002: Part 13

by CM Towns

   The teleporter flashed bright purple light and Kid Victory appeared, with visor headset off, standing on the blue circle of the white platform. He looked up and saw a yellow circle on the roof portion of the machine, then looked to the control panel a few feet away from the platform. The trip still gave Kid Victory the jitters. It was a big flash of light, weightlessness for only a few moments and than a sort of calming feeling he could not properly describe. He moved his legs to get some feeling back in them before turning to his left, the second smaller teleporter stand used to transport storage. That’s where his steel case was. The platform length was about the size of those dancing video games from years back. It had two teleport stations-one for individuals and the other for luggage.
   Kid Victory grabbed his case and walked past the control console to the glass screen door, opened it and saw Tesla coming his way. “Enjoy your trip?” Tesla asked.
   “I’m not sure I can answer that,” Kid Victory said.
   “Reina and Sprite are on their way here like you instructed. The team is waiting for you in Ops Room 2,” Tesla said as they walked through the main garage. There was the armored SUV, white van, Victory cycle and moving truck on the rotating ground floor. Across from them were empty storage rooms and to the left of the Teleporter room was a hall that lead to four generators. The two walked over to the elevators which were located on their right.
   “You seem to have coalesced yourself into the team,” he said as Tesla pressed the button for the main elevator.

   “No, I’m just an important associate just trying to do my part in the battle against crazed individuals,” said Tesla said as they entered.
   “An associate member is still an important member. Especially when you’ve done so much for us,” Victory told him.
   Tesla responded with, “It’s been a blast. The best part of which-I haven’t had to be in any fights. I am a delicate man after all,” which made Kid Victory laugh.
   A couple minutes later they were walking the hall toward Ops Room 2, once inside Victory walked up to the main screen, put down his case, and got down to business, “I apologize for the time its taken for me to get here. Yesterday a group of SHRT members went head to head with our mummy in a meat processing facility-most are believed dead. Hours later more SHRT as well as local LEOs and National Guard surrounded the facility. They were not able to get in because a spell was being used to keep them out.”
   Frank was seated next to Araminta in the second row up on the left side while Elijah was standing at attention in the row beside them. Reed was in the back, focused on his game and Tesla had taken a seat next to him.
   “Word is they stormed a few minute ago and they found corpses but none of the wrapped bodies that were reported,” Elijah said.
   “So our bad guy is moving onto the next stage of his plan,” Kid Victory said.
   “And that would be?” Frank asked.
   “There have been markings all around Philadelphia of a wild dog we believe to be set-a totemic animal representing the Egyptian God Set. These markings connected on a map make a larger image of the animal. We believe he will be at the eye. The Professor is looking for just where that will be,” he said.
   “How did the mummy have time to take over a butcher factory, keep it locked up, kidnap people and do some local graffiti art?” questioned Frank.
   “He-or she-may not be working alone. Someone wanted that sarcophagus. Someone who knew what was inside,” Kid Victory said.
   “That means magic? Serious magic, right?” asked Araminta.
   “Yes,” Kid Victory said. “We have all been working independently on mummy history, fiction, the documentations that the archeologists did on the discovery plus looking into the history of Set and his followers.”
   “Which has turned up little. They wanted this thing forgotten and did a good job of seeing it through,” commented Elijah.
   “So-are we leaving now?” Araminta asked.
   “No. Reina and Red Sprite are on their way. I want to go in as a team. We don’t know how powerful the mummy is, its plans or why its mummified dozens of its victims,” Kid Victory said.
   “Wouldn’t waiting take too long? This bastards been moving unchecked for days already. People have died,” Elijah said.
   “I know. I would have preferred to move quicker but the lack of information-as well as personal business in some of our lives makes that hard. This guy was too dangerous to send the four of you alone,” Victory responded.
   “Plus the SHRT have had some success’ in the past. You need time to let the locals try their hand at saving the day,” Tesla chimed in.
   Elijah nodded. “I understand-I just wish we pursued the mummy when we had found out.”
   Kid Victory nodded to him before saying, “Time to suit up. Or for Reed, get a change of clothes.”
   Everyone got up to exit and Kid Victory pointed to Elijah who walked up to Kid Victory. Victory said, “You’re taking this hard aren’t ya?”
   “My sudden change of vocations makes me watch this and wonder why I’m not out there,” he said.
   “I get it. It sucks. I hate it when I’m in class and I get word of a robbery or another crime I know I can help with,” he said.
   “How do you deal with it?” asked Elijah.
   “I can’t really say. I get distracted or involved with something else. Jessie thinks of this as an extreme charity. You do what you can when you can but try not to let any of it bring you down,” he replied.
   “I can definitely see how this work would greatly stress a person. Everyday since this case came up I’ve been in here looking at what everyone had been sharing,” Elijah told him.
   “Just think-in a little while we’re going to get the bastard,” Kid Victory said to Elijah who smiled at that. He left Kid Victory, passing Tesla.
   “Troubles in Kirby? Is it Jai-Oin? Or someone else?” inquired Tesla.
   “Don’t know. Movements with the gangs. Had to drop in on a one last night and sack the local captain. Cops are on chatter about some break ins. Some guns being moved in,” he said.
   “Being stretched thin,” he said.
   “Nothing I can’t handle,” Kid Victory smiled.
   “You say that now. Home life, school, secret identity, Kirby City and now the Guard. Too much will wear you down,” he said.
   “I don’t have the luxury of rest,” proclaimed Victory.