002: Part 16

by CM Towns

   Vizier-that was what the mummy said it’s name was. Kid Victory recognized the word as a station of high counselor to Pharaohs. It came up during some of the reading material him and Professor exchanged.
   Reina was moving a little sloppily and was seething with malicious intent. She was mad at herself for not putting down the mummy quickly. Now he was three feet larger, stronger, and had grown wings. Not keeping with the wild dog totem Kid Victory noted. At that particular moment Vizier was thrashing in the sky with Mr. Monster on his back. The mummy landed on the street, threw Monster off but he tumbled to break the fall, got up and dodged a swipe of Vizier’s khopesh. Monster connected with a couple strikes to the head, aiming upward on the taller adversary. Vizier connected to Mr. Monsters jaw with an elbow before gripping him by the neck and throwing him into the house to his left, smashing through its wall.
   Vizier dodged an incoming blast from Reina Titán, leaping into air with his wings flapping loudly. Reina shot another iridescent sphere and Vizier responded with a swing of his weapon, the connection between his magical blade and her blast created an explosion that slammed Vizier back down into the street. He moved quick, throwing the khopesh at Reina Titán as she missiled toward him. She dodged in time but Vizier extended his left arm, catching her around the throat and slamming her down into the cement of Schulyer street. Holding on he retracted his arm back and delivered a strong right hook to the dazed Reina. He grabbed her by the hair and tossed her away.

