Case File 002: Part 6

by CM Towns

   Sunday came and went with part of the team returning home and the others getting on with their usual routines. When Monday arrived there was some excitement about that nights adventure. First the four got through the day with some time in the gym, tending to their own hobbies and a light dinner before heading out. Monday night the full time residents of Guard HQ would be conducting an investigation sans their three more experienced teammates.
   The group took the Tuskegee-1, their main Flier, for a nice trip all the way to New Jersey to visit the dilapidated school Araminta once called home. There they would look for answers about a mysterious force that seemed to be on the move and had briefly squatted in that same location. Upon arriving, as silently as the Tuskagee-1 Flier would allow, Araminta made her way straight for her old room. With Huntsman accompanying her they made their way from the playground to the top floor of the main building shortly. Once in her old room Araminta took note of what remained and what was missing. Her bed, cooler, and microwave were all gone. Some of her books and magazines remained scattered. Araminta picked up a copy of the Book Thief and brushed off the front. She smiled looking the book over. Her eyes moved around the room and thought about all the boring nights she had where all she could do was read or use the laptop she had stolen. Araminta was surprised at how homely it felt in the old room. It could be said that life was easier when she was squatting here. The worst she had to worry about were police sweeping the area, rowdy teens, and scary vagrants.
   “Its a nice place, I guess,” Hunstman said in his eerie robot voice. He then said, “I stayed at the YMCA in the basement. My uncle had to pull a few strings. It was a little larger than this and I had a TV, a video game system and a bathroom.”

