003: Part 13

by CM Towns

   Four armed men were pulling bags filled with cash from the bank vault with big plans whirling in their heads about the future. The Caribbean, maybe. Date some bikini-clad women who spoke very little English. Drive fast cars and throw extravagant parties. This was their time to shine and when the riot kicked into gear they hit hard. With the workers having already fled no one stood in their way. Thanks to explosives and top of the line weaponry, breaking in was easy and they believed any opposition that they would meet would falter easily in battle.
   “I don’t think those are yours,” observed Red Sprite sporting a slight alteration of her usual costume, where the skirt and boots were black but the tights were red. Araminta stood next to her in her usual costume-still unsure about having an alternate. The costume was more on Araminta’s mind at that moment as she assumed these bank robbers would be short work.
   “We got heroes!” one man shouted as he aimed his chrome black laser pistol (which was about the the size of an M16 rifle) but before he could get off a shot a wall of fire arose between the two groups. Araminta dropped out of sight and caught the man in the far back by surprise. She put a large shield up to protect from another attack as Sprite moved in through the flames with a fiery punch which put one man on the ground, stunned and trying to roll to put out the fire. Red Sprite used her palm to create a short range fireball to back off the other two. A couple more times before a simple trip to the one closest followed by a another short range fireball to make the last man drop and roll.
   One of the aspiring criminals tried to recover and went for a punch but Red Sprite dodged, a fist to the groin followed by an uppercut to the jaw. Araminta hit the man in the back of the knee with a club she got from Kid Victory. The crook buckled over hurt in three places. Red Sprite wire cuffed him and directed Araminta to heal the others of their slight burns before they secured them all for pick up by the proper authorities.

   Outside the bank downtown Kirby City had gotten dark with limited lighting due to the number of arch lights damaged by the rioting and fights with officers. The riot had been signaled by a pair of missiles launched into targeted buildings-each with spectacular effect. One site was partially frozen, the other exploded with high voltage-frying everything with wires in a three block radius. The gangs moved in but a portion of the National Guard and Riot Squad was waiting to hold them back as best they could. Once everyone in the Guard had arrived and suited up they took to Downtown and then they fanned out to confront as many rioters as possible.
   A block up and around the corner from where Araminta and Red Sprite had finished with the failed bank robbers Kid Victory, SubHuman and Mr. Monster were using a couple abandoned cars as a post. They had taken down a few rioters (non-gang related) and were waiting for Mr. Ash and his buddies to arrive. Kid Victory was using his visors to spot targets and when he saw an incoming vehicle with suspicious people he signaled SubHuman to prepare to attack.
   When in range SubHuman hit the car with a strong blast of electricity and the driver lost control. The truck went down on it’s side and slid a few yards. Monster leaped onto the truck, ripped the passenger side door off and pulled out one man. Monster smirked, tossed him down to the street, and flipped away when some laser blasts went off in his direction from inside the vehicle. The men inside started to pull themselves out of the truck only to be met with volt blasts by SubHuman. Not enough to do serious damage but enough to put them out for a little while.
   “Good work,” Kid Victory said turning his sights to the rest of the street. The area was now clear of any trouble so he signaled to move to the next block. They moved quick with Mr. Monster taking the lead so as to look out ahead at each turn.
   After a couple minutes he stopped, paced back and let them know-“Armed men. Not gangs. Probably Ash’s men. They’re marching with heavy artillery.”
   Kid Victory considered his options as quick as possible then said, “Get up the building, watch for my signal. Drop in, stun them,” he explained.
   Mr. Monster turned to the building they were behind and scaled it quick. Kid Victory moved with his back to the corner coffee shop window, SubHuman did the same as he watched Kid Victory pull one of his explosives. Kid Victory heard the marching and quickly threw the explosive across the street. It hit the concrete and it exploded. He heard the marching stop and men analyzing about the blast. Mr. Monster dropped from the top of the building, caught on man in the chest with both palms pushing him up and out.
   “Boom bitch!” SubHuman shouted lighting a pair up with a dose of electric voltage while Kid Victory quickly disarmed a fourth man and followed with a jab to throat and then a right cross to the chin to take him down. Mr. Monster by that time had tossed away one more man with ease and also catching the first man he attacked, now getting back to his feet, with an open hand strike to the left side of his head. The man went down fast, grabbing his ear in pain.
   “That was simple enough. This party your Mr. Ash is trowing in is rather disappointing,” Mr. Monster commented.
   “Still,” SubHuman started with a smile, “This is one helluva work out.”
   “Nothing like it,” Kid Victory said before contacting Professor, “Any new details coming out?”
   “There have been sightings of large vehicles moving into the area-four blocks up and to the right of your location,” she answered.
   Before Kid Victory could respond the sound of a missile caught him and the other attention, making them shoot their heads toward the dark sky as it flew overhead. The missile was en route to another large building but was caught by Reina Titán who guided the missile upward before releasing it. Huntsman fired on it and with the third try blew it up. The pair landed on the ground to engage in more damage control.
   “See anything?” Reina asked.
   “I barely saw that one. You’re quick.”
   Reina looked back up and around and asked, “So be honest-this is more exciting than a video game.”
   “I guess. I still would much rather be kicking the new Mass Effect’s ass or making your dad look sad in Madden,” he beamed.
   “I didn’t know you played Madden,” Jessie said.
   “I don’t and judging from how your dad plays he doesn’t either.”
   Reina Titán laughed before spotting an armored vehicle. It was black, about the length of a short bus, daunting in appearance. Seemed as if it was out of a post apocalyptic sci-fi story.
   “Looks like we got company,” she said.
   The two took off flying and a laser blast from a cannon atop the nailed Huntsman. Reina did not look back instead flew low, out of the cannons range of sight and then she blew out a front tire with a blast from her left palm. The truck did a slight roll, landing back up right. Reina strutted toward the truck, whistling a tune and expecting to see the criminals run for cover. A group of men and women, four total, piled out with big guns and Reina motioned for them to bring it on.
   Lasers fired upon Reina Titán and most felt like a small child’s fist-no effect as Reina stood her ground. A blast fired beside her and the bad guys dodged as it hit their vehicle-knocking it into a roll. The driver, who was still inside, got out and started to flee while trying to keep their balance.
   “Pretty,” Huntsman commented on the explosion a couple moments later.
   After that Reina and Huntsman quickly dispatched of their enemies. Huntsman then commented, “This is why there is never a good Superman video game.”
   “Missile!” Reina said before she flew up and caught it. One her arms gripped around it Reina heard a beep and it exploded in blue brilliance, freezing Reina into a block and slamming her into the side of a building.
   Huntsman shouted after her but before he could react he heard a loud hiss behind him.
   “Hello robot boy,” said Cektic. “Let’s see if we can make this more challenging for you.”