Case File 003: Part 1

by CM Towns

   Jessie pulled her 1981 black Cutlass right behind her dads beat up old black Camry. Jessie’s car was bought at a police auction by her gramps and done up at his auto shop business as a family present for her Quinceañera. It was the best thing about that day for Jessie. Her best friend Michie got out the passenger side, talking about Jessie’s recently finished band practice, excited for the Battle of the Band competition the next evening. Jessie exited her car, moved along to the trunk to retrieve her guitar case.
   “You guys are going to do Further Realms of Fright, right? And For Justice?” Michie asked.
   “Yeah for Realms. Not sure about the other one-you know BLAKE likes to set these things up.”
   “You guys are going to have such a big crowd tomorrow,” Michie said.
   The two walked up the driveway where Jessie’s moms mini-van was parked, they went through the black steel gate and up to the side garage door with its pet door flapping. One of her cats must have just went in. Jessie checked the knob before grabbing her keys and noticed it was unlocked. She stepped inside and saw Araminta in her room, seated on her bed with Jessie’s cats Kirino (a snow white exotic shorthair) and Sayako (American wirehair that was black and brown on top and white underneath).
   “Hey guys!” Araminta greeted. Michie greeted her back while Jessie walked across the garage to where he instruments were, pulled out her guitar from the case and put it on one of the guitar stands. Her Gibson Les Paul Gothic next to the Gibson black Flying V, a second hand Epiphone acoustic, and a red Fender Deluxe bass. She left her case on the ground in front of the instruments.

