girl and you blew her out of the sky,” Monster said.
   “You seem-Unmoved,” he said suspicious.
   “I already lost two friends to your experiments. I refuse to put on a sad face. Much rather just bide my time,” he threatened. Sillen’s jaw moved back and forth in thought. Mr. Monster went on by saying, “So we have determined that I am somewhat a fluke in your experiments. How many did it take to get to me?”
   “Eighty-one,” he quickly answered.
   “How many died in the process?”
   Beastly stood up. “You are the lowest scum, Doctor Sillen. You will die. You will burn in whatever hell there is. If I’m lucky, I’ll be the one who chokes the life out of your body.”
   “Pet-you are not going to kill me. You may find a way out of this cell. Escape back to the world a deformed creature. Might even have a modicum of a decent life. Nowhere in that plan will you kill me,” Sillen said to him with an assured expression.
   “You’re playing a different game.”
   “Maybe I am. Maybe I am not.” Sillen turned and stopped, turning back and saying, “Either way, I’m going to win.”