002: Part 14

by CM Towns

   The Tuskegee-1 landed in a baseball field between West Atlantic and West Tioga. The team piled out the ship wearing their gear and stood at the ready. Once all were on the field Kid Victory dialed into the Professor and asked, “Any new details?”
   “Same as it was fifteen minutes ago. State of Emergency. Cops, remaining SHRT, SWAT, and Riot Squads are in the city looking for your Mummy. It doesn’t look like he’s hit our suspected target but-”
   “That doesn’t mean much,” Kid Victory interrupted. He looks to the team and starts thinking out the plan.
   “There is all the activity involving crazed men and women attacking random people and colliding with the authorities. Most seem to match descriptions of a number of the cities missing persons. In fact there’s reports of similar troubles on Venago which is close to where you all are,” she continued.
   Red Sprite was listening to the conversation between Kid Victory and Professor on her comlink all while taking in her teammates body language. Araminta had her head down, nervous. SubHuman seemed calm-talking with Araminta, assuring her everything will be fine. Huntsman was bored. Also annoyed with the headset they gave him. A larger magnetic version of their comlink headsets. Mr. Monster was growing impatient while Reina Titán was circulating her right wrist.

   “Okay team,” Kid Victory started, “Reina, Sprite and… Mr. Monster will move toward the 39th District Police Headquarters-” Kid Victory pointed- “On 2201 Hunting Park avenue. That’s approximately where the eye will be. If not there it’ll be close by. So far no strange reports from that area.”
   “Where are we going?” SubHuman asked.
   “Moving toward some suspicious activity,” Kid Victory answered.
   They broke into groups with Reina, Sprite and Monster moving north west to the police department. They ran fast-keeping an eye out for trouble. The streets were eerily empty but that did not come as a surprise. Reina Titán picked Red Sprite up and set a faster pace with Mr. Monster going from what felt like a light jog to an actual run. It was only a couple minutes before they made it to the police station.
   “No activity,” Reina Titán said looking around while rubbing her right wrist.
   “I see some people in the distance, but they seem to be scattering home,” Mr. Monster said.
   “Your wrist okay?” Red Sprite asked.
   Reina looked down at it and back at her. Mr. Monster asked, “Everything okay?”
   Reina Titán looked at him and back to Red Sprite who had dropped her head. Reina took a deep breath and answered, “No, it’s not,” before taping the earpiece to her comlink and saying, “Kid Victory-come in.”
   “Found him?”
   “No, not yet. Whats on your end?”
   “Some issues here, nothing we can’t handle. What do you need?”
   Reina looked at Red Sprite who shook her head. “It’s Izam Mizer. She’s involved.”
   “You think she released the mummy?”
   “We had already assumed that the markings spread out around the city were to create a field of magic and territorial magic is Mizer’s greatest strength. Plus Reina’s branding is acting up which is a dead giveaway. Honestly, I should have considered this possibility early on,” Red Sprite offered.
   Professor noted, “Mizer would have the power to open the tomb. The question is motivation. She has been off the grid for over a year and last time she was seen-”
   “We don’t got time to discuss all the details just letting you know to watch your six,” Reina advised.
   “You guys too,” he responded.
   Mr. Monsters watched his partners speak quietly. He could hear their words and it was easy to see that Red Sprite was uncharacteristically bothered by the development. If Reina was unnerved she was doing a good job of not showing it. Mr. Monster knew he should be feeling apprehensive about this collision-even more so with Izam Mizer’s involvement but he really just wanted to punch something.
   Monsters eyes went from his two partners who spoke quietly among one another toward the station in front of them. The building was made of stone and brick. There was the fire station side with its driveway closed and a shut door toward the middle. Next to that another closed garage entrance with a door to the police station beside that. Monsters eyes looked at the shut arc windows beside the door and then up to the design over that entrance doors-two babes holding a goblet with the an oval, or large egg, between them that had the etchings of old ships. On the sides of these babes were cornucopias of food. Further up it was clear the building was three stories with square windows on the second and third floor with the third floor having larger windows with columns to each side. In the center another stone decoration of an eagle atop a shield design that had MCMXX in the center. Two smaller shield designs were connected at the sides.
   Monster turned back to the two and asked, “You ready?”
   “Yeah-I’ll go in first,” Reina said as she took the lead, heading through the front police station door with Monster behind her and Red Sprite at the end. They moved quick through the main lobby to the front desk and behind it.
   Monster sniffed the air, moved several paces around and sniffed some more. He paid close attention to every sound. He told them, “Empty. Mostly. There are some people in here but I believe they’re hiding.”
   “You two sweep the floors and offices, I’m going up top to the roof,” Reina instructed. She made her way back outside quickly and then flew up onto the roof of the station. Reina landed in a fighting position, saw she was alone and grabbed her wrist. Reina crept slow, as she moved across the top. Once she heard a crashing sound behind her Reina Titán turned slowly.
   “Nice entrance,” she said to the Mummy but she was being sarcastic. The Mummy was simple looking, nothing to differentiate him from the wave of movie versions. The only improvement over those horror film versions was his height and size.
   The Mummy stepped closer to an unflinching Reina and looked her over. Vizier found Reina Titán unimpressive. He felt her garb was garish and rather silly. Vizier wondered if this human was as powerful as he was lead to believe by the Mistress. He started to say, “So you are the dangerous individual, as I have been lead to-” a punch to the face stopped him mid sentence.
   Vizier hit the street below, in front of a few shops made of stone and brick. Reina Titán landed in front of him and watched as he scrambled to his feet. Vizier was cut off guard by the sudden strike and that angered him.
   “Where’s Mizer!?” Reina demanded. Vizier swung his khopesh but she caught it by clasping her hands together. The blade stung, catching her by surprise as she kicked him back a few meters into a brick wall beside the door of to a liquor shop. Reina looked at the blood on her left hand and moved quick to dodge an extending downward thrust with the sword. She stepped on the elongated arm of the Mummy and said, “You extend body parts? Neat.”
   Reina rushed in with a series of gut punches and Vizier used a headbutt to back her off. He reached around her mouth, started wrapping her up before tossing Reina down the street. She rolled, ripped the bandages apart, caught a swinging back hand to the face. Vizier struck her with a kick before Reina fired a short range blast into his chest. He skidded down the street, saw her flying toward him and waited till she was close enough before side stepping and nailing her in the jaw with an uppercut. Reina spiraled about before landing in a squatting position. Behind her Vizier hacked across her back with his khopesh. She hollered in pain while Vizier leaped out of sight.
   Vizier landed on the roof of the station. Red Sprite and Mr. Monster were waiting. Monster leaped but Vizier caught him by the throat and tossed him off the roof. Red Sprite sought to build a fire blast but was surprised by the extending kick, knocking out the air in her body. Vizier knew he only had a few seconds so he took the blood or Reina, made a symbol on the ground and chanted in a dead Egyptian dialect.
   Reina Titán was was taking a moment on the street, in awe of the blades cut which burned after carving into her back. The weapon had magic powerful enough to slash into her near invulnerable body and a strong enough swipe could do serious damage. Reina could feel the burning sensation going away and she smiled. It had been a long time since she had an opponent who could make her heart race with nervousness. Reina stood straight up, ready to go all out when she heard a crash of thunder. Black clouds formed quick and a red strike of lightning hit the roof.
   “That can’t be good.”