003: Part 7

by CM Towns

   “You need to get more of that jerky,” SubHuman said from the back of the van. He sat across from three members of the Disciples-largest gang in the county. This trio of black males had been grabbed and secured for transport. They were blindfolded, wirecuffed behind themselves, and seated along one side.
   “I’ll talk to her,” Mr. Monster said from the passenger seat.
   “Gourmet beef jerky, Jack Daniels and a wrestling DVD she made. Now that’s a woman who thinks outside the box. She should have put it all in a gift basket nice and pretty,” SubHuman said.

   “I’m not sure it was really gourmet beef jerky.”
   “The brand was Enjoy Gourmet Foods and it was damn good. Much better than that Jacks Link crap,” SubHuman said.
   “That’s not too hard to believe. Even the 7-11 store brand is better than that brand but at least Jacks Link have decent commercials,” Kid Victory interjected. He sat uncomfortably in the drivers seat, constantly checking his mirrors and keeping his ear on the police scanner which was on low.
   “I still need to finish that DVD,” Mr. Monster said.
   “The wrestling thing?” asked Kid Victory.
   “Yes. It features a lot of black wrestlers. Guess she figured watching brothers and sisters would ease me into it.”
   “Has it?”
   “Actually it has. I never watched wrestling-seemed too silly. So I had to keep an open mind,” Mr. Monster continued.
   “Plus checking the wiki so he can look up the stars,” SubHuman pointed out.
   “Yes. Helped to grip the importance of Ron Simmons beating the one man called Vader,” he said.
   “The importance?” inquired Kid Victory.
   “First black world champion in wrestling. There were some other interesting personalities-Booker T and his tag team the Harlem Heat with his brother. MVP, Kofi Kingston, ACH, AR Fox, Sugar Dunkerton-I liked the basketball gimmick there. Some others and some women too. Athena was one,” Mr. Monster detailed.
   The van pulled to a stop, Monster and Kid Victory made their exit as did SubHuman through the sliding door. Mr. Monster and SubHuman pulled the three men out and lined them up. They were by an dilapidated warehouse, off the beaten path, miles a way from where they picked up the three thugs. There were residences in distance with closest being more than half a football field away. The three men were shuffled forward, moved around the side of the building away from the van.
   Once they were positioned where Kid Victory felt satisfied he had the three men unmasked. Kid Victory, Mr. Monster and SubHuman stood across from their captives, looking them over. All young black males. One was short with baggy shorts, Miami Heat shirt and his hair style was buzzed short with some styling on the left side. The next two were about the same height and each wore plan white shirts but the one in the middle had braids, a little goatee and long pants while the one on the end had his hair extremely short and was wearing shorts as well. Kid Victory saw they all had some nice new kicks.
   “You know why you’re here, right?” Kid Victory asked and all three men started cussing and threatening. Kid Victory shook the bag he brought from the van and pulled one of the glocks they had found on the men.
   “Nice piece of hardware?” He pointed it, than pulled the slide popping the bullet in chamber out before pulling the trigger a few times.
   “What do you faggots want?” the one in the middle asked.
   SubHuman with a quick back hand to the face of the one who said that.
   “Thank you SubHuman. Are you familiar with Ronald Smith or Darryl Dixon, aka Double D?” asked Kid Victory.
   None answered. “Both connected to your gang and to a man we’re looking for named Warren Reese. You seen either man? Seen Reese? Heard anything?” Kid Victory questioned.
   Still no answers. “Come now KV, you know the adage-snitches get stitches,” Mr. Monster said.
   “Listen up you Tom-you’re just helping the pigs to keep us real niggas down,” said the shorter of the three.
   “Oh, you mean like you mean like you guys? Carrying your glocks and walking hard and doing some gangsta shit, keeping it real. Like them drive bys that leave some innocent people dead? Acting like stereotypes? Giving the police reason to suspect every black male who wants to dress like their favorite rapper? Or any gun totting vigilante seeing a nigga in a hood then wants to shoot first and go and spout stand your ground? What’s that adage Chris Rock said? There’s black folks and niggas. I think we know who these three are,” Kid Victory said.
   “Let me just get these fools with a few volts,” SubHuman offered.
   “No-no-I want to hear more about how I’m an Uncle Tom even though I put my life on the line time and time again to help people. Like that time Jai-Oin blew a serious hole in Millers Point. You guys looked really sloppy next to some ninjas with laser guns right? Or what about that time in the Fox Hills-when some of your guys ended up selling for the alien Cektic. You think that alien bastard really trying to keep it real?” asked Kid Victory.
   The one on the end said, “Look-we know you all looking for Lil’ Shawn. Everyone knows his Cuz broke out but as far as we know-that ain’t got anything to do with us.”
   “Trey… Shut your-”
