Associate Profile: James Family

by CM Towns

Names: Roland Diego James (father), Mari James (maiden name Aguilar), Lucita James (youngest daughter)
Ethnicity: Diego identifies as Latino (Mixed race, Mexican on mothers side and German/Dutch/Norwegian/Irish on his Fathers side), Mari is Latino, Lucita is Latino
Hair/Eye Colors: Diego-Light brown hair and blue eyes, Mari-Long jet black hair and brown eyes, Lucita-Long brunette hair and brown eyes.
Height/Weight: Diego-6’2″/190 lbs., Mari-5’5″/127 lbs., Lucita-33 inches/26.7 lbs.
Extra Descriptors: Diego and Mari have various tattoos.
Association: Jessie’s family, and guardians of Sally.
First Appearance: Case File 003-Kirby City Crackle