002: Part 9

by CM Towns

   Kate Stokes, alias the Professor, was seated at the large V-shaped corner style computer desk. There were two monitors on one section of the desk, the specially designed keyboard in the keyboard tray, and the terminal tower snugged into the cabinet just under. The other portion of the desk was empty except a few books on Egyptian mummies and curses. Kate was seated comfortably in her chair, thinking about what else they could use inside the new Intelligence Hub. It was obvious they would need another work station for an assistant and definitely could use a table for a wireless printer and scanner. Kate swiveled around and thought about a small table with holograph capabilities as a visual aid.
   Kate got out of the chair and looked the new loft over. Kate Stokes was a petite Caucasian girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She was a year younger than her partner Kid Victory but was an AP student, taking classes more advanced than what Kid Victory was attending in his secret identity. Kate got into this work through their former partner Kid Marvel-who turned to Kate for her amateurish hacking skills and general interest in technology, magic, and the occult.
   Kate walked the loft. It was not fancy but it was good enough for what they needed. Once through the front door there was a small but homey kitchen to the right. A dozen and so paces up from here was Kate’s workstation. To the left of the front door there was a small restroom and than a storage area under the stairway. Go further up straight ahead and there was the wide open space. At the far end of the loft is where the TV and couch would be. The stairway lead up to the mezzanine. An empty area with a nice bathroom. They planed for a few futons and maybe a bookcase or two up there.
   Antoine walked out the storage area in a jumpsuit and was carrying a steel toolbox. “I’ll work on it some more tomorrow but the trap door to the sewers is functional. Made some adjustments down there. I should be able to slip in and out easily. I just need to do some adjusting on how to get in and out through the sewers. Plus hiding the door.”

   “Excellent. The security guy Tesla contacted should be here tomorrow to hook the cameras up,” Kate said.
   “Something special?”
   “He’s going to tap into the security cams on the premises plus add a small one just outside the front door. Also change the lock and add a an alarm system with motion detectors. Thinking maybe knockout gas as a surprise treat for intruders,” Kate explained.
   Antoine nodded before he yawned. He took a seat on the ground and opened his tool chest then pulled out a bottled water.
   “Tired?” asked Kate retrieving her chair and bringing it over.
   “Yeah. Last night I had a crash course training session with the old master. Still better than I am,” he answered.
   “Why didn’t you go out as Kid Victory?”
   “More nights off. More rest. More time to catch up on the little things. I mean I’d rather be doing something more important. The operation is not expanding fast enough. You need assistance, Tesla is overseeing the work of a dozen drones and running a top tech firm. We also need to expand the teams numbers so we can deal with sudden situations like this one in Pennsylvania,” detailed Antoine.
   “Jessie’s against the idea.”
   “So is Sally and yourself. Some good points made against increasing our numbers at the moment but I have been keeping tabs on some prospects,” he responded.
   “So have I. I also have been working on our mummy situation. So far its been mostly dead-ends. Whoever this man or woman is the people who buried them wanted them forgotten,” Kate said.
   “Anything from your Society friends?”
   “Just speculation. Got a look at the police report. Nothing too helpful. Just watch out for the mummy’s little mummification trick. Wraps up targets and they go into a suspended state between life and death,” Kate answered.
   “Any connection to our Dr. Halloween?”
   “I tried to connect him to this mummy situation but it appears that he is uninvolved. Sally is talking with experts in LA, looking for a lead,” she answered.
   “Anything else?”
   “There has been some fresh graffiti within the city before the mummy was awaken. Red markings of a canine style. If it is tied to our mystery mummy than the markings could be related to Set-the Egyptian God of darkness,” Kate pointed out.
   “That might be a start. How about our other operative?”
   “GHOST?” Kate asked.
   “Where is he?”
   “Looking up details on some of Big Bosses inside men,” Kate said.
   “I’m assuming he found nothing?”
“He has been able to take a look at his schedule, some names of contacts, as much as he can get. You know his power has limitations.”
   “I do. Have you been able to check out those contacts yet?”
   “What I can. His contacts are all over the place. From FBI to CIA to DOJ and more. However these people’s information is not going to be easy to track down. We don’t have the resources to spy on them either. Unless we have a serious suspicion or any strong evidence of Blackwell having an ulterior motive my suggestion is that we just trust him until proven otherwise,” Kate responded.
   Antoine nodded. “I’ll talk to Ghost. I might want him to check out some Teiwaz loose ends. If he’s available.”
   “Of course.”
   “Okay so we’re focused on our mummy problem. Teiwaz is secondary. Got the various construction going-hopefully no one will be to bothered by Tesla preferring working from home rather than at the company headquarters. Now, lets talk about our bad guys,” Antoine said.
   “Most of your rogues are either in prison or laying low. Jai-Oin still has a few operatives out there but are only engaging in small time robberies right now,” she said. Kate sighed heavily. “There is one thing we might need to deal with. Our friend tipped us off to some very serious news.”
   “He contact you,” Antoine said.
   “He did. A week ago and said there was movement with new weapons and gear in Kirby City.”
   “You could have just told me,” Victory said.
   “I wanted to double check the info first and it seems legit,” Kate said.
   “Damn,” Antoine said rubbing his eyes.
   “You should go home and get some rest,” Kate proposed.
   “You going to keep working?”
   “I was going to do a little research with the books, maybe look through the list of names we set aside for a possible assistant,” answered Kate.
   “If you’re going to keep working, so am I.”
   “Okay. You want to read the big mummy Egyptian book? It has scary pictures?” Kate said with a smile.