003: Part 3

by CM Towns

   The prison guard guided the criminal down the hall. Dressed in orange, hands cuffed in front, a Hispanic male standing about five seven or eight. His black hair was a little wild and he was growing in a bad mustache. A closer look and you can easily see this man was still a teenager and he was headed to the Wardens office. He was checked in as OSCAR PRADO but that was not his real name.
   Oscar yawned-the night before had been rowdy mess. He was sleeping in his bunk when the explosion hit. Power outage knocked open the cells and a riot kicked into gear. Oscar, and his cellmate Mack, decided to mind their own business but ended up getting into a scuffle with a few men who had beef with Oscar. After the situation was put right Oscar went back to sleep, knowing that sooner or later he would get a visit from his best friend.
   The prison guard opened the door and Oscar stepped inside and saw Kid Victory standing by the window, looking out into the yard. The door closed behind him and so Oscar walked over to the visitor seat and put his shoes up on the tables. “A little earlier than I expected,” he said. Kid Victory sat down in the Wardens seat and pulled out his cell phone. He pressed a few buttons and started a special application. “Jammer? So is it okay if we talk more like buddies?”
   “Jason,” Kid Victory said.
   He smiled. Oscars real name was JASON CRUZ, formerly KID MARVEL and of recent DOOMS HAND. “You’re here about the prison break last night. As you can see, I’m still locked up.”

   “To be honest I’m not sure if I’m surprised or not,” Kid Victory said.
   “Best place to run a criminal empire is in prison,” Jason said.
   “You don’t have a criminal empire.”
   “I don’t? Those allegiances I’ve made here are going to be really disappointed in me. Maybe I should escape. Shouldn’t be too hard,” Jason joked.
   “Do tell,” Kid Victory extended his arm with his palms out hoping for an explanation.
   “Without giving away too much details-I know the rotation of this place. The names of all the guards. Whose on the take. I know how each gang works. I know which inmate does what. Whose in the kitchen, whose working the clothes, whose in the library and when. I’ve created a map of this place and have studied the structure. Truth be told is I could probably just walk out without anyone noticing,” gloated Jason.
   “That’s quite a boast. Mind telling me about last night?” inquired Kid Victory.
   “I was asleep until an explosion. It was obvious they used a guided weapon. Get the guards riled up and someone inside pulled the power. I imagine it was one of the newer guards. Rumblings is Keller didn’t come in,” he said.
   “Yes. The easy stuff. You got anything that’s worth a damn?”
   “You have a list of escaped prisoners?”
   Kid Victory handed it over and he looked through the names. “Some trash but nothing too bad except for a few names. TANNER ROLLING,” Jason pointed out.
   “Yeah. One of BAD PRINCESS‘ men.”
   “More than that-he was briefly her right hand man. Chances are he still has some valuables that may have magical properties. Chris Oliver also known as CHRIS ZEALOUS,” Jason said.
   MIDKNIGHT’S baddie?”
   “The one and only. Suspected of several murders and robberies in NYC but connected to more all over the US. Was picked up by the police a couple months ago and a dozen states are filing for the right to try the bastard. Guy got picked up doing something stupid-vice cop undercover as a hooker,” said Jason.
   “Anyone else?”
   WARREN REESE. One of the first guys we dealt with,” Jason said.
   “That’s right. Had a burglary ring. Threatened to kill us both,” Kid Victory said thinking. “We got a recruitment drive. Those weapons that have been flooding into Kirby are tied to this.”
   “Someones going to gun for you but this list is not going to be enough. Not with your teams heavy hitters. This guy is bringing in some power too, and I know who,” Jason said with smirk.
   “Can you stop being so amused by and get to the big reveal?”
   “This one is not the big reveal but a certain bad guy was recently sighted in Mississippi and before that Louisiana. Plus a little road trouble just outside our lovely state,” Jason teased.
   “Cektic. Not quite on Reina’s level but still trouble. Now the big question-who? Whose orchestrating this get together in my backyard?” Kid Victory asked.
   “It’s possible that it’s someone wanting to make a grand debut but that is very unlikely. No. This has to be someone who hates us and has reach. Access to all sorts weapons,” Jason said.
   “Ash. JOHNNY ASH.”
   “I think he prefers Mr. Ash,” corrected Jason. Kid Victory grabbed his phone and got up, walked around the desk and headed to the door. “Not gonna thank me for the help?”
   “Thank you, Jason.”
   “No problem, Antoine. Anything to help you keep the city safe. By the way-I never got the chance to say I was impressed with Reina’s money train robbery. It dwarfed what I did with Jai-Oin’s money. Remember that?” asked Jason.
   Kid Victory stepped over to Jason, pulled him up and gave him a had punch to the face, a punch to the ribs and tossed him hard into the wall. “In case anyone thinks you’ve been snitching,” Kid Victory said.
   Jason laughed. “Thanks,” he grabbed his jaw and added, “I already get into enough fights.”
   Kid Victory knocked on the door and the guard opened it, surprised to see Kid Victory. “This asshole doesn’t know a thing. Take him back to his cell.”
   The prison guard walked in and pulled Jason up calling him Oscar. He mockingly shot a few threats and screamed about brutality. Kid Victory stepped out into the hall and the Warden walked over to him asking, “Anything?”
   “Not from him, but I got a couple others I want to speak too,” Kid Victory lied. The others were just to cover for Jason giving him details. Kid Victory had everything he needed to know.