002: Part 12

by CM Towns

   SHRT-Super-Human Response Team. They are a SWAT like tactical unit designed to deal with threats on a superhuman scale. Armed with advanced weaponry and dressed in the finest operative gear these men and women are the best of the best from the police and military. All chosen and tested for their ability to stand tall against the pressures of major threats. It will still be a few years before SHRT’s are established in every major city but Pennsylvania has two such teams across the state presently.
   One such team arrived in three black armored vans before dispersing around the meat processing plant. They had come to the facility due to a single connection between several missing person cases that were filed over the last few days. The city did not want to take too many chances with a real life Mummy on the loose so they sent the SHRT in to investigate. The team split with one group heading around back to the loading docks, one going through the front entrance, and a pair of smaller teams to secure the two side exits.
   The team at the loading docks was made up of six. All wearing vests that will protect from gunshots and take the blunt of a third degree concussion or kinetic blasts. They carry multiple weapons most impressive of which is the CURRENT GUN that fires high voltage blasts, standard issue. They also carry Heckler & Koch UMP 57 submachine guns, M1933 pistols, and/or the newest Remington shotguns. All these weapons have been redefined from classics and use ammunition that can pierce armored vehicles and blow holes through most publicly available body armor.

   This unit has only had action a few times. Once dealing with some terrorists armed with illegal alien firepower. Once they fought off dangerous androids and one time they took on a couple of superhumans who had increased strength and speed who wanted to go into business as big time villains. This was their first case dealing with the magical and supernatural. It was also the first documented case dealing with a real life mummy in the modern era. This worried part of the team, not having a clear idea of how to approach or handle with an undead entity. The worries had to be put aside to deal with the monster who was racking up a body count in the last four days.
   Two of the six men were holding onto a battering ram which they use to break down the door. The unit followed the team leader inside into the dispatch chiller. Crates and steel containers filled with beef that had been readied for transportation and on the ground around them were mummified bodies. Team members cussed, felt a chill deeper than the freezer all while they spread out to see how many bodies there were.
   The team leader got on the com and called his captain. “Sir, we got bodies already,” he said squatting down to feel them.
   The two talked for a moment and the team leader agreed to the plan.
   “Whats the play?” one asked.
   “Captains calling it in. They’re searching through the administration section and once cleared they will meet us on the processing floor. Willis, stay here. Rest with me, we’re cutting through straight to clear the carcass chiller,” their leader said.
   “Is that a good idea?” asked Willis.
   “Just follow orders,” he said.
   The four followed the leader out into the slicing and packing floor. Dark, with machines lined up all around to cut portions, measure, and to package the cuts of meat. They moved slowly across the floor, checking each direction for movement, pausing twice for sudden noises. A couple of the team members were nervous, hearts pounding in chests, and fighting off the fidgeting in their legs so as not to appear scared. The team approached the next freezer. One member opened and the group leader stepped in first followed by his unit. The carcass chiller had slaughtered cows hanging from meat hooks, ready to be slashed at. A few steps in and it was obvious the cows were not the only thing being hung.
   “We got more bodies,” the leader called in.
   One member cussed repeatedly. “Calm down Jeffrey,” a member advised his team mate.
   “This is like outta a horror flick. Their hearts are missing,” Jeffrey responded to the sight of bodies.
   “Captain-we got more mummified bodies-”
   Their attention was caught by a clanging noise. The team got their weapons up. They studied the freezer, a few moving out to get a better look of their surroundings and the others keeping an ear out for more noises.
   CLANG… CLANG… CLANG… was followed by a sweeping noises. It repeated once.
   From above Vizier dropped in with is khopesh on one member of the team. He got in three hacks before the closest teamate fired his current gun. Vizier flew back, knocking down cows and bodies. He rolled over up to his feet and moved around the hanging beef. He moved quick, stretched his arm around some meat to pushed down one team member. Vizier threw his sword low, cutting the feet off another SHRT member who screamed in an awful girlish shriek.
   “HIT’EM!HIT’EM!HIT’EM!” Jeffrey yelled. Vizier was behind him and twisted his neck. He tossed the body into an incoming current blast and stretched both arms to his attempted shooter, choking the life out of them.
   Vizier moved to the two who were still alive. The one without feet he put he pulled them up and propped them on an empty hook. The other he mummified.
   Another team busted in and the SHRT soldiers had their weapons trained on Vizier. Vizier laughed at the sight and the angry shouts.
   “None of you are leaving here alive,” he said. The fight was brief. Vizier made quick work, hacking and slashing. Bandaging up a couple. He moved on out of the chiller and pursued a few more SHRT members while the last few fled the scene.
   Vizier was not concerned with the ones who escaped. He was not troubled by the help they would bring. Vizier was in control with the help of his associate. More hearts to eat, more men to mummify, and more time ticks until his plan would be executed. The plan was simple-commit chaos. Further tear down the walls that imprison old magic. Bring back the terror of centuries ago. Show them what Gods and their chosen children are truly capable of.