Part 2

by CM Towns

   A small fire crackled, shining light on Jessie and Elijah who were seated on the cold ground with their backs to a large tree and a small ice chest to the left of Jessie.
   Jessie opened the chest to retrieve a drink, popped the top, took a swig and said, “This place my dad works at sells these vintage sodas or something but they have real sugar. Taste better. Got to take down like three Coke’s to get that real satisfaction.”
   Elijah put his arm around her and said. “Beautiful night.”
   “Yeah. If you like stars and junk.”
   He laughed. “Sorry we didn’t get to go out last night.”
   “Its alright. Not your fault Antoine wanted to shove weeks worth of training into a almost three days. Even I’m little tired,” Jessie replied before another sip of her drink.
   “Not Antoine. He’s a machine.”
   “That boy needs to learn to relax,” Jessie said.

   “Araminta’s coming along okay.”
   “Yeah. Reed’s still resistant to learning how to fight. Relies too much on his superhuman abilities. Franks doing good,” Jessie said.
   “What about me?” inquired Elijah.
   “Meh.” Elijah shook her and she laughed. “Okay, okay, you’re doing fine,” she admitted.
   “I was hoping you’d say I was a natural,” he told her.
   “If it makes you feel better I’ll say that,” Jessie smiled at him as he gave her a sold stare. Jessie turned away, amused, and asked, “You think Wolf is okay?”
   “I could whistle for him if you want.”
   “No. I just get kinda nervous letting him run free,” Jessie said.
   “He’s a wild animal. Besides, I have his scent if I need to I could track him,” he explained.
   Jessie finished her drink and then inquired. “Does this increase senses suck?”
   “There are more positive’s than negatives. Makes it harder for people to sneak up on me,” said Elijah.
   “That’s definitely useful.”
   “I didn’t get to ask about that CD. You listen to it right?”
   “Of course I did.”
   “You didn’t like it?”
   “I liked it. Its not my normal thing so it took a little time for me. Still going to take a little time.”
   “You have an early favorite?”
   “Howling for My Baby. The last line of that song gives me goosebumps,” Jessie then sung, “This bad love she got-makes me laugh and cry. Makes me really know-that I’m too young to die.”
   “That is a good one.”
   “Also, that song Evil-one of my fave bands covered it. Monster Magnet. So that was cool,” Jessie said.
   “So props for the Howlin’ Wolf.”
   “Also I recognized those songs Hound Dog and Ball and Chain. Those were good,” Jessie commented.
   “Big Mama Thornton. Great stuff there.”
   “I got sidetracked with all the work I guess. I meant to talk to you about it. Between the work outs, team business, and your new room and redecoration,” Jessie said.
   “I didn’t like being in the suite on the other side of the hall but the bunk beds were not working for me,” he explained.
   “Now you have a nice sized bed.”
   “Indeed. Plus I needed to have pictures of the family around.”
   “I don’t have pictures in my room. Not even posters,” Jessie said.
   “When I was inside the house, yeah. Then mom and sis moved in and with Sally there I just took the garage and didn’t feel the need,” replied Jessie.
   Elijah thought about asking more about her family dynamic, stopped himself from inquiring, not knowing if he should. He came up with something related to his questions, “You like the garage?”
   “More room for me. Less to park all our cars. You have a car back home?”
   “Of course I do-I’m rich. I have a red mustang Viper.”
   A whistle from Jessie. “I got a 81 black Cutlass. Better car than my dads piece of junk,” joked Jessie.
   “How’d you get it?”
   “Quinceañera gift from my moms side of the family. Gramps owns a garage-got a beat up cutlass at a police auction.”
   “You really into cars?”
   “Not even. I got enough hobbies as is. Music, wrestling, casual animé, manga and comic fan,” Jessie said.
   “How about movies? TV or books?” inquired Elijah.
   “I watch movies obviously but not a big movie dork like you. I read books sometimes but school just pounds away any interest to read for my own pleasure. I watch a few TV shows. Usually stuff my friends are into like Supernatural,” Jessie answered.
   “Really? That’s a macho show.”
   “A macho show for chicks. I never watched it when my friend Michie was in but she always kept going on about all the ‘feels.’ Then, somehow, someway she got Sally watching it and Sally does not watch too much TV let alone any genre stuff. So I started watching it,” Jessie explained.
   “All the ‘feels?’”
   “Michie is pure fangirl. ‘Feels’ is just another way of saying something filled you with lots of emotions. There’s OTP-one true pairing. There’s ships and shipping which is when you wish two characters would get together,” Jessie said.
   “Could you use ships in a sentence that best exemplifies the meaning as you phrased it?” challenged Elijah.
   “My ships sail on the tears I cry.”
   Elijah started to laugh and said, “What?”
   “That’s what my friend once said to me. Personally I don’t think too much like that. I watch stuff, read books, but I don’t really think like that,” Jessie said.
   “They ship superheroes?” asked Elijah.
   “Yep. They ship me with Sprite. Sometimes with Mizer-those people are idiots. She is a terrible, terrible person and deserves to die.”
   “What about me?”
   “Michie told me that you’re not popular,” Jessie disappointed him before adding, “They like dreaming up Kid Victory and SubHuman. I don’t see Antoine being Franks type though.”
   “They ever pair hetero couples?”
   “Its not really popular.”
   “How about your best friend?” he asked curious.
   “Depends on what it is. Michie’s geeky-lots of ships and OTPs.”
   “I want to meet your friends sometime. Michie, your band, everyone,” he said.
   “Tell me about your friends. The ones that were-you know…”
   “I told you about them.”
   “I think that was the last time you spoke about them,” Jessie said.
   “No. I spoke with my family about them.”
   “As long as you’re talking to someone.”
   “Are you the sounding board for your friends?” questioned Jessie.
   “I guess. I never really thought about it. Only my two best friends talk to me about their problems. Then Sally came along-and then all this. Guess I’ve gotten good at listening,” Jessie told him.
   “Where do you go with your problems?”
   “Michie, Sally-usually.”
   “Not your parents?”
   “My dad is okay to talk to but… He’s not the kind of person who you would call if you want to talk about your emotions. Me and my mom have a little trouble communicating but its better now. Just old issues and our own personal BS,” answered Jessie.
   “I… Hmm… I have a question regarding something that had been on my mind a bit of late,” said Elijah.
   “I hope I was not a factor in your recent break up.”
   Jessie shook her head. “Me and her were going to break up sooner or later. She wanted more and in our line of business, more can only be given to people you trust with your life.”
   “So the alter ego is what kept the two of you from moving forward,” he stated plainly.
   “Too many people know already. Parents, Michie and her mom, bandmates, Big Boss Blackwell and who knows how many people he had to deal with to help me and Sally so there might be more people who know Jessica James is the hero known as Reina Titán. Plus not being able to tell her made her think I was screwing around behind her back,” said Jessie.
   “It does relieve me to hear that. Had a little guilt,” admitted Elijah.
   Jessie grabs his face, kissed him and said, “Can we make out now?”
   “While I don’t like to turn down that kind of invitation, it’s ten minutes past, you wanted to be at you home around seven pacific,” Elijah told her.
   “Really? You gonna bring that up right when I have needs?”
   Elijah smiled then leaned in to kiss her some more.