   “Please, you know Black Dynamo here rolled Loop for a punk,” Trey said. “Look, Ron skipped with his baby and his lady. Can’t say anything for Double D but the Disciples has a firm leadership and they don’t tell soldiers whats happening until it go down.”
   “I don’t believe them,” SubHuman said.
   The short one cussed at him and the one in the middle added, “Why you even on us? Warren Reese wasn’t Disciple.”
   “Yet he seems to know a few of you guys. Even sold some weapons for a time. I find that troubling. Especially as Warren’s got a new class of friends and they are looking for a party in the city. We just want to know if the Disciples are VIP or RSVP,” Kid Victory said.
   No one said anything. Kid Victory took another gun, popped out the magazine and the bullet in the chamber before pointing. “Bang, bang,” he said before pulling the trigger a few times. None of the men flinched. Kid Victory looked over to SubHuman he pulled his hand fast in the form of a gun and electrocuted one on the end, then next blasted Trey.
   “I think this one’s pissed himself,” Mr. Monster said motioning to a thug on the ground.
   “Go ahead and shoot,” said the other man.
   “How about we not. We just leave you to take care of your friends. Of course when they wake they’ll see you without a scratch and assume that maybe you snitched. Said something a little more important than where Double D and the rest is,” Kid Victory said.
   “Nah, man, they wouldn’t think that,” he replied.
   “Really. That’s a lot of faith in your crew. I mean I would be suspicious,” Kid Victory said.
   Mr. Monster put a hand on the gangsters shoulder and agreed, “I would too.”
   “You can always make a break for it. Just run off, we won’t chase you,” Kid Victory suggested.
   “Your buddies might think you got away. Of course that would be unlikely. Maybe they’ll think we took you somewhere else for further interrogation,” SubHuman said.
   “Which we don’t have the time for that,” Kid Victory added.
   “Or they think we let you go because you gave us details,” SubHuman said.
   “Criminals have trust issues. Don’t worry-we’ll help you out,” Kid Victory said motioning to Mr. Monster.
   Monster pulls a wad of cash out of his pocket. “This is what a black man with money really looks like,” he said showing off all the hundreds in his hand.
   “Five Gs. Take it and run. Get you a new start. Or give us details and we’ll make you look like a real trooper with your crew for holding out. Knock you around, then you can say say you didn’t snith and they’d believe you. Seriously they’ll make you a captain,” Kid Victory said.
   “Fuck… You guys are real assholes. Look-we got nothing. All I know is Reese reached out but wasn’t by his cousin-he did it in person. Talked with the big shots. Word is he’s talked with other shot callers in different crews,” the braided gangster replied.
   “Weapons?” asked Victory.
   “We got weapons. We been getting good stuff over the last few weeks. The sellers keep moving the place though. The Springs and Goodwin I know. Goodwin over where that ceramics warehouse use to be. Two Fridays ago. Big black truck,” he answered.
   “That it?” Kid Victory asked and the man nodded. Kid Victory snapped his finger and Mr. Monster back handed the man in the face. He went down and got a kick to the side. Monster pulled him off the ground and tossed him hard on his back. Monster pulled him up and Kid Victory looked him over.
   “Black eye, spitting up blood, probably hurt ribs. Lets send him back a hero. Right handed or left?” asked Victory.
   “Left,” he replied. Kid Victory took his right hand and broke two fingers. The man screamed and Kid Victory gave SubHuman instructions. He hit him with a blast-less voltage than the others. Monster took one of the cell phones they confiscated from and called into 911. He left the cell there and the three walked away.
   “Not really a fan of that tactic,” Monster said of what they did.
   “Doing what works. Besides, not like we’re turning them over to be put in the prison system. We take their guns and nothing suspicious other than three possible gangsters who got beat up bad,” Kid Victory said.
   “What next?” SubHuman asked.
   “Hold on-” Kid Victory said as a call came into his headset. He stepped away from SubHuman and Mr. Monster and spoke with Professor for a minute. Once finished he walked back over to them.
   He told the two, “Interpol contact let us know that Mr. Ash was in France two months ago. Thanks to a make up artist and a talented forger they made him up as a Mr. Bernard Cocéa. By the time they got this info Cocéa landed in Montgomery, Alabama.”
   “So it is Mr. Ash. Here I was expecting a plot twist,” Mr. Monster said.
   “Ash is my only enemy who could-I mean to say would-flood the market with weapons and assemble the group he did.”
   “Why haven’t the feds told you this?” asked SubHuman.
   “My FBI contact didn’t know. I don’t know if Big Boss knew,” Kid Victory said.
   “So whats the plan?” further questioned SubHuman.
   “We drive back into town, split from there. I hit up San March and talk to the Oro Familia. You guys take the van and get on the line with Professor. Run down any reports of suspicious activities in Stewart Springs and Goodwin,” Kid Victory instructed.
   “How are you going to get around?” asked SubHuman.
   “This is my home. I can get around easily,” he answered.