003: Part 4

by CM Towns

   On the way home Kid Victory was in constant discussion with Professor. She had Frank and Elijah helping her to monitor news updates,. Elijah worked at the second workstations computer looking up anything of merit on social networks and monitoring security feeds they could tap into, as well as monitoring police chatter. Frank had a laptop, seated at the television listening to that while doing his own searches. Professor even put the call into an associate they were still vetting. Professor had wanted a partner to help pick up some of the work load and after checking out some people and acquaintances of the same age they narrowed the list down. Even approached them to see if they were interested. Kid Victory wanted a little more time before bringing in a new associate but the pair figured they might as well jump in now.
   The news Kid Victory was receiving while he was in the tunnels was not of much use. The television was covering the jailbreak but also a number of other stories ranging from violence in Colombia, scandal in the UK with the Prime Minister, and speculation about the governments work putting together their own superhero unit as well as other nations similar efforts. The security feeds brought up nothing suspicious but that did not surprise Kid Victory nor any of his teammates. They had limited access to cameras through out the entire Kirby County and could only get lucky here or there. Social networks were being monitored because you could find profiles for known criminals, gang members, or people who have some connection. Things seemed quiet on that front. Police chatter indicated officers were tracking down any possible lead they could. Road checks were being set up and gang units were making sweeps.
   Kid Victory fed Professor the info he got from Jason and allowed her time to see about that at Watchtower website and with a local FBI contact.

   As Kid Victory moved from his underground bunker into the sewer tunnel path to his home he thought about possibilities of attack. Scenarios that Ash would think up. He took everything he knew into account. As he was climbing up the ladder to the hidden room (which had the width of a large coffin) the Professor dialed in. Kid Victory emerged into his closet from the hidden door and out into the room he shared with his brother.
   “Our contact let us know that Zealous is priority as is Tanner Rolling. They picked up his daughter Zoe for questioning but nothing there. Zealous does not have any known associates in Kirby let alone the state so that’s coming up as a dead end. Reese was not as high a priority-some other scum broke out that they flagged as more important-but Agent Laird has upped his status,” she explained.
   “What of Cektic?” Kid Victory asked.
   “He’s looking into that and said they were aware the alien had been on the move.”
   “What do you think about all this?”
   “It sucks.”
   “Anything else?”
   “Maybe we should convince Reina to skip her plans for today.”
   “I don’t want to bring half the team in and then have the bad guys strike three days from now,” Kid Victory replied.
   “They could also strike in three minutes,” she countered.
   “That would be convenient. Call Red Sprite-let her know we might need them in reserve,” Victory instructed.
   “Will do.”
   Kid Victory took off his visor and headset, set it on desk at the end of the bunk beds. The room included two dressers with a TV and a pair of gaming system atop them plus a bookshelf and some family pictures around. Kid Victory yawned, rubbed his eyes and walked out the room. His dad and brother were in the living room with baseball on the TV. His dad looking over some work while the game played and his brother playing his hand held system. Kid Victory’s dad was named ZACHARY JACKSON. He stood an inch taller than his eldest son and had a husky build with a slight gut. His hair was short and thick-he use to have it in an afro back in his school days. He raised his head when he saw his son and nodded with his big jovial smile. Kid Victory’s younger brother, by three years, ROBERT was scrawny with his hair in cornrows, studs in both ears and was missing one top incisors because of an accident at school which Robert thought made himself look harder.
   “So we staying in today?” Robert asked.
   “City’s gonna have a party sooner or later. I’m not sure when it’s going to happen or where,” Kid Victory answered.
   “Watch your language,” his dad said.
   “I was going to hang out with a few friends but I guess I’m stuck inside,” Robert said.
   “You could try and beat my top time in Splinter Cell,” Kid Victory joked.
   “How you doing boy?” asked Zachary.
   “About as well as I was before leaving to the prison.”
   “Jay didn’t shake you up?” asked his father.
   Kid Victory took a seat and answered with a shake of his head.
   “I guess that’s good. So what we got?” he further inquired.
   “Mr. Ash is the prime suspect for this mess.”
   Robert asked, “That guy with the-” he moved his free hand over the side of his face. Kid Victory nodded.
   “That wannabe Dick Tracy villain? He got another big bomb?” joked Kid Victory’s dad.
   “More like he’s got a number of guys with big weapons looking to cause trouble for the sake of trouble. Including some punk criminal me and Jason took down. Knight, or Right Knight or Knight Rolling-the guy worked for that crazy Bad Princess chick. Plus Chris Zealous,” Kid Victory said.
   “That’s some wild ones right there. You, punk rocker and big black gonna handle that easy?” asked Zachary.
   “We don’t know exactly what they got planned-but Jason thinks he called Cektic.”
   “Seriously? You think with so many ass kickings-” Dad warned Robert about his language, “With so many beat downs that alien hitman would drown himself by now.”
   “I don’t think he can drown,” Kid Victory said.
   “It’s a figure of speech,” Robert replied.
   “Team coming in to help?”
   “Probably but not till later,” he replied.
   “So it’s just you and the two guys?” asked Zachary.
   “Yep. Their helping Professor with intel gathering. I need to meet up with them and plan our next move. Probably some random interrogations,” he replied.
   “If you got a few minutes why not sit here and watch the game with us,” offered his father.
   “The Yankee’s are killing it. Not even worth watching, really,” commented Robert.
   “It’s the Yankee’s year.”
   “Baseball is pretty boring even in a competitive game,” Kid Victory said.
   “Get the hell outta the house,” Zachary replied.
   “What?” Kid Victory said with a laugh.
   “Get up, get out,” he waved him off.
   Kid Victory stood up. “I’m kidding. But since you’re up go get me a water. Get yourself something to eat to. Whens the last time you ate?”
   “I ate… Some fries last night.”
   “Just because you’re saving the city doesn’t mean you can’t have a good meal. Make a sandwich for yourself.”
   “I could sue a sandwich,” Robert said.
   “Make three sandwich’s. One for all of us,” his father said.
   Kid Victory shook his head and headed to the kitchen.