   Jessie stretched and looked around her room. The stands were up against the garage door. On the side with her door there was the key rack on the wall right when you entered and next to that a coat rack with Jessie’s jackets. Three feet away there was the small media stand under the flatscreen mounted to the wall. The media stand had an older video game machine she used as a DVD/Blu-Ray player and to stream Netflix. She also had her tablet and work phone on the bottom shelf. A bookshelf next to that had some statues and figures on the top shelf-Wonder Woman, Revy from Black Lagoon, Dirty Pair figurines, and some wrestling figures of the likes of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect. The next shelf down had small baskets with burnt DVDs filled with wrestling compilation discs. Her fathers family being long time wrestling fans had gathered decades worth of tapes and DVDs that have been ripped and reorganized-a process still going on. Next shelf down booklets of official wrestling DVDs. What Jessie had in her room was just a sampling of her families wrestling collection. The last two shelves a smattering of movies, TV shows, cartoons and animé.
   Across from the TV was her queen sized bed with a small bookcase beside it that had her alarm on top as well as the plug hook up for her main cell. One the first shelf her laptop and on the bottom shelf stacks of manga. The other side of her bed-two feet away feet-was an extra heavy custom armoire (or standing closet) that carried the majority of her clothes. It had a bar to hang clothes and four drawers on the bottom. It was custom because Tesla had did some alterations such as moving a wall up a foot to lay some wiring. A hidden side panel on the would use a four digit code and eye scan. Punch in the main code and the cabinet would slide out revealing a platform while the ceiling above would pop open for a matching top; the hidden teleporter. The wiring in the wall was hooked to a generator in the backyard in a tiny little shack. If the cabinet was found out you press a fake code in to slide the cabinet down a couple feet to reveal a hidden safe that currently had a Glock and five thousand in cash.
   There was also the washer and dryer on the far wall.
   “I can’t wait to see Jessie’s band perform,” Araminta said.
   “Have you ever been to a club show?” Michie asked her.
   Araminta shook her head no. “No. I never been to any concert before. I imagine it’s loud, and sweaty, and lots of cute guys with tattoos.”
   “So that’s what you like?” Jessie smirked. She reached under the bed and pulled a lawn chair, opening it up and taking a seat.
   “I just like cute boys.”
   “What about cute girls?” Jessie said blowing a kiss.
   “No teasing Jessie,” Michie said wagging her finger.
   “She knows I’m playing.”
   “Does Elijah?”
   “What he doesn’t know…” Jessie joked.
   “Don’t pay attention to Jessie. At all,” advised Michie.
   “Thanks for letting me and Reed stay here for a while. That trip to Disney Land Last Saturday was awesome. I always wanted to go there. Reed was going crazy. He was so excited,” Araminta said.
   “Sally showed me the pictures the other day when she was tutoring me. I wish I could have went but I had a report to work on that weekend. Blah! Disney Land is so cool. You know there’s like this hidden millionaires club inside the park,” Michie said.
   “Yes! And the castle has a real Cinderella suite. I read about it online.”
   “That is so cool!”
   “You guys are welcome to stay a little longer. I know the base is big and lonely. Plus dad likes having another boy in the house and mom likes having a teen girl to talk to,” Jessie said.
   “I definitely want to stay a little longer,” Araminta said.
   “So what did you do today?” Michie asked.
   “Mrs. James took me to Hollywood. Reed didn’t want to go, he ended up hanging out with your dad,” Araminta said.
   Jessie grabbed her cell, read the text and texted back. “Looks like dinner time.”
   The three got up and Jessie rubbed her cats heads and followed behind Araminta and Michie as they chatted while they walked out the garage. Once inside the house Jessie’s dad was shouting at the TV. “WHAT THE-?!”
   Reed was laughing from the couch and Jessie’s dad was shaking his head in dismay. “Ten in a row!” Reed shouted.
   Jessie’s dad stood up suddenly like he wanted to attack the TV He looked back at Reed laughing and shook his head with a sneer across his face. DIEGO JAMES was shirtless and covered in tattoos. Both arms had everything from Eddie from Iron Maiden to Vampirella to zombie girls, spiders, bats, skulls and coffins. His back covered by Cthulu and on the right side of his gut a headshot of the original La Parka. He had JESSICA written over his heart and King Diamond logo on his right chest and finally a kiss on his neck. Diego was mixed race so he appeared as a very tan white male to Caucasians with his lighter features and blue eyes but any Latino could tell Diego was part Mexican. He was over six feet tall, black hair uncombed and his facial hair needed trimming.
   “Put a shirt on dad,” Jessie said. “We got impressionable girls in the house. This one said she thinks boys with-”
   “JESSIE!” Araminta shouted.
   “I don’t wear a shirt in my own house,” Diego said.
   “Its still grandmoms house even if she’s living in Florida,” Jessie said.
   “I don’t wear a shirt in my moms house.”
   “Jessie! I beat your dad at every game!” Reed shouted.
   “Except for the wrestling games. And I held my own in fighting games,” he said.
   “JESSIE! JESSIE!” Jessie saw her three year old little sister LUCITA running in the hall with a doll. Lucita looked much like Jessie did when she was younger, just darker skinned and a little shorter then Jessie was at that age. “It’s Red Spite! Its cool!”
   Michie saw the doll and ‘awwed’ at it before saying, “You show Sally? She like’s Red Sprite too.”
   “Yeah! She liked it too! You like it Jessie?”
   Jessie patted her on the head like a dog and smiled.
   Araminta giggles, “It’s cute she doesn’t know.”
   “Alright, get in here everyone! Hey Michie,” Jessie’s mom said as she walked over to pick up Lucita. Jessie’s mom, MARI, had dark eyes and long flowing hair black that went down almost to her lower back. She had a model face with a bridge piercing, bottom lip pierced and three in each ear. Mari had tattoos as well. At that moment you could see the spiral heart with YOU TASTE LIKE VALENTINES from a Marilyn Manson album on her right forearm. Her left forearm tattoo was a work in progress-the Evil Queen from Disney’s Snow White movie. The four fingers on each hand spelled out SEXY LADY. Mari was a few inches shorter than her eldest daughter but because she was wearing heels they were about the same height. People commonly mistook them for sisters-much to Jessie’s chagrin.
   They piled into the dining room and took seats as Mari helped Sally serve the Peruvian themed dinner. Diego was at the end of the table, back to the sliding door. Next to him on his left was Jessie and to his right Reed. Michie sat between Jessie and Sally. Mari at the other end, Lucita to her left followed by Araminta and then Reed. They all dug in and started talking.
   “The pay per view is going to suck except for like two matches. You know they are going to fill up time with a bunch of useless recap packages and backstage promos and BS,” Jessie said.
   “Obviously-but the main event!” Diego said.
   “Unless they put Cena on last like they always do. I never expect him to lose so I don’t care,” Jessie was.
   “You guys watch a lot of wrestling,” Reed said.
   “Too much,” Mari commented checking on Lucita. “I’d like to have some actual girl talk with Jessica but she takes so much after her dad. Never tells me about anything going on in her love life. Even if it’s with a-well, you know.”
   “She hasn’t told you about her boyfriend yet?” Michie asked and got a roll thrown to her head.
   “NO! I knew she was holding out. Is it that punk rocker?” Mari said.
   “No, its the big guy,” Michie said.
   Mari was stunned. “Wow. I mean… Looks aren’t, well-its not like I’ve seen-”
   “Mom, please…” Jessie said.
   “What? If you like him that’s what matters,” Mari said.
   “Elijah was so smitten by her. I could tell just seeing him talk with her,” Araminta added.
   “Ooooooh. Why didn’t you tell me this Sally?” asked Mari.
   “She told us not too,” Sally said.
   “Did you know about this?” she asked Diego.
   “I try not to know anything about my daughters love life. I don’t want act like your dad,” Diego said.
   “My dad was not that hard on you,” Mari said.
   “He pulled a gun on me,” he said.
   “It was empty. Plus I had just told them about me being pregnant.”
   Jessie raised her glass and said, “I think that’s the cue to thank Jesus for unwanted teen pregnancies right?” Diego slapped her in the back of the head after Mari shot her a mean look.
   “Sorry,” Jessie said.
   “So Sally, any cute boys you dig up in your secret headquarters?” Mari asked.
   “Kid Victory thinks she’s cute,” Reed said eating more Lomo Saltado. “This food awesome,” he then commented.
   “Really?” Mari said. Sally said nothing and Araminta chuckled.
   “You know you’re not going to get anything out of Sally,” Jessie said.
   “I know, it’s just nice to see some boys taking a liking to what they are seeing. Sally is an attractive young girl. How about you two?” Mari asked of Araminta and Michie.
   “You already know their stories,” Jessie said before scooping up some Tallarin Saltado de Pollo.
   “Yes, go ahead and kill the lady talk. Tell us about the show tomorrow,” Mari said.
   “Second one on, twenty minute set, and you all better cheer,” Jessie said pointing at them.
   “Okay-back to Sally, do you think Kid Victory’s cute?” Mari asked Sally who choked a little with food in her mouth.
   “Yeah. Sally? Whats your favorite features on the Black Dynamo?” Jessie teased.
   “Sometimes you bother me, Jessie,” Sally responded.