003: Part 10

by CM Towns

   A metal door slid open and Mr. Ash walked into the dark room flanked by two armed men. A pig corpse hit the ground and slid up to Ash’s left. He heard a clicking sound followed by movement. Ash’s men took a step back, gripping their large laser pistols even tighter. Ash looked back over his right shoulder and back toward his guest. From the outside light you could see little of Cektic-not that Ash and his men did not already know what the alien looked like. A purple ET that stood over nine feet tall with a wide base, long tail, four fingers on each of his two hands and two thick toes on each of his two feet. It’s head had a hard rock like formation on the cranium, its nose just slits, and mouth was filled with sharp teeth with two centimeter gaps between.
   “Your men shiver in my presence. I appreciate that,” Cektic said.
   “Glad they could make you feel at home. How about the live pigs?” Ash asked.
   “Good to hear. Glad you like the hospitality.”

   “Time to go?” Cektic asked.
   “Not quite yet. I was just coming in to see how my special guest was doing,” Ash said.
   “Impatient. I want to burn this city down,” he replied.
   “Why don’t you come out and meet some of the others that will be assisting us.”
   “Its unhealthy to be unsocial. C’mon,” Ash signaled as he lead the way out into a long, rounded, steel hallway. Lighting hummed from above and the echo of noise traveled fast. Mr. Ash stayed in front with the two guards a couple feet behind and shoulder to shoulder as Cektic stomped his way behind the three. The group passed by a few doors on their way to their destination.
   “Fascinating place down here. The main control room I run is at the far end,” Mr. Ash said.
   “I do not care. I want to break Kid Victory and Reina and Sprites bones and beat their friends to a red pulp. Bind them and spend weeks inflicting pain,” Cektic told him.
   “Here we are,” Mr. Ash said at one of the doors. It slid open and Mr. Ash stepped inside with Cektic ducking in. The room had some couches, a table, and lots of weapons with Warren Reese, Chris Zealous and Knight Rolling lounging about.
   Ash made the introduction, “Mr. Reese, Mr. Zealous, and Mr. Rolling this is-well, you know who it is.”
   “So we do got some muscle,” Reese said from the behind the table. Rolling standing behind him.
   “I am all the muscle, human,” Cektic shot back as he moved into the middle of the space.
   “When we going to move out?” Reese asked.
   “Tonight. I got the plan set,” Ash said.
   “I’m sure Kid Victory and his buds probably got it all figured out,” Reese said checking a pistol.
   “Kid Victory and his buddies are chasing small leads. They know some details but not enough to matter. They’ll fly into the trap and we’ll choke them,” Ash said.
   “Great. Most the gangs are down to go except the Oro. Seems they got a heads up from Black Dynamo,” Reese said.
   “Than let’s burn their homes,” Cektic added.
   “You guys can have that action-I just want to my piece on this op,” Zealous said from the couch.
   “We should move up the schedule, your men have told me the gems are reacting well to your missiles. How clever of you to commission a weapon you did not have a power source for,” Rolling said.
   “I ran into some similar gems a year ago. Figured it would be the same or at least similar enough,” Ash replied.
   “I agree with the older human-lets go now,” Cektic said.
“You guys,” Ash smiled. “So full of enthusiasm. Can not wait to get the game afoot.” Ash wagged his finger, “Those fireworks need time to be properly set.”
   “I don’t care about the damn fireworks I care about showing these costumed freaks that they are not untouchable. Especially a kid with a stun gun whose made clowns of us all,” Reese said.
   “Speak for yourselves, I am a professional,” Zealous said.
   “Shut up Zealous!”
   “Sure, gangsta, don’t want to hurt your feelings,” Zealous snapped back. Reese stood up and Rolling put a hand on his shoulder.
   “Look-fine fellows you want to start a mess go ahead. Put the plans at risk. Go shoot up stairs and have the guns blaring down. You seem to forget that Kid Victory and his bunk mates are only part of the problem. It’s not like the governments have ignored the big spectacles of action and excitement going on. They have produced quality weapons and tactics to take care of guys like us.
   “Maybe not for Cektic but I imagine someone in the SHRT or National Guard has a big enough cannon to rattle him a little,” Ash said.
   Cektic walked past Ash and over to the table, smashed it into two pieces making Reese and Rolling jump away. “I don’t care about your plan. I am here for my enemies.”
   “Yes. Kid Victory-whose beaten you by himself and Reina Titán whose pounded you by herself. Not sure about Red Sprite but last I checked while you got thick skin severe temperatures do serious damage,” Ash reminded him.
   Cektic leaned in. “I am not one of your cronies to talk down to.”
   “No you are not. You’re the big alien beast I spent a good deal of money to help get into this city sight unseen. Now calm down-you’ll get your chance to rip apart teen wonders in a moment,” Ash said.
   Ash looked around the room and said, “Gentleman-the rules of the game have changed. You all know this. We can’t just get in the car and drive by with our guns out. We can not just sniper them from a roof. You-” points to Cektic and shrugs, “Well-this situation is even weirder. You are a soldier by nature that has been dropped into the role of a stranger in a strange place. No, the rules dictate that we do things differently. I’ve played at it like a gangster or a well armed terrorist but not anymore.”
   “You keep talking fancy like you’re smarter just spit it out. Stick to the plan that’s not at all much of a plan. You keep talking about burning things down-” Reese is interrupted by Ash who raises his hand.
   “Those gems that the Knight Rolling gave us are being armed to create well triggered chaos. The explosions are at designated points to keep confusion controlled for our sakes. The gangs are going to work like we expect them to,” Ash said.
   “Pistols raised, firing at the sky and jacking everything that is not bolted down. Unless they brought the proper tools in which case they are taking whats bolted down too,” Zealous said before a laugh. “I find this entire scenario to be fun.”
   “He’s got the spirit. You guys should too. It’s going to be oodles and oodles of fun. The gangs and missiles keep officers busy, give our prey some bait, and then we swoop in and take them for what their worth. Tonight’s the night we get even,” Ash said before turning away and leaving the room with a smile.