003: Part 9

   It was a busy day thus far. Kid Victory arrived at the prison at 10 am. Left at 11 am. Was home at a little after 12 in the afternoon. Met up with SubHuman and Mr. Monster at a little after 1. Between then and 3 they abducted some gangsters, drove them out to the stick, got some info. The team split up with Kid Victory’s teammates going to canvas locations where gun sales while Kid Victory himself got a ride down to San March. There he picked up a collapsible mini Victory Cycle and had a meeting with one of the shot callers in the Oro Familia-the local gang.
   The meeting went as well as a meeting like that could go. While he did not approve of the Oro Familia they tried their best to stay out of the way of the big name threats, had a power structure that dealt with soldiers getting out of line, and liked to keep to their own. Kid Victory banked on this to help him out. The discussion with one Rogelio took place at a local park. Victory walked past his men and the two were left alone by a table to have their talk. Rogelio let him know a few things-most important of which was that they had a time frame. Something would be happening by between ten and two in the morning and they wanted all the gangs to flood downtown Kirby City and start rioting. He also mentioned that there might be things happening before that time but was not sure. Rogelio was reluctant to divulge those detail but Kid Victory alerted him to Mr. Ash being involved and the possibility of Cektic being in town.
   The other details Kid Victory got were minor; where they bought their guns, how they were being contacted, and the address of a known dealer who had dealt Reese. From there Kid Victory hit up the dealers house, after a brief scuffle with the man who went by Low, he got nothing of interest out of him. Kid Victory let him go, checked in with the Professor and met up with SubHuman and Mr. Monster just outside the city. By the time he got there it was a quarter after 4.
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