Villain Profile-Mistress Izam Mizer

by CM Towns

Name: Izam Mizer
Codename: n/a
Ethnicity: Alien, humanoid in appearance. Caucasian on all human documents.
Hair/Eye Color: Long, starts white at the roots and gets darker until black/Violet eyes
Height/Weight: 5’8″/Unlisted
Abilities: Sorceress. Specializes in territorial magic; turns an enclosed space into a domain she has complete control over and can do almost anything she wants. Outside this domain, she controls the space within six feet of herself which allows for shielding, an invisible force to pause or strike people, plus an active healing factor. Secondly a skilled at landscape magic, a version of Earth elemental which allows the ability to manipulate plants, rock, concrete and metal to some degree. Can create rock beasts of various levels of intelligence. Knows how to use sigils, incantations, using enchanted items and an unknown degree of knowledge at alchemy and potions. Limited fire elemental abilities. Can siphon life force energy, strong powers of suggestion and limited hypnosis, and can brand living creatures creating a connection with them. That varies based on person or creature.
Association: n/a
Outfit: Her battle wear is a black leather-esque outfit. Two piece, matching, looks to be done in strips. Black platform boots on five inch heels with straps normally, sometimes not. Outside of battle, finer taste in clothes.
Origin: An exiled alien princess turned terrorist and would be conqueror. Lead a small armada to follow an archeological study on Earth in search of an ancient temple believed to be similar to ones found on their home planet and other worlds. Stranded Mizer has taken on the role of international villianess with great joy.
First Appearance: Case File 002-Old Monsters