Character Spotlights: The New Breed

by CM Towns

Yesterday we spotlighted the teams vets and now a look at the four other heroes who make up the Guard.

Reed Telle is Huntsman. The youngest member of the team, Caucasian and all he really wants to do is play video games. Survived an alien attack that mutated him so he can transform into an armored machine boy with a big gun, super strength, and flight. One of my first brainstorms for team members he’s the second most powerful in terms of overall strength and power but his inexperience and lack of training hold him back at times. He’s a bit of a brat. I also write him as asexual.

Frank Tremaine is SubHuman, a NYC white punk punk rocker who shoots electric blasts. A very late addition in the various first drafts of the first story. Frank named himself after the UK band the Subhumans. The short of it is he fooled around with some alien craft and through various circumstances joins up with the team. He plays guitar and loves music. Just a chilled dude who likes hanging with his friends doing whats right. He also has the least superhero outfit of my field operatives.

Elijah Collingsworth the III is Mr. Monster. Elijah comes form one of the richest black families in the world, the oldest of three siblings. He became a victim of mad science which has left him in very inhuman, mutated. Not that its damper his mood-Elijah has a positivity about him and charm. He’s also dating Reina as the series progresses. While I planned on a character in the tradition of Beast from X-Men I never quite nailed his personality or background first but when I did he became the character he is now. Elijah likes old movies, jazz, and sports-especially basketball.

Araminta is Araminta. This runaway is the first character you meet in the first story. The details of her past are limited right now but I plan on following up with a look into her origin and the mysterious people looking for her. Honestly, I’ve got early drafts of those stories done. A strawberry blond who has magical powers that work more defensively with teleportation, shields and healing. She gets a sword later. I think if you follow you will see a true superhero growth in her. Think of her as your eyes entering the world and you both are following the journey.

More characters to appear/join in the upcoming 004 and especially 005. More characters of color, more LGBT characters, more ladies.