002: Part 11

by CM Towns

   Reina Titán and Red Sprite walked out the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum disappointed. The trip was a mostly a waste as the local expert could not help them with their current mummy case. If they had more time they could have worked with other experts and spent the entire evening into the next day translating old text but that was not in the cards. Instead they received a copy of a dissertation about the scene where the sarcophagus was found. This made the trip better than what the pair did the previous day when they visited a college Professor of Egyptian History. He was not only confounded but at the time he was doing his own research on the mysterious events in Pennsylvania with no luck. Still, this visit irked Red Sprite greatly seeing as she has to strap herself to her partner to travel. Red Sprite could fly but between burning her costume to produce the burst of force to fly, the trail of fire that follows, and the fact she would rather fly in a ship that was out of the question.
   So here they were now, making their way down Naglee Avenue toward the local Starbucks while the went back and forth on the topic of mummies. The pair entered the establishment with much gawking. Once they got their beverages they headed outside and took a seat at a small table. “So any thoughts?” Jessie asked her.
   “You enjoy walking around in your costume and making people uncomfortable,” Sprite responded.
   “One of the few pleasures of being a superhero, but-I was talking about our mummy.”

   “I have a few thoughts on that subject. We can discern that our mummy is connected with Set. What we do not know is who the mummy is and how they were awaken or who hired that crew to lift the sarcophagus,” said Red Sprite.
   “No luck tracking down the fourth member of the crew?”
   “None. Tracking the money did not bring any leads as it appears they were paid in cash,” Sprite said before a drink.
   “Lets take this a single step at a time. The markings in the city, are they for magic?” asked Titán.
   “That is the most logical reason. It is also possible that it could symbolize a rising cult. Set did have roving cults who worshiped him and if we conclude that we already know who brought the mummy back. The problem with that conclusion is there are no signs that a cult even if you dig into suspicious crimes in the area,” she answered.
   “If it is a cult could they possibly be connected to Araminta in any fashion?” inquired Reina.
   “Doubtful. Aramintas magic is… Different. The glyphs in her witches circles are definitely not of an Egyptian background.”
   “So the graffiti is either magic or might mean the Mummy has got a cult following.”
   “We already know the crew that was attacked were mummified and the bodies are being held in a hospital. There is also some belief that the death of some campers are possibly connected to our monster. Each victims heart was removed without a trace,” detailed Red Sprite.
   “Like a horror movie. Not the first time we’ve tangled with some movie monsters.”
   “The vampires,” Sprite remembered.
   “Good times,” beamed Reina Titán.
   “Who could open the sarcophagus? Or rather why?”
   “Maybe the point was just to grab it. Not to open it.”
   “I doubt that. Whoever assembled this heist set those robbers up as food,” Sprite responded. She thought about what little they learned before continuing, “The experts said that a number of unmarked graves existed outside Abusir. Most tombs pillaged but this one remained in tack. The warning specified a dangerous monster. I skimmed the dissertation that expert handed us and there does seem to be an acknowledge of unmarked tombs.”
   “So some white people had to go and dig up some unmarked graves and now look where we are.”
   “They removed the chains but could not open the coffin. They ignored the warnings of a dangerous beast,” Sally continued.
   The two sat there drinking with each thinking the details over. Their attention turned toward the cop car pulling up. Two officers approached cautiously, looking at one another before the older one spoke up, “Excuse me. I have a couple questions for you.”
   “Yes, we’re the real deal. We were at the museum investigating clues about the mummy incident in Pennsylvania. We will be out of your city in a little while,” Reina said giving them the thumbs up.
   “You figured that but we can’t just-” the young one started before the older officer raised his hand up.
   “Of course. We still have to call this in. Its protocol,” the cop said.
   “We understand,” Red Sprite said.
   “Any chance I can get a picture of you two for my kid?” the older cop then asked.
   “Sure,” Reina smiled. She flexed a muscle while Sprite held a small flame in her palm. He snapped the picture and thanked them. The two cops went back to their car.
   “Nice people there,” Reina commented before taking a drink.
   “There are symbols on the tomb and sarcophagus that do seem eerily familiar. Like I’ve seen them somewhere. Maybe on the website where I was first looking up mummy history versus fiction. I wish there were fuller photos of the find available,” Sprite said.
   “Guess we can try looking into the history of Set cults. The Professor’s probably on that already,” Reina said.
   “You want to move on to other important topics?”
   “There is the issue of a safe house. I have found a few options. Deciding on an apartment or small house in Downtown LA, San Pedro or-”
   “San Pedro,” Reina answered.
   “We need to talk training regiments,” Sprite said.
   “After we get the teleporter up we’ll worry about routines. Until that time lets put a pin in that.”
   “I know we agreed on keeping the team size as is but I do think we should reach out to others. In case they may need assistance. Plus this would give us better options for future expansion,” Red Sprite said.
   “Anyone in particular?” questioned Reina.
   “There’s a spiderwoman in New Mexico. Had a couple run ins with the Daga Cartel.”
   “With those assholes around I can definitely get behind offering back up. That it?”
   “Have you seen any heroes that have interest you?” questioned Sprite.
   “I tend to only glance at news about heroes and usually about us,” Reina Titán replied.
   “Okay, moving on… Cover IDs should be ready in a matter of weeks. We’re getting one extra each as well,” Sprite replied.
   “Great. Now enough of that crap lets talk about how Antoine said you’re cute,” said Titán.
   Red Sprite held her stare. “It was a nice compliment,” she responded.
   “That’s it?”
   “Is there anything else?”
   Reina further inquired, “What do you think about Kid Victory? And I’m talking look wise? You think he’s handsome? Would you date with him?”
   “Dating is not in the cards.”
   “Why not? You’re a pretty girl and people like pretty girls. Besides, its been almost a year since your last relationship. However brief it was,” said Reina Titán.
   “It has been a year, however, I doubt I am over the uncomfortable aspects of dating an Earthling.”
   “You’re an Earthling now. Hell-you know more about Earth history than I do.”
   “I’m…” she paused, “Its amazing enough that my species is so close to humans as far as biology goes but it still does not remove the lonely feeling I get when in a room with people. Missing the jokes, not getting your media or entertainment culture. Trying to keep to a fictitious background. On top of hiding my alien nature I am also hiding my life as a superhero.”
   “I know that’s tough. Of course dating in the team-”
   “Please, I do not want to talk about it.”
   “Okay, I’ll drop it for now,” Reina grabbed her hand, “But I will not stop trying to help you find someone. I just need you to keep an open mind. You are awesome. You deserve a guy or a girl or something in between.”
   “Thank you,” Red Sprite said.
   Reina next said, “I hear sirens. I’m pretty sure these cops will not be as cool as the other pair. Guess it means time to go.”
   “It appears so,” Sprite said standing up. Reina gripped her and flew off as the other cops arrived.