Part 19

by CM Towns

   SubHuman was a jumble of nerves. He was seated, right leg shaking up and down just thinking about how he wanted out and into the fight. His ribs were hurting, he spat up some blood, and had a few lumps forming on his head. It was all worth it to be here and ready for the big fight. This was for all the marbles.
   The guard making his pace up and down had grown annoyed by Reed’s insults which had doubled since the alarm just went off. “You lucky they got a magnet on me. I’d blast you no problem,” he would taunt. Frank would laugh and the guard would threaten to walk in and beat him senseless but Frank invited it. Mr. Monster was more somber in his cell but SubHuman chalked that up to the doctors visit. That smarmy bastard would get his in time SubHuman knew.
   SubHuman was energy ready to explode. It had been a roller coaster ride and one way or another they were clawing to the end. If all went well he’d be calling his mom and sis and giving them all the twists and turns.
   Reed shouted, “Turn tail and run! It’s your only chance!”

   SubHuman went up to the cell door and started with, “Ugh oh-you’re in trouble. Someones coming around to burst your bubble.”
   The taunts increased with Mr. Monster throwing in. Minutes passed as they settled down. The guard was on the phone asking for an update but he was just ordered to stand his ground. SubHuman laughed on the inside. It was hopeless for the Teiwaz because Reina and Kid Victory were on the premises.
   Several minutes later the door to the cells slid open. Kid Victory stepped in with the stun gun in hand and fired the guard down. Araminta entered last with two hands on the wooden bat she brought with her. Victory used a key card to open Reed’s door. Once out, and with Araminta’s gaze elsewhere he powered up into Huntsman. SubHuman was released next followed by Mr. Monster.
   “I’m glad you’re all okay,” Araminta said hugging SubHuman, then Mr. Monster and lastly an awkward hug on Huntsman.
   “Where’s the others?” Mr. Monster asked.
   “Reina is breaking this place apart. My understanding is Sprite got loose but I don’t know where,” Kid Victory said.
   “So what is the plan?” SubHuman asked.
   “You, Monster and Araminta head back the we way we got in,” Kid Victory directed.
   “You’re kidding right? I ain’t leaving without breaking some faces,” SubHuman said.
   “Of course not but I want everyone topside in thirty to forty-five minutes. Feds are going to be raiding soon. Don’t want anyone caught up in the sweep. So beat some asses on your way out,” Kid Victory said to him. He turned to Huntsman and said, “Reina is East, up a floor, dealing with some vehicles who are trying to make a break for it. Give her a hand. I want as many as these Teiwaz held back as possible.”
   “Which way is east?” Huntsman asked and Kid Victory pointed. On that cue Huntsman flew through the ceiling in that direction.
   “Someone is going to have to teach that boy some manners,” Mr. Monster said brushing away debris. He then asked, “Why call the feds? We could handle them easy?”
   “Just a precaution,” Kid Victory answered.
   “What of searching the premises?” inquired Mr. Monster.
   “Our contacts will be able to get us most the information we need on anything juicy. Now go, you’re wasting time.”
   “Where are you going to be?” SubHuman asked.
   “Look for Red Sprite,” Kid Victory said before leaving the three.
   “Okay, lets get going,” Araminta said taking the lead with Mr. Monster behind her and SubHuman pulling up the rear.
   “We’re not just ditching are we?” SubHuman asked knowing Mr. Monsters current state of mind.
   Monster grabbed Araminta’s shoulder and said, “We’re not leaving just yet, kitten.”
   “Why not? Kid Victory said-” she protested.
   “My doctor is in the building and I got a whiff of his stench. I need to settle my bill,” he said with a scowl.
   “It’s our duty as Americans,” SubHuman added.
   Araminta looked up at Mr. Monster who was not wearing the pleasing face she liked and knew that this had to happen. She nodded and said, “If anyone asks I’ll say you disobeyed and dragged me along.”
   Mr. Monster took the lead, putting a steady pace for his cohorts to follow. SubHuman in the middle with Araminta just behind. A small squad of soldiers were ahead in the hall and Monster hopped on the ceiling, galloped several paces and lunged down at two men in the back. SubHuman zapped the other two and happy they were not wearing protective gear. Araminta made sure to check each man with her baseball as she passed by. A couple turns down and Araminta spotted two Teiwaz soldiers coming up behind. She threw up a shield to block the hail of gunfire.
