002: Part 15

by CM Towns

   The make up of the operation had changed. Before arriving Kid Victory felt a little uneasy. They had dug up next to nothing on the Mummy and the thought of someone playing puppet master was worrisome. Now with the Mistress Mizer being the one behind the scenes things were more complicated. Kid Victory knew Red Sprite and Reina Titán could hold their own but the others were still novices. Kid Victory was half tempted to put them team on the Tuskegee-1 and fly off until they could work out a plan better than the one they had. Of course he did not because he knew whatever Mizer and her Mummy were planning needed to be nipped in the bud as fast as possible.
   The thoughts swirling in his head made Kid Victory slightly distracted in his current encounter and as such he took a pipe to the chest. Victory bit his lip and raised his arms up for defense but his attacker was put down by a blast from SubHuman. Kid Victory turned to check out his other partners; Araminta jumped from a gate and tackle one woman while Huntsman threw another into a car windshield.
   Their enemies were human-pale with weird markings on their bodies. They were strong and moved fast. These men and women were the victims who had been bandaged up, which allowed their enemy to work his influence into them. Kid Victory pulled his bolo, swung it in a circle a few times before tossing it to ensnare one of them into a pole. He rushed over to the drone and inspected him.

   Kid Victory hated to admit that he was distracted. Or even nervous but his mind raced with details, questions and observations. Kid Victory figured that Mizers endgame probably was different than the Mummy’s. He highly doubted the monster was a brainless drone. Kid Victory hated not knowing the goals of his enemies. He could see part of the strategy; wake up a deadly force, use it to create soldiers and build a base of power. What for? Kid Victory assumed that the easy answer would be world domination but Vizier’s own pursuits are about pleasing his god and he doubted Mizer would play second fiddle to a dead god.
   “Scratches,” Kid Victory said aloud checking the nails of the tied up mindless drone. “Zombie like symptoms. These ones are sort of secondary-weaker than the original troops he transformed,” Kid Victory said.
   “You sure about that?” SubHuman asked.
   “Educated guess,” Kid Victory said before turning his head and pointing to three running down Gratz street. Huntsman flew in, tackled one and tossed him into a car. SubHuman landed a series of blasts on the other two.
   “They seem-easy enough,” Araminta said.
   “Too easy. I imagine the first generation pseudo-zombies were the ones giving officers a hard time. Especially if they’re using nonlethal force to slow them down,” he said. Victory touched the mic on his headset and said, “Professor?”
   “Yes, I’m looking for a larger swell of opposition,” she said.
   “I imagine our Mummy and Mizer must have also targeted the homeless plus single men and women to beef up their forces. They would need a couple dozen to spread this curse in a way effective enough to slow down the cops,” Kid Victory said.
   “If this is Mizer she would know these zombie wannabes would not be able to slow us down,” SubHuman stated.
   “Meaning she expected us to locate the eye, figure her involvement, and rush into battle,” Kid Victory said.
   “Maybe we should check in on the others,” Araminta suggested.
   “Reina is dealing with the situation right now,” Kid Victory said.
   The Professor cut in, “Okay, there have been a couple pockets of major opposition. The one we should concentrate on is Erie and 20th, a self storage business. Its close to the eye.”
   “Good,” Kid Victory said before moving toward an older model Sedan. He smashed the window, opened it and started to hotwire the vehicle.
   “You going to teach me how to do that?” SubHuman said.
   “Of course,” he answered.
   “Guys…” Araminta said standing with her back to the car. They saw what she was pointing at. The black clouds and the red lightning. “I can’t imagine that being a good sign,” commented Araminta.
   “Reina! Come in,” Kid Victory called.
   “Yeah, yeah, yeah-it’s happening. Get your asses down here!” she shouted into their headsets.
   “Time to go?” SubHuman asked.
   “Wait…,” Kid Victory said as a thought formed in his head.
   “Wait for what!? They need us!” Hunstamn shouted.
   “Hold on and think. Why did the Mummy wait to summon whatever it is that he’s summoning?”
   SubHuman replied quick, “Cause they needed us.”
   “Exactly. Mizers involved-she set this whole thing up. We need a strategy,” Kid Victory said.
   “Like?” asked SubHuman.
   “Araminta, can you transport from here to the museum where the coffin was snatched from?” Victory asked.
   “I’ve never jumped that kind of distance before,” she answered.
   “Then I’m not going to risk that but I need you and Huntsman get to the Flier. Professor will guide it to the museum. Once there get inside, retrieve the sarcophagus and get back here quick. I imagine it’ll be of help,” Victory said.
   “If this mummy is leveling up you’re going to need me,” Huntsman said.
   “That’s why I said you’ll need to get back quick,” Kid Victory replied with a smile.
   Araminta made a gate and Huntsman looked at it and back to Kid Victory who nodded. Huntsman tossed his comlink to Kid Victory before he leaped in and Araminta followed suit. Kid Victory turned to SubHuman who went over to the passenger side and the two pulled out and drove toward their next destination.
   “You thinking we can get him back in that coffin,” SubHuman said.
   “We don’t even know the spell to get him back into the coffin,” SubHuman said.
   “Than we hit him with the sarcophagus repeatedly until it pops open and then we throw him inside and chain it closed,” Kid Victory spoke.
   SubHuman laughed. “You really thought this plan out.”
   “Put down your window,” Kid Victory instructed as they crossed over onto Hunting Park avenue, a quick turn and the attention of some brainwashed soldiers shifted their way to the car. SubHuman fired a few blasts out the window, dropping a couple of them. They each get out of the car and start working over the zombie-like minions.
   Kid Victory dodged an attack from a minion, obviously one of the SHRT officers. Victory dived low and clipped his knee. Both up and Victory landed a pair of chin shots before tripping him down onto the ground. Victory pulled his stun gun and fired on another of the minions.
   Victory spotted a SWAT squad team moving in a few meters away. They were using non-violent means to take down some of the mindless minions. Kid Victory and SubHuman awaited for the group to make their way to them.
   “What are you kids doing here?” one asked.
   “Kids? Really? We’re in the middle of taking on a super-mummy and zombie-like soldiers and you’re going to cop me an attitude right now?” asked Victory.
   The SWAT member pointed his pistol to Victory before another officer grabbed his shoulder. “Joe! This isn’t the time,” he said before looking at Victory and asking, “You guys can take out the mummified freak?”
   “I’m sure we can. You guys should hit up the self storage that’s close by. There are more of those pseudo-zombies roaming around in that area,” Kid Victory told them. Just than Reina hit the ground hard, causing a dent and a winged beast bellowed from the sky. Kid Victory, SubHuman and the SWAT team stared up and then looked at each other. “Yes. We totally got this,” Kid Victory said without an ounce of sarcasm.