Next Week on the 24th, Case File 003 Begins

by CM Towns

They formed to take on the terrorist organization the Teiwaz and have since battled dark magics and monsters in their second story. Now the Guard work to battle some of Kid Victory’s rogues down in his home of Kirby City in the upcoming Kirby City Crackle.

The Guard is currently split between both coasts, working on their training. Jessie and Sally are overseeing Reed and Araminta while Antoine is leading Frank and Elijah. Antoine, better known as Kid Victory, gets the news of a jail break and finds out one of his rogues has decided to return to Kirby City to throw a party. One that includes a few very dangerous individuals, trained mercs, and local thugs looking to have fun. Now the team has to get together, curb the destruction and take out the numerous bad guys. Easier said than done, especially when Kid Victory discovers the real reason behind the assault on Kirby City.

If you’re new to the guard check out ABOUT for details on the Teen Superhero series. Then hop over to the CASE FILES section and start reading. There is also a PROFILES section where you can take a look at the important Who’s Who.

Starts September 24th