   “Sorry about the wall,” Monster was saying as he exited only to get hit by Reina at that exact moment.
   Vizier spotted the incoming car and saw two men jump out. He caught it easily. He laughed and said, “That was-”
   An explosion sent him flying down the dead end street-through the trees and into the train tracks. Kid Victory ran forward with SubHuman behind him. Through the trees and out the end SubHuman started with his electrical blasts as Kid Victory pulled his folding boomerang, unfolded it and hit a switch on it. Victory flung it as Vizier flew toward the two-the boomerang exploded on impact. With Vizier stunned Victory moved in with his clubs, a leaping right strike to the left collarbone area to start. He next struck at the gut with the left, a spinning strike with the right club and he tried to use a spinning left elbow but Vizier simply pushed him down with ease. SubHuman laid in another electro-blast on him while Victory got up to his feet. Vizier grabbed the teen vigilante, passed on the current to him and SubHuman relented. Vizier followed by tossing Victory into SubHuman.
   A pair of fire blasts hit Vizier, backing him up. Red Sprite was bleeding from the right arm, cut earlier by Vizier, which put her in terrible pain but she ignored it and focused on defeating the Egyptian monster. Red Sprite fired fireball after fireball, turning up the heat with each attack. Vizier took to the sky to avoid her. Mr. Monster, having been thrown by Reina, gored him back to the ground. They rolled into the next street. Monster came in with three punches to the gut and chin. Vizier connected with a headbutt, threw him down and summoned his khopesh back to his right hand.
   “YOU PEASANTS CAN NOT WIN!” he shouted with a swing of his sword, creating a blast of air to cut down the heroes. Luckily everyone dodged and Reina returned fire with more blasts from above. Vizier moved up to meet her in battle. Vizier’s swipe created another blast of air which diverted Reina Titáns iridescent spheres. He extended a punch which she caught, then followed with throwing him down into the dirt.
   Reina flew down after him and said, “Alright, I’m gonna finish you off you wrinkly asshole.” She aimed her palm for another of her spherical blasts but Vizier used the side of his khopesh to knock her hand to the side, the blast hitting a nearby freight container. Reina Titán dodged the swing at her legs but was grabbed by Vizier’s free hand and tossed through a few truck containers nearby.
   Vizier flew upward and laughed. Mr. Monster snarled on the ground and turned to his surroundings. Dirt, freight containers without trucks, a warehouse that looked desolate, there were patches of green grass and a couple of trees in the middle and a little construction machinery. He ran toward a bulldozer with a shank ripper, used all his strength to lift it. Mr. Monster thought, This would be easy for Jessie. He screamed as he used every bit of strength to throw the bulldozer-but the vehicle only went up a dozen feet and landed a couple yards away.
   Vizier landed, called him a fool and used a swing of his khopesh that Monster tried dodging but got cut across the chest. He screamed in pain before taking a forceful kick. Reina Titán caught him, rolled with him and checked Monster over.
   “You okay?” she asked worried.
   “I’ll be fine in a sec,” he said biting his lip, feeling the healing factor kick in.
   “Alright, alright! I’ll handle this!” Kid Victory shouted with a knife in his hand. He told the others to back up as he approached Vizier. “Okay you mummified bastard, aren’t you suppose to be a canine? Whats with the wings?”
   Kid Victory could not see Vizier’s confused expression. “You think that you can best me? You do not have any gifts,” he taunted. Kid Victory stabbed him in the rib which had no visible effect. Vizier was surprised by the attack. Everyone was. Vizier slowly built up to an amused laugh.
   “That is unfortunate,” Victory said before twisting the tiny ball pin on the bottom of the blades hilt before pulling it out and taking cover. Vizier, confused, had a hole blown in his chest three seconds later.
   Vizier tried pulling himself up and was suddenly besieged with heavy electrical beams by SubHuman and a stream of intense fire from Red Sprite.
   “Let’s fry this dead prick!” SubHuman shouted. Vizier staggered back, trying to get away. He swung his khopesh at top strength to create a wave of air that caught SubHuman and Red Sprite in the gut.
   “I WILL KILL YOU ALL!” Vizier screamed in fury, the hole in his chested starting to repair itself. Reina struck with a haymaker to the head, hit a few punches to the chest and dodged the downward swipe of Viziers khopesh. Once the weapon stuck to the ground Reina used her incredible strength to stomp on Vizier’s hand, breaking the grip of the weapon. Vizier was stunned by this turn of events which opened him up for a short range burst of energy to the head from Reina. She next took the blade, broke it in two and threw one part into the head of Vizier as he staggered to his feet.
   “You fucked with the wrong people, Vizier,” Reina Titán said.
   “No-” before Vizier could finish his response Mr. Monster tackled him. Ripped is claws against the right wing and threw him to the ground. The others watched, at the ready while Monster and Vizier traded blows. Reina flew over to Red Sprite who was removing her boots.
   “No time for stripping,” Reina Titán joked and got a stern look from her partner. Reina knew what Sprite was thinking. She tossed Red Sprite in the air and flew over to Vizier who had thrown Mr. Monster into the nearby warehouse wall. Reina gripped Vizier threw him up into Red Sprites direction as she burst ahead, legs and feet engulfed in a deep carmine red flames-just like her fists which caught Vizier in the chest and forced him hard into the concrete below.
   “SPRITE!” Reina Titán shouted. Red Sprite rushed toward her, Reina got her up like a cheerleader, then tossed her higher into the air. Red Sprite flipped forward making a pair of fire blasts in an arc pattern with her feet-each hitting Vizier. After she was caught, Reina Titán kept the pressure on the now burning mummy. Vizier, trying to roll out the flames, saw her charging in. He extended a right punch that Reina caught-broke his wrist and fired small rapid shot rounds of her sphere blasts into his chest, all while holding onto his arm.
   Reina Titán and Red Sprite surrounded him and Reina Titán said, “I think he’s right. I don’t know if we can beat him. Look, he’s getting up. His wings are looking better, the fires going out, so far all we did was break his pretty blade. I think we need help.”
   Reina and Sprite walked away as Vizier starting chuckling. A laser hit him in the back of his head form above. Hunstman landed on Vizier’s back, grabbed his head and slammed it repeatedly into the ground. He pulled Vizier up and blasted him with his cannon. SubHuman hit him with more volts while the tune of Beat on the Brat rolled on in his head. Mr. Monster ran up and hit Vizier with the piece of the wall he was hurled into a minute earlier.
   Victory told them to quit it and than turned over to Araminta who had dropped in with the sarcophagus and asked, “You want a piece?”
   Aramimta shook her head ‘no’ as Red Sprite inspected the stone coffin. Vizier said, “You don’t know how to use that.”
   Red Sprite looked at him, suppressed a smile, and turned back to the left side of sarcophagus to read the inscription aloud. The coffin shook, stood up, opened, and chains flew out gripping the mummy. It soaked away his new found power-a rush of pain overwhelmed the mummy and Vizier screamed out for mercy from his god Set. The sarcophagus pulled him inside and locked itself.
   “Sorry we’re late,” Araminta said.
   “It’s okay. We won,” SubHuman responded.
   “Didn’t know you could read ancient Hieroglyphics,” Kid Victory said to Red Sprite.
   “It was not Egyptian,” she replied.
   “It was old AERITHIAN. A dead language of deities.”
   The voice made everyone turn to the leatherclad woman standing behind them. “The pictures online do not really show the entirety of the sarcophagus, no doubt to make you come in and view it in person. This of course meant the inscription would not be widely available,” she continued. The woman smiled and added with a grin, “How rude of me, my name is Mistress Izam Mizer. I know you all have heard of me.”