Character Spotlights: The Veterans

by CM Towns

The Guard is a young adult teen superhero series and while we’re on hiatus I’m going to talk a little about the main characters.

Jessica “Jessie” James is Reina Titán, the worlds first superhero. Mexican, 17 years of age when we joint he story she is essentially a Western superhero take on the Magical Girls. Her basic origins and set follow similar ideas but definitely done up to be more traditional superhero. In short she encounters an alien who was seeking a champion to wear an enchanted collar. Jessie is that champion and eventually goes around kicking all kinds of ass and saving the day. Reina Titán’s powers are more Western sueprhero with super strength, speed, flight, enery blasts and more. Jessie has two cats, plays guitar and sings in a band, and loves pro-wrestling. She is also open about her bisexuality. She becomes involved with one of her teammates as the series progresses.

Sally Kanzaki is Red Sprite and the worlds second superhero, the partner to Reina Titán. Sally Kanzaki, real last name Majokko, is a Humanoid alien who looks Japanese/Korean. She came to Earth with her family and circumstances have left he stranded on Earth and being the individual who sought Jessie to give her her powers. Sally has elemental magic, control over fire. Plus a secondary magical power that allows her to change the color of her hair and eyes. Sally is more quiet and introverted but a total bad ass. There is still the stranger in a strangeland aspect to her but she’s become quite familiar with her new home so much that she’s studied history of the planet, its countries and people. Fan of non fiction books and documentaries. Also Superntural. She lives with Jessie and her family.

Antoine Jackson is Kid Victory, a black teenager and the teams only vigilante thus far. He is also the team leader. I actually created KV decade ago for a bunch of comic scripts for my own pleasure. Reina and Red Sprite were for my attempted novel. I put them altogether and created the Guard. Antoine digs into my love of pure superhero stories. Action/adventure characters. Guys who go out and do things because they can. He is an excellent fighter, has tone of tools and that swagger. Kid Victory lives and fights crime in Kirby City-I love those make believe superhero cities from DC comics. Antoine loves video games but has little time because of his second life. Hardcore into martial arts. I would call him normal or average but he’s not.

Kate Stokes is Professor. Not a real Professor but a handle she got from her and Antoines ex-partner. Kate is the tech help, decent hacker, investigative help, and the intelligence officer overall of the Guard. A longtime partner of Kid Victory she is an important asset. While she doesn’t appear in person as often as other team members she’s in constant contact. As the first few stories progress Kate gets her own lair, a loft, which becomes the Intelligence Hub and eventually underlings to help in the crusade for justice. Kate is Caucasian, likes old horror movies and especially Dark Shadows. She was a part of my original KV scripts so long ago.

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