Case File 002: Part 1

by CM Towns

   A blue spark illuminated from no source, hovering several feet above the concrete ground before it expanded into a double circle. Symbols and glyphs between the two circles with a black hole in the center. Mister Monster jumped out and landed in a kneeling position on the concrete floor behind a large crate. His head turned both ways, looked over the crate, and took in the sight of the large basement he was now in.
   Mr. Monster was dressed in his hero ensemble. The only thing new was that his belt was much more tricked out. Wire cuffs, cell phone, smoke capsules and small explosives given by Kid Victory’s weapon designer plus a couple other small items. He dug into one of the pouches and pulled out a small ear piece connected to a microphone. Monster clicked it on before slipping it onto his ear. He moved from crate to crate, avoiding the sounds of curious guards. These guards wore dark green uniforms with storm trooper like masks and carried large guns that he did not recognize. It did not matter what the guns were because he slammed their heads together hard and followed with slamming each of them into the side of a crate. Mr. Monster smirked at his work before checking to see if anyone had heard the noises.
   “Monster checking in,” he said in a low tone to his comlink.
   The distorted voice on the other end was the Professor and she replied with one question, “Clear on your side?”
   “At the moment. Got a couple Teiwaz guards down. I spot a few camera’s but it seems I’m out of the line of sight. Have them touchdown where I did,” he said.
   Mr. Monster looked down at the men again, beaming at his handy work. Pathetic Neo-Nazi scum, flashed in his head.
   Another gate opened with Red Sprite dropping in first, followed by SubHuman, then Kid Victory and finally Araminta. Once the gate closed they all moved in toward Mr. Monster, with Kid Victory and SubHuman holding on to some luggage.

   Kid Victory opened the small bag he carried and pulled out his visor headset. He hooked it on then activated it followed by his other electronic equipment. Both SubHuman and Araminta were wearing their new outfits. Araminta was in her iris colored bodice canvas with four buckles down the center. She had matching long gloves and boots with one inch wedge heels. Her tights were slate gray as was the cape and hood she wore connected to the bodice. Araminta’s domino mask was more masquerade with the ends coming up to a point. The same iris coloring with the slate gray around the eyes. Araminta was fidgeting, looking all around, hoping they did not make too much noise coming in. Red Sprite assured her everything would be fine.
   The electro-powered punk SubHuman wore a similar operative outfit to Kid Victory except his codename was written across the chest in white out with the ‘sub’ in lower case letters and ‘human’ in capitals. He wore a studded denim-esque jacket made of the same fabrics as his outfit. The jacket he had accessorized with a Minor Threat punk patch on the back. He still wore the skull bandana tied around the bottom of his face and goggles over his eyes. His hair was currently blue thanks to a temporary hair color spray. Unlike Araminta, SubHuman was jazzed-ready for a fight.
   “Alright-plan is as outlined,” Kid Victory started, “Monster and Araminta stays and goes through the crates. Grab anything useful as we already went over. Fabrics, money, spy equipment. Destroy all weapons you encounter. SubHuman, Red Sprite and myself will make our way upward.”
   SubHuman opened the bags and pulled out belts and grappling guns for himself and Red Sprite. While they prepped Kid Victory moved quick around their hiding spot-turning a couple corners around large crates, hoping onto one and flying off into a double knee strike to a guard. Victory dodged a barrage of bullets by another guard, who got walloped by an electrical blast. SubHuman and Red Sprite rushed to join Kid Victory and the three moved toward the freight elevator. The elevator had a coded electronic lock so Kid Victory pulled a small explosive in hand. A single button operated this explosive; pressed once it goes to five second timer, pressed twice it explodes on impact. He set to impact and used it on the door. The pair got inside and Sprite blew open the hazmat hatch above them. They climbed out quick into the shaft and all used their grappling guns. Victory tied his to the buckle before holstering his gun and pressing his retract button, pulling himself up. The others used their specialized belts to hook their grappling guns to before they could follow him upward.
   As they ascended to where Victory was he had a small contraption hooked onto some wires. “Are you in?” he asked to his headsets mic.
   “I am,” said the Professor. “I am looking through their cameras and they are scrambling. They have men coming toward the elevator door you are behind.”
   “You hear that Reina? Time for you and Huntsman to move in,” Kid Victory said.
   “They’re going to have all the fun before we do,” SubHuman jested.
   The three heard loud crashes and gunfire. Victory took another explosive, blew out the elevator doors and then Red Sprite swung in first, unhooked herself from the belt and launched a wave of fire. SubHuman next and finally Kid Victory. Once on the ground he took his stun gun and looked over the fire fight before moving over to take cover behind a column. They were in part of a Teiwaz compound and this area they were in was the large center of the facility. From here there were three hallways plus a pair of staircases by the walls to his west and east. Up top there was more halls to explore of the facility. Kid Victory moved around the column, knocked out a fleeing scientist with the stun gun blast and saw Huntsman rip through a ten foot mecha-man with his cannon.
   “HUNTSMAN! NO GUNS!” he shouted. Huntsman looked at Victory and his cannon barrel slid up back into his forearm gauntlet.
   Reina Titán just walked the chaos taking the shots of the Teiwaz soldiers while her partners unloaded counter-fire. She seemed ultimately bored by this confrontation as it was being handled much like the last couple skirmishes at Teiwaz facilities.
   “TEAM! Reina, get to the garage-” he pointed, “-and take care of any freight they may be trying to transport. Sprite, Sub-that path-” He pointed to a hallway up on the above walkway, “Professor says there are labs in there. Make a sweep. Huntsman with me.”
   They broke and moved out. Kid Victory lead through the hall to the north of the elevators. Victory ran in the lead, while Huntsman clunked behind him. Victory pulled a small square shaped device and tossed it at a couple incoming guards. “Cover your eyes,” he said to Huntsman.
   The device was a flash grenade. Victory took the to guards down easily. The first with a jumping spinning roundhouse kick to the head. The other with a swift kick to the knee and a one-two punch combination. They turned a corner into another hall and Kid Victory gave instructions, “This left turn-two robot guards. Blow them away, smash open the doors. Anyone inside, keep them against the wall.”
   Huntsman nodded and then flew past him, got the turn and opened fire-overkill on the two guard bots before they could even respond. Huntsman gave a ‘WHOOO’ in his mechanical voice before ripping open the door. He went in and checked the computer room. No one was in it but the computer was on fire. Kid Victory arrived a moment later. “It’s no use,” Huntsman said to him.
   “You can’t think like that,” he responded grabbing the fire extinguisher and putting out the flames. He got down beside one of the terminals and ripped out a panel. Victory got inside, pulled another gizmo from his utility belt and plugged it in.
   “What’s that?”
   “Something Tesla made us. Tiny little hook ups that clamp into the hardware of a computer, called a PARASITE, transmits information wireless. Basically just new advancement on already top notch spy equipment but it has very limited battery life so the more data to steal the less likely we’ll get it all. I used one to get into the security system,” Kid Victory explained.
   “How many of these did he make?”
   “Not enough.”
   “He’s going to eat all our money,” Huntsman said.
   “We’re R&D, field testing. We’ll be fine,” Kid Victory said before going on his comlink, “Professor?”
   “I’m in, starting the recovery process now. The feds are on their way as of two minutes ago. It will be another five to eight minutes before they arrive on the scene,” Professor said.
   “Sprite, SubHuman-get to the garage with Reina. Huntsman and myself will meet you there after I retrieve our other parasite. Monster and Araminta, jump to the meeting place in seven minutes,” he instructed.
   Kid Victory nodded to his teammate and said, “Okay, Huntsman, another job well done. Lets go home.”