003: Part 11

by CM Towns

   “Seems Mr. Ash has made the next move,” Kid Victory said watching the news with the others on the couch (with the exception for Professor who was at her work station). The TV screen showed the aftermath of upscale apartment complex after it had been hit with a weapon that manifested as a giant vine through its structure. The vine was still expanding, enveloping the building and it seemed it might grow into the building next to it. Kid Victory flipped channels to find a report on another attack-this one in Morrison where a series of small explosions hit several areas of the city.
   “If he initiated this attack now than perhaps he may move up the schedule,” commented Mr. Monster.
   “This looks like a distraction. Forcing part of the feds and police to move into areas outside Downtown,” Kid Victory said before turning to Vidya, who was seated on a recliner, wide eyed about the news and Victory directed, “Vidya, call your parents and see if they’re okay.”
   She got up and walked off to do just that. After a minute she said to Kid Victory, “Phones disconnected. I tried the cell and nothing.”

   “Your parents live in Morrison right?” he inquired.
   “Yes. Just outside Kirby City.”
   “Its possible they are targeting the phone lines. The hardlines and maybe scrambling the cell towers. Wanting to keep communications limited,” Kid Victory said.
   “Okay guys!” Professor started walking over, “They targeted communications-phones and internet are off line in and around Kirby City. That includes downtown, the central area and Morrison. They also hit just outside certain police stations in three other cities. Also, part of Main Street was just hit with a missile-burst into a raging blaze they are trying to contain.”
   SubHuman cursed, got up and started shouting profanities as he walked around the couch. Monster looked between the visibly distraught women standing next to one another talking then to the cussing SubHuman and next over to the calm Kid Victory seated with his eyes on the news.
   “What do you want to do?” Mr. Monster asked.
   “You know anyone close by Vidya?” asked Kid Victory.
   “I have some friends just outside Elias Beach. Twenty minutes from here,” she answered.
      “SubHuman you take her there,” he said.
   “You sure? I mean-I’m going to be stranded anyway,” replied Vidya.
   “We still could use the help,” Professor added.
   “I know,” he sighed, “I just don’t want any troubles for Vidya. Okay-let’s look at what we have.”
   Professor started to detail the situation, “We have nothing except names of bad guys. Some gang members with guns. Explosions and confused feds.”
   “These bombs must have been set earlier-maybe before the guns started hitting the streets,” SubHuman offered.
   “That is extremely obvious Sub,” Monster said.
   “You got anything else?” he snapped.
   “I imagine he has more missiles ready. Enchanted perhaps by some of this Knights treasures,” Monster said.
   “We need to call the others, check the city for more explosives and missiles,” Professor said.
   “First thing is to deal with the blaze. The fire department is going to need a hand,” SubHuman said.
   Monster turned to look at SubHuman behind the couch and he said to him, “Could be a trap. Waiting for us to respond.”
   “That’s no reason not to go in,” SubHuman replied.
   “If it is indeed a trap there are three of us versus unknown weapons, gangs and professional killers, a notorious mercenary, a man with enchanted weapons, a deadly alien, and of course Mr. Ash. We will not fare all that well,” Mr. Monster detailed.
   “Then we call the others. Jess-I mean… Reina will just have to cancel her show,” Professor stated.
   Kid Victory flipped back and forth to news channels as his teammates argued strategy.
   “She goes on in an hour. We call her now-her and the others be here in what? Thirty minutes at the quickest?” Mr. Monster said.
   “That’s good,” SubHuman said.
   “Except how long will it take for us to meet up with them? The traffic making its way to where Kid Victory’s bunker is involves going through sewers and gridlocks of people evacuating. Armed forces moving in and out. Araminta will not be able to just port them over here,” Mr. Monster further explained.
   “I understand that it’ll still take some time but better now then two hours later,” Professor stressed.
   “Um…” Vidya said, raising her hand. They all looked at her and she continued, “What if it’s a tactic to spy on you guys. Or not a trap but a scheme to-like, force you to… Expend energy, I guess?”
   “Another reason to wait until we have more to go on,” Mr. Monster said.
   “There are people hurt or dead! We can’t wait around!” SubHuman responded.
   “I agree with SubHuman, its worth the risk. I’ll call Red Sprite, get her to pass along to Jessie and the others,” Professor said.
   “Even if we go about this plan, it will be an hour until we can do something! If that!” Monster shouted.
   “We can not wait!” Professor fired back.
   “So we call everyone in, then an hour later we split up to deal with the blaze, try to figure out bombs and missile locations and if they attack we’re already separated,” Monster told her.
   “We can split the team three ways with a power on each side. We can hold our own,” SubHuman stated.
   “Possibly but-”
   Professor interrupted Mr. Monster, “But nothing! We need to act now! We need to do something!”
   “Everyone shut up!” Kid Victory finally said.
   He stood up and continued, “The blaze has died down-at least the color of it. So while the fire is still spreading the fire department will be able to keep it contained. The vines growing out of the other building that was assaulted have now stopped growing. Looks like the enchantments are limited or not being utilized correctly. Wiring technology with magical payloads is something that is still a new field of study.
   “Now, according to the county procedural manual, cases of super-terrorist attacks involving bombs they will assign construction crews with available bomb squad units. Of course those teams will be assisted by available officers in either police, SWAT, SHRT and others to assist in tracking down explosives hidden in the city. I imagine if you check now Kate, you’ll find them initiating this procedure.
   “Vidya brings up an interesting point-this could be construed as an attempt to track us or force us to spend energy and resources helping to clean. I do believe though its not a trap. Mr. Ash is using this distraction to also force operatives form the various agencies and departments into key places. To manipulate the movements on a board. We can expect more attacks to confuse them within the hour.
   “Monsters timeline is about right. Whether or not they come now, it will be mostly for naught. Even if we meet up at the location of the attacks. The transporter needs five minutes for each jump, three minutes between cargo jumps. Plus its good to take a minute or two afterward for everyone to deal with the effects of the jumps. This does not calculate any troubles they may have reaching their teleporter,” Kid Victory said.
   “So your plan is just to continue waiting?” asked SubHuman.
   “No, the plan is that we move toward my bunker soon. Professor and Vidya continue monitoring the situation and giving us frequent updates. We have to be in place right before the big event that way we can respond as quickly as possible and contain the fighting and damage into a singular area if possible,” Kid Victory said.
   “Can I talk to you Victory?” asked Professor. She walked past the guys and to the staircase, Kid Victory followed Professor up the stairs atop the mezzanine.
   “Why are you refusing to call in re-enforcements?” she asked.
   “I’m not. Jessie and the others will be called in. They can do their thing and everything will work out,” Kid Victory said.
   “I know you and Jessie are still coming to terms with each others personalities but she needs to walk away from the show-its not important,” Professor said.
   “Its important to her. Besides, this is our city. We know the ins and outs, the movements, the playing field, and our enemies. They’ll be here when they can so lets leave it at that. We clear?” said Victory.
   “Yes. Clear.”
   “Good, call Red Sprite-I want her meeting up with us when we arrive. After that, get on the horn with any FBI contact and see whats up and what needs to be done. While we’re waiting I’ll also be poking around in Morrison for details,” said Kid Victory. He walked down the stairs, “SubHuman and Mr. Monster, time to hit the bunker. Grab what you need.”