Villain Profile-Vizier

by CM Towns

Name: n/a
Codename: Vizier
Ethnicity: Ancient Egyptian
Hair/Eye Color: n/a/Red
Height/Weight: 6ā€™/156 lbs., Increased Power 9’/260 lbs.
Abilities: Increased strength, stretch limbs. Can wrap people in linen and turn them in mindless drones. Uses a khopesh blade, when swung can create waves of air to attack. When power is increased grows 3 feet in size, and grows wings to fly.
Association: n/a
Outfit: Mummy, when power was increased in a ritual he grew wings.
Origin: Once a servant to the pharaoh, was tasked and empowered by the god Set to bring chaos and darkness to the world. Was imprisoned centuries before in a enchanted sarcophagus.
First Appearance: Case File 002-Old Monsters