   “What happened with your uncle after the Teiwaz tried grabbing you?”
   “Lost his job. But got another one helping disabled kids,” Huntsman answered.
   “Can I ask you something?”
   “Why didn’t you stay with the military?”
   “I didn’t like how they talked to me. I didn’t like what they wanted me to do,” he answered.
   “But you tried to do the hero thing?”
   “Some crazy costumed guys popped up and I tried to help. I did a bad job. Its easier playing the characters in video games.”
   “I can imagine. Let’s go find the others,” Araminta said holding the novel close to her heart. The two left the room and made their way back out, walking around the school until they arrived at one of the bungalow classrooms. There Mr. Monster and SubHuman were talking about what they found.
   “So-this room had an interesting scent to it. We did a sweep but found nothing left. We used some of the tools we were provided including an EMF detector and a magic geiger counter device that we lifted from our Nazi buddies,” Mr. Monster explained.
   “EMF?” Araminta asked.
   “More of a ghost hunting tool. It didn’t bring up anything but the counter did pick up low levels of particle manipulation,” SubHuman said.
   “So what does this mean?” Huntsman asked.
   “Means there was another special guest squatting at the school. Judging from our tools they had to be quite powerful to leave such a lasting impression,” Monster explained.
   “What does this mean for us now?” Huntsman further questioned.
   “Don’t know,” Monster said and turned to Araminta to ask, “You feel anything?”
   Araminta opened up a witches circle for shielding. The yellow glow was bright, she felt a stronger surge of energy course through her body. Araminta dropped it and said, “There is power here. I can feel it when I engage in one of my abilities.”
   “Hmmm…” Mr. Monster thought about what to do next and shook his head. “What do you know about magic?”
   “Only what Sally taught me,” Araminta answered.
   “Enlighten us.”
   “Sally explained how magic worked on her home planet. Elementals like herself, enchanters who use magic spells or tools like wands. They use potions too. There are creatures who are magically inclined. Oh! And territorial magic which is about influencing your home with power. Sorcery is when one form of wizard expands and starts to master different areas.
   “The only connection between her home and ours is the temple of BARRITIS. Our lost temple is similar to a temple built by a powerful sorcerer on her home of Niebleheim as well as a number others across the universe. Earth magic relates back to Barritis temple and it holds similarities to those other temples but there are a lot of differences. My powers are related to a cult, possibly of an Earth sorcerer who crafted their own form of magic. That’s what Sally believes anyway,” Araminta detailed.
   “That explained nothing,” SubHuman commented.
   “Sorry,” Araminta said.
   “No reason to apologize. Magic had died for centuries. Truths becoming stories and myths,” Monster said.
   “So what do we do?” asked SubHuman.
   Mr. Monster’s work cell rang. He pulled it out and answered it. After a moment he said, “That was the Professor. Looks like the night is just getting started.”
   The four made their way back to the Flier, got back into the sky, and flew off in a new direction. Once in the air Professor patched into the intercom and explained what was happening.
   “I just got an interesting report. A trending topic right now on Twitter. There was a robbery from the Egyptian exhibit at the museum of Penn State. The lifted item was a sarcophagus of undefined origin,” Monster said.
   “Sounds fascinating,” SubHuman said loud enough for the mics in the Flier.
   “It is. Three perps were found a short time later wrapped in traditional mummy bandaging. They found the sarcophagus opened with nothing inside of it,” she replied.
   “Now I’m definitely curious,” SubHuman said.
   “Should we contact the others?” asked Araminta.
   “Waiting for Kid Victory to get back to me, Red Sprite has just been made aware of the situation. If we need to we can have Reina Titán on her way,” the Professor answered.
   “I think that would be best,” Araminta said.
   “I disagree. I do believe she should be on standby but we’re just going to visit the crime scene,” Mr. Monster directed from the pilot seat.
   After a short flight and some debate on how to approach the scene the group found themselves inside the Egyptian Gallery of the museum thanks to a cop on duty. The officer was fidgeting nervously when they approached him. The details of what happened to the criminals gave him the creeps so he gladly lead the group inside. Mr. Monster studied the setting using his increased senses while SubHuman and Araminta checked out the stand where the sarcophagus once sat. Huntsman hung back with the worried cop, keeping him in a anxious state.
   “Do you know anything about the mummy?” called out SubHuman.
   The cop, a slightly overweight man in his mid-thirties and having a nasty sweat, nodded ‘no’ and said, “My understanding is that the coffin had never been opened. It was locked somehow. When they found it, it was covered in chains.”
   “Interesting,” Mr. Monster said.
   The presence of Monster disturbed the cop a lot more than Huntsman. “What is he doing?”
   “Investigating,” Huntsman said.
   “What did they know about this sac-sar-” Araminta was trying to say the word.
   “Sarcophagus,” Monster finished for her while walking over to them.
   “They found it almost a year ago, underground-outside one of the pyramids,” the cop said.
   “Says here possibly fifth dynasty outside Abusir,” SubHuman noted.
   The Professor communicated over all their coms(excluding Huntsman who was not wearing his magnetic comlink), “Abusir is a segment of an extensive pyramid field. Fourteen pyramids in that area.”
   “And this unknown bastard was buried just outside,” SubHuman said.
   “Monster-do you believe this is tied to the magical spikes people have been detecting?” Professor asked.
   “It’s not connected. This is something different. Araminta-you feel any magic?” he asked.
   Araminta did a quick witches circle but felt no extra surge. “I didn’t feel anything but that doesn’t rule out magic being involved.”
   SubHuman started, “The magic back at that school was a powerful wizard leaving behind a fingerprint. I doubt there’s many wizards walking around with that kinda juice. So even if the mummy’s oozing magic or there were wizards involved-”
“Araminta wouldn’t be able to read it,” Monster said finishing SubHumans point. “I should not have left the detector on the ship.”
   “Okay guys, get back on the Tuskegee-1, we’ll monitor the situation back at base,” Professor said.
   “Shouldn’t we check the victims?” inquired Mr. Monster.
   “I would like that but I doubt the police will let us drop in on them. They’re combing the area with the SHRT,” Professor said.
   “Well Officer Randolph it was nice of you to help us in here,” said Mr. Monster who had walked over and extended a hand. The officer took a moment before shaking it. “If anyone questions you just tell them you were threatened.”
   “I will,” he said.
   SubHuman gave him a small sheet of paper. “If things get strange, email that. We’ll come check it out. Don’t try tracing it.”
   The Guard left the way they came in.