Part 20

by CM Towns

   The Teiwaz may be a threat, but for Reina Titán they did not pose a physical challenge. They were smart, organized, heavy in numbers but in a physical confrontation they meant nothing to her. So there she was in the street with Huntsman, stopping escaping vehicles, helping civilians from the giant hole in the ground where a few Fliers tried to escape. It was easy work. Work that needed to be done but did not fill Reina with much satisfaction. She would rather be back underground smacking around foot soldiers but as fun as that would be it also would still make this confrontation feel anti-climatic. She will be happy when the fights over but a little let down that she did not get a good match up.
   Of course Powerhouse felt he could give her that fight. He came ready with a few robots, like the ones from Maryland, and Reina was unimpressed. Huntsman tackled the bots leaving Powerhouse to march up to Reina and start the fight.
   “NAMES POWERHOUSE BITCH!” he shouted before the haymaker hit her. Reina flew past some vehicles into the dashboard of an abandoned car, smashing in its windshield. Powerhouse charged as Reina pulled herself out and brushed off the glass. Powerhouse tossed some cars out of his way and Reina saw the intent in his face and almost felt bad for him.
   Reina Titán dodged his sloppy swings and caught his right fist and said, “You punch like a black Jewish girl whose dating a pretty latino goth chick with plans on adopting a Vietnamese child.”

   Powerhouses eyes widen and turned to anger. His left swing missed and Reina Titán nailed an uppercut sending him flying. Reina hopped into the sky, grabbed an incoming robot, ripped it’s head and flew over to Huntsman. “You take the prick down there. I’ll worry about this junk,” she said before blasting a robot coming down from above them.
   Huntsman flew down and Reina quickly took out two more robots. A mecha tried to join the fight by firing a gas canister Reina’s way. She kicked it up high, used a large blast to burn it out, and than took a blast to the chest. It did not knock her from the sky and Reina swooped in, ripped the driver out of the mecha and dropped the suit in the hole while tossing the guy through a nearby window. Reina dropped down on the ground near some abandoned cars to chase down a few Teiwaz soldiers. Once done with them she floated up to see the fight.
   Powerhouse was nailing rights and lefts on Huntsman. He was a almost a foot taller, far faster, and was annoyed with Reina Titán writing brushing off. “I WANT A FIGHT!!!”
   He raised both fists up, came down on the back of Huntsmans neck and than tossed him into the pit. Huntsman boosted up but was tackled to the ground on the other side by Powerhouse. They rolled, hitting a mack truck. Powerhouse slammed Huntsmans head into it a couple times. Huntsman punched him in the groin and backed up, fired a blast sending him through a cop car. He flew up and fired down trying to hit Powerhouse who avoided the blasts while maneuvering around the vehicles.
   “Go down there and fight him!” Reina directed. Huntsman swung his head to her and back to his target. Huntsman flew down and landed on the intersection with Powerhouse ready.
   “Look at this, cordoned off by the cops. You want to get your ass kicked in front of the police? Back home they thought you were a dumb joke and you are,” Powerhouse taunted.
   “You’re the only dumb joke here,” Huntsman fired back in his robotic, echo sounding voice.
   Powerhouse laughed. “Weak comeback, kid. How’s your family doing by the way?”
   A pair of shots hit Powerhouse and he turned to the cops firing, he rushed their direction but a blast from behind sent him their direction faster. Powerhouse, quick to recover, grabbed a cop car and tossed it. Huntsman caught it, tossed it away when he saw Powerhouse throw a couple cops his direction. Huntsman leaped up and grabbed one while Reina caught the other. Huntsman put the cop down and got a rushing shoulder block by Powerhouse. Huntsman blocked a kick, and hit him hard in the gut with a pair of punches. Powerhouse pushed Huntsman back, landed a couple strikes before he gripped him by the prongs of his helmet. Powerhouse threw Huntsman through one of the police barriers. He then pointed to Reina and screamed, “I WANT A CHALLENGE!”
   “Okay junior, right here,” she said walking and lightly smacking her right cheek. Powerhouse obliged and hits her with as much force as he could. Reina slid back, using her strength, endurance, ability for flight to dig her heels into the ground and hold her stance-albeit ten feet away. Reina Titán smiled and said, “That was much harder than the last shot, I’ll give you that, but this time I braced for it. So what does that say about our stats. You can only hurt me if I let you.”
   Powerhouse charged, Reina flew in, swung around and locked around the waist. German suplexing the Nazi superhuman on the back of his head and neck. Reina followed through with an ax kick to the back of the skull which sent Powerhouses head into the concrete. She did it a second time while his head was flat into the ground. Reina started to walk away, brushing her hands and was taken by surprise by the grasping arms that lifted her and tossed her into the ground. Reina Titán flew across the street to evade a stomp. She rolled to her feet and when he came in with the swing she nailed his fist with a punch of her own. Powerhouse let out a moan, grabbed his hand and Reina bitch slapped him across his face as hard as she could which was hard enough to knock him on his butt and leave an impression on his cheek.
   “You’re no challenge, junior. I’ll let my little homie handle you,” she said before Huntsman tackled Powerhouse to the ground from behind and threw punch after punch before finishing with a blast to the chest that sent him flying off. Huntsman rushed back and Reina grabbed him into a hug, “Calm down. Fights over.”
   “You sure?” he said looking up to her. Reina smiled. He pushed away and looked at the cops. “Are they-”
   “The cops aren’t going to bother us. C’mon. Lets go check on the others and go home,” Reina smiled to Huntsman who smiled at that thought.