003: Part 2

by CM Towns

   “ACHOOOOO!” sneezed Kid Victory.
   “Bless you,” Mr. Monster said as they sat on a park bench while SubHuman tossed a frisbee for Wolf to catch and bring back. It was dark, almost midnight and the group were taking a break from patrolling in a borrowed van.
   “Ever watch animé?” asked Victory.
   “I’ve seen a little,” Monster said.
   “Dragonball and Cowboy Bebop,” SubHuman said as he walked over to them while Wolf was running back toward them.
   “Well there’s this thing where if someone somewhere is talking about you, you sneeze. It’s a Japanese thing,” Kid Victory said.
   “That could never be true. That would mean famous people would be sneezing all the time,” Monster said.

   “Should we get going?” SubHuman asked.
   “I don’t see the point. What kind of fools would be on the other end of the park knowing we are close by?” questioned Mr. Monster.
   “Fifth Street Circle. They’re just stupid. They think acting out in the open makes them tough-even when they get picked up by police sweeping the neighborhood,” Victory gets up. “Let’s go remind them how small they are on the food chain.”
   SubHuman leashed their red wolf pet and the trio marched from one side of the park-located in the city of Meltzer Park-to the other end. They followed the path past the courts, playground trees, trees all the way to the far end where four men stood around a bench, talking loudly. The howl of Wolf grabbed their attention. Three black young men, another man possibly mixed race. Two guys were at least six feet, the smallest was the huskiest, and the fourth had an average build. Each wore large coats, jeans, with the shirts a mix of slogans and sports teams. Kid Victory knew each was sporting some heat. One even pointed a gun their way.
   “Excuse me gentleman, we are the neighborhood watch,” Kid Victory said.
   The large one told the tallest to put his gun down. “You here to tell us to bounce?”
   “It doesn’t really matter. You guys will be gone a day or two and than back. Selling weed? Or something harder?” Kid Victory asked.
   “We ain’t selling nuthin,” the mixed race man said.
   “Course not. Truth be told is I don’t even really care. I graduated up to real threats and you Fifth Street guys are still pups. However I am here today because you have been barking and biting where you shouldn’t,” Kid Victory said.
   “Don’t know what you’re talking about,” one said.
   “The couple of beaten hobos. That kid the other day-he was sixteen, clean record from the sounds of it and is now in a hospital. There some other incidents where you guys seem to be flexing you muscle and believe me-that’s not a good idea,” Kid Victory said.
   “So you comin’, flexing your muscle, trying to intimidate us? A few faggots in spandex. You guys are more criminal then us anyway-you got all those powers and gadgets so maybe we should call the cops on you?” one threatened.
   “You could do that. In fact go ahead. Call them in,” Kid Victory said. Victory looked at his group and back at them. “No?”
   “I think we should beat the shit outta them just to give their whole clique a lesson in how the food chain works. Plus I am very much against the use of that word faggot,” SubHuman said.
   “I agree. It’s been a while since I have had the chance to stretch my muscle,” Mr. Monster said emphasizing the last three words.
   Kid Victory stepped forward and nodded, “I like how you guys are standing your ground. Probably be a badge of honor to get your ass’ kicked by guys like us, right?”
   “No lying-we’d get some props,” one of the taller two said.
   “Then if you want a badge keep smacking around some homeless guys, screwing with the locals, and getting gun crazy. I’ll bring my crew down. SubHuman will leave you electrophobic-so you’ll need help plugging your TV’s in. Monster, he’ll sneak in at night and come out the closet have you pissing your bed like you were two years old and scared of the boogie man. Red Sprite might burn your hot ride or your fat stacks. Huntsman needs practice with his aim. Araminta, well-she’s still figuring out how far those little transport gates go. Maybe toss some of your boys in and see which side you come out. The rides wicked by the way. Reina Titán… I don’t know. They do call her the Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe. Me… Well, it be kind of like the movie I Saw the Devil. Except you guys will never figure whose behind the visor,” threatened Kid Victory.
   Victory turned away and nodded to his teammates. Kid Victory, SubHuman and Wolf walked past Mr. Monster who had eyes on the four. Monster bowed and said, “Thank you for your time and have a great night.”
   The three made their way to the van and SubHuman said, “I really wish we would have beat the crap outta them. Feels like a wasted opportunity.”
   “If they were another gang maybe but this time I think threats could work better than violence,” Kid Victory said.
   “I imagine you’d be tougher on the little crime than Jessie yet it’s a similar approach. Reminding them of a very important lesson the great Ice Cube once laid upon the world,” Mr. Monster said.
   “Better check yo’self before you wreck yo’self,” SubHuman said.
   Kid Victory’s work cell buzzed in the pouch behind his stun gun. He pulled it out and checked the notification. He pressed the right side of his visor cups and it extended a mic and he called into the Professor.
   “Something happen?” asked SubHuman.
   “There was an attack on Azzarello Penitentiary. Prison break in progress,” Kid Victory said.
   “How bad?” asked SubHuman.
   “No matter how bad it is now, it’s gonna get worst tomorrow,” Victory said with a sinking feeling in his gut.