Part 21

by CM Towns

   A normal fight between two people, whether it be a street fight or a bar fight or even a superhuman encounter, does not last long. It’s quick, to the point, and finished. It may feel like minutes pass in the heat of combat but when said and done, it’s always much shorter. Even if it’s one against multiple attackers, it will not be a drawn out affair. Kid Victory is a perfect example of this.
   Three men in the hall in front of him. Each armed. Still he makes quick work. One club to the back of the knee as he side stepped a Teiwaz soldier, the second club to the throat of the next man up. Kick to his chest sends him into the third man. As Victory connected he turned back to the first soldier, saw him turning his head, and Kid Victory swung the same leg back connecting with that soldiers face. Victory runs on the second man and a strong knee to the nose of the third Teiwaz soldier finishes the skirmish.
   Victory heard steps approaching, put the clubs in one hand and used a smoke capsule. Pressing a button on the right hook up on his visor allowed a switch to body heat mode. He now saw the Teiwaz men moving in the smoke. Victory held his breath, stepped into the fray and used his clubs. Took one down with a shot at the neck. Pushed into the second, forcing him down. Up against the wall dodging a barrage of bullets, the club in the left hand struck the atatckers gun upward. He used the club in his right hand to slam down hard onto the soldiers foot and once the Teiwaz soldier was hoping on one foot Kid Victory tripped him down to the ground. Smoke dissipating and Victory takes the last man out with three strikes-one to left thigh, a second to the side of the neck, third is a knee to the nose of the kneeling opposition.

   Victory readjusts his visors sight, puts the clubs together into a bo staff and enters into a large room. Mecha suits and equipment, charging stations, and Kid Victory instantly knows trouble is about to hit. He side stepped a blast, rolling behind an empty mecha storage locker. He moved when he hears what sounded like a missile being shot. Kid Victory rolled out the way and the locker now behind him went boom. Victory uses the bo staff as a vault to hop onto another mecha storage container and tosses an explosive just as he dodged a laser blast. His explosive did no damage and Victory followed with a smoke capsule.
   The mecha zoomed in to catch Victory but he was gone. The mecha had a tank inspiration to it with its caterpillar track wheels. It was garishly colored and had a single seat body with two arms. It could boost up and hover briefly, which it did just then to get its sights on Kid Victory.
   Victory was unimpressed and when it landed he got behind, used an EMP device that shorted its circuitry three seconds later. “Should have tried one of the bigger mechs. Might have done more good,” Kid Victory mocked. He turned to exit until a smashing sound made him turn back. Exiting the mecha was a steel covered man.
   “We are not done yet, Kid Victory!” he shouted.
   “I have to say that entrance was nice, but the whole,” Victory impersonated his voice, “’we are not done yet’ was pretty cliché.”
   “I am General Anslem,” he declared.
   “You’re also too old for superpowers so I’m guessing you’ve allowed some experimentation on yourself. You sure that’s smart?” Victory asked with a self assured grin across his face.
   Anslem charged forward and Kid Victory took his bo staff, tossed it at Anslems legs tripping him. Victory leaped forward and dropped both boots to the back of Anslems head. Once off he tumbled and pulled his folded boomerang, started unfolding it and turned up a tiny dial on the inside.
   “I didn’t feel a thing,” he said. Victory tossed the boomerang, hitting the side of his neck and exploded. Victory next threw an item, the size of a pocket watch, at Anslems chest. It exploded into liquid that turned into foam and hardened. Kid Victory adjusted a new battery into his stun gun.
   “I am the General! I was chosen by the Teiwaz to lead!” he shouted. Victory’s gun charged as Anslem broke the foam with no problem. “I will not be pushed around by some negro, let alone a negro teenager.”
   Victory shot a huge blast where the recoil kicked him back a few steps but sent Anslem hard into a wall. Victory pulled a trio of explosives, tossed them and they exploded on impact as Anslem was pulling himself up. The General was unphased and just charged ahead, in a furious manner. Victory held his ground, until the last split second where he dropped to the ground and used his body to trip Anslem onto the floor.
   Anslem rolled onto his hands and feet and Victory commented, “In less than four minutes I immobilized your mecha. Between the time you charged at me to right now it’s been about two minutes. I’ve beaten you in about six minutes total. Pretty good for a negro teen up against a powered up Neo-Nazi General.”
   “I am not beaten!”
   “You are bleeding from your left ear,” Victory said. Anslem grabbed his left ear, pulled his hand back in front of his eyes. Victory continued by saying, “You might not be able to feel the pain but I assure you-if you power down you will. Or-you might die. I think a slim chance of death. If that’s the case I deeply apologize. Not because I’m sorry but because I avoid taking life. I may have just went overkill in this encounter. Still, 70-30 you’ll survive.”
   Anslem hollered as Victory took a couple steps around. Anslem pulled back for a punch but Kid Victory shot him again with his amped up stun gun, sending Anslem hard into a mecha storage locker, damaging the charging station and sending twenty thousand volts into his body. Victory holstered the weapon and yawned. It had been a long day.
   “Excellent work,” Red Sprite said approaching him with his staff.
   “I know,” he said taking it. “Enjoy the show?”
   “You knew I was watching?”
   “Saw you a sec after I hit him with the boomerang.”
   “Are the others fine?” Red Sprite asked.
   “Yeah. I was looking for you to get out of this hellhole,” Kid Victory answered.
   “This place is indeed a hellhole and I am long to leave it behind,” agreed Sprite.
   “You have any troubles yourself?” Kid Victory asked as they headed back the way Victory came in.
   “None. I just walked out of my chamber and got lost,” she replied.