   “Drop the shield and duck,” SubHuman directed and once she did he used his electric blasts to drop the two soldiers.
   “THIS WAY!” Mr. Monster shouted. The two moved to catch up with him. A left turn than a straight hall with an entrance at its end. The trio rush in and found themselves across from two teenagers and three chained and collared beasts that resembled Monster. The doors slide closed behind them.
   “Welcome pet. Meet your brothers and some poor brainwashed children of the revolution,” said a voice on the PA.
   Mr. Monster turned to see an observation deck. “I was played.”
   “No time to worry about that,” SubHuman said studying the opposition. Three mutants snapping their jaws. Water-the girl with red hair was equipped with a thin backpack with a pair of small tubes connected through steel arm bands and into gauntlets around her forearms. She had thin lips, small nose, and SubHuman thought she looked kind of cute but also spaced out. The boy, Screamer, had shaggy hair, was lanky in appearance and was breathing hard. He also had a black eye but that did not cover up the spaced out look he also sported.
   “We got this,” SubHuman remarked with an unseen smirk.
   The collars on the mutants unlocked and they rushed in. Mr. Monster dashed forward pushing one into another, but the third caught around him with a bite. Araminta and SubHuman avoided attacks from the two superhumans. SubHuman dodging the water blast while Araminta put up a shield to block a sonic scream. It absorbed the impact but the power stumbled her back making Araminta drop her weapon. SubHumans electric blast missed Water but her evading allowed the zap to catch Screamer. In a split second Water swung a whip of liquid hitting SubHuman hard in the chest.
   Araminta used a door to escape one of the mutants and landed seven yards way. Threw a shield up to protect from another lunging mutant. It hit hard and fell at her feet. Mr. Monster tossed one of the mutants into Water as SubHuman grabbed at his bruised ribs. Mr. Monster saw the Screamer starting to get up and ran his direction. A whip of liquid caused him to trip and Screamer belted out a scream hitting him square in the gut.
   Water created a water ball before smashing it into the recovering SubHuman. Araminta popped out of a portal, tackling her down. Both got up as quick as possible with Araminta using her forearm to block a kick. The fact Araminta used a block she had only just learned surprised her but that moment of confidence was shattered by a hard right jab to the chin. From the ground SubHuman fried Water with a big surge of electricity.
   Mr. Monster rolled from an attempted scream blast. Araminta covered up with a stronger shield. Screamer breathed in for another one but Mr. Monster hooked from behind and tossed him hard into a wall. Mr. Monster swung around, catching one of the mutants with a haymaker and apologized. The last mutant started shaking and convulsing. It’s body started changing, with its knee joints popping back and going onto all fours. It grew larger and started salivating.
   “Master Doctor-you damn Nazi asshole,” Mr. Monster said. The mutant howled but before it could do anything it was stunned by a heavy shocks from SubHuman. Using the distraction Mr. Monster swung a double ax handle strike to the top of the head. It responded by pinning Mr. Monster down. Araminta popped out of a gate with a dropkick to the mutants head. The distraction allowed SubHuman hit the beast with another blast. Mr. Monster hooked under the mutant and tossed him hard into the steel wall.
   “Damn ribs…,” SubHman said. Araminta moved her hand under his shirt and started using a healing touch to repair the damage. He told Araminta, “Thanks,” to which she smiled.
   “Let us get out of this place,” said Mr. Monster looking at his fellow mutants. A ping of survivors guilt pulled at his heart. Monster spit on the ground and cursed Sillen to the pits of hell.
   “What about the doctor?” asked SubHuman.
   “Something tells me he has already left the building,” responded Mr. Monster.
   “Don’t worry man, we’ll get him,” SubHuman said with a hand on Monsters shoulder. Mr. Monster nodded and moved toward the door, slamming his fists half a dozen times until they cracked enough so he could open it. The trio left to meet up with the others.