003: Part 19

by CM Towns

   A long day pulled into night, capping of a turbulent weekend. Kid Victory took the rest of the day off, having personal commitments to take care of while his teammates spent hours engaged in the rescue relief. Operating on only a few hours of sleep Reina Titán, Red Sprite, Mr. Monster, SubHuman, Araminta and Huntsman did what they could. They cleared away large debris, rescued people trapped inside buildings and elevators, and assisted medics and fire fighters anyway they could.
   The cities outside Kirby City that were targeted experienced less damage than initially believed. The work crews sent to check for bombs after the first attack were able to discover and disarm three sites. Reina took care of a trio of missiles herself the previous evening which was a huge help. The rioting was the biggest issue but thanks to the Guard, Riot Squad, SHRT, and other groups they quelled much within hours. The destruction was bad but could have been far worst.
   Not that the Guard was getting a lot of credit outside the county as a number of cable news sites and pundits were weighing in either blaming the entire incident on the heroes or only giving the briefest of information on the situation in Kirby-focusing their attention elsewhere. With various state elections, economic problems, social issues, and problems in other countries this scene was just a minor story to certain people.
   When the team called it a night they assembled in Kid Victory’s bunker with four of them getting ready to head back to Reina and Sprites home in California.

   Reed exited the restroom in his clothes, happy to be powered down again. “Let’s get out of here. I’m tired and want sleep,” he said.
   “Professor actually requested that Reed stick around,” SubHuman said looking at his phone while leaning against a wall.
   “Why?” he responded annoyed.
   “She believes with the recent chaos some bad guys might take this opportunity to pop their heads out. Also we want to try tracking a few inmates who broke out Friday,” SubHuman answered.
   “I don’t want to stay. I want to go back to Jessie and Sally’s,” Reed made very clear.
   “You would rather stay with us girls instead of the boys?” asked Jessie who was standing with Mr. Monster by the work table.
   “Yes. Good food, video games, and your parents are cool,” said Reed.
   “I’ll stay behind for a few days,” volunteered Red Sprite who was with Araminta by the teleporter at the far end of the bunker.
   “You sure? I know you got school,” Jessie said.
   “Your community college is like my 9th school year,” was her response.
   “I feel dumb,” Monster joked before asking Jessie to talk outside. The two exited and Araminta covered up her smile.
   “So you wanna kick it with the girls instead of us? Can’t blame you little man,” SubHuman said.
   “Get your mind outta the gutter!” Reed shot back.
   SubHuman was taken back by the accusation and Araminta started laughing. It got louder and louder before she said, “That is so funny.”
   “Reed is enjoying the comfort of the James household. He has even done a good job with his exercising and the tutoring,” Red Sprite said.
   “Tutoring?” asked SubHuman.
   “They’re making me do some reading a day and going over simple math problems. Just a couple chapters and about an hour of math. Sally mostly but Jessie and her parents too,” Reed explained.
   “That’s good. What about history?”
   “I have acquired some videos on certain topics but we will start on that later. When summer comes up we will push forward with more time dedicated to tutoring for Reed as well as Araminta-who I have worked a little with on algebra,” explained Sprite.
   “What about me?” asked SubHuman.
   “You can wait till summer. You don’t have years to catch up on,” Sprite replied.
   “True,” he said looking at his phone, “It’s Antoine,” he said answering it.
   Just outside the bunker, along the sewer tunnel, Mr. Monster and Jessie finished their short make out session. Her arms still around his neck and his arms around her waist, smiling at each other.
   “Been wanting to do that for days,” Mr. Monster said.
   “We haven’t had too much time to just hang out,” Reina said.
   “Yes. Its disappointing,” he agreed.
   “Did you… Watch any of that…”
   “I did watch the DVD. It was fun though you did not have to make every match feature a black wrestler.”
   “I just thought it make it easier to get into for a non-wrestling fan like yourself.”
   “Whose your favorite wrestlers?” Monster inquired.
   “My top three are Bull Nakano, Eddie Guerrero and Jushin Thunder Liger,” she answered.
   “Some interesting names there. Bull sounds like a bad ass man.”
   “Bad ass bitch. She was this wrestler who was like 5’4”, over 200 pounds at one point. Ran through the women and her big finisher was the flipping leg drop from the top rope. I say was because she loss a lot of weight after retiring. Eddie Guerrero was just awesome-amazing! I love him. Same with Liger, my favorite masked wrestler and I have a lot. He’s still going strong,” Reina gleefully said.
   “I may not be into it as much as you but I would love to sit down and watch some of these wrestlers and listen to you fan girl,” Monster said.
   “That can easily be arranged.”
   “I actually had burnt a CD for you but I left it at the hub. I wanted to share some music. Old blues rock, jazz, classic stuff I’m sure a musician like yourself would appreciate,” said Monster.
   “I wish you could stay longer.”
   “I kind of do, but in a few more weeks school will be over, and I’ll be able to stay at the base more often,” Reina said with a smile.
   “This means of course you’re going to have to take me out and show me around town,” she added.
   “I’ll have to get some news clothes.”
   “You do that,” Jessie said pulling her arms from around his neck.
   “Did your friend let you know about your competition?” he asked before Jessie walked back into Victory’s Lair.
   “We lost. Whatever.”
   The two walk into the bunker and see SubHuman and Red Sprite.
   “Araminta and Reed made the jump already,” said SubHuman.
   “That’s kinda obvious,” Jessie replied.
   “Antoine wanted to say thanks for your help. He said he’ll call tomorrow-a conference call.”
   Jessie nodded and asked, “Anything else?”
   “He wants us to keep an eye on the news for any superhumans we can pull into the ranks,” Red Sprite said.
   “I thought we agreed to keep the numbers as is for now.”
   “This incident makes him believe we should start preparing for new members. Besides, we had already spoken about one hero of interest,” Sprite said.
   Jessie replied, “Guess we have to get the base situated quicker. Figure out a better way of buying groceries in bulk if we’re going to be bringing in new additions to the roster.”
   “Summer break is weeks out so it’ll be easier to do recruiting,” SubHuman said.
   “Better to recruit now and use that time for training and prep,” said Sprite.
   “So we better start looking this minute,” Monster chimed in.
   Jessie turned away, kissed Mr. Monster and walked onto the teleport platform. It looked like a pair of capsules from a sci-fi movie just missing its front sides. One large enough for a single person, the second small to transport goods. All the teleporters looked different due to location, space, and power usage. Reina waved as Red Sprite worked the console. There was a flash of light and she was gone.
   “So you guys want to eat?” asked Mr. Monster rubbing his stomach.
   “Yes. Than we will do a quick patrol of the night and then return to the Intelligence Hub,” instructed Sprite.
   “I’ll call Antoine and let him-”
   “No. Let him get some rest. We can take care of things tonight,” Red Sprite said before leading the team out the bunker, closing the door on their way out.