Part 3

by CM Towns

   Kid Victory stood in the Lincoln Memorial, looking over the sculpture of the sixteenth president of the United States. He had never been here before and was taking in the feeling of the place-more for the dramatic nature of his visit rather than an emotional connection from the sight. Kid Victory stood calmly-if somewhat anxious-for his meeting. He kept checking his special smartphone (G-Phone as Tesla started dubbing them) for info or just to browse online. His attention was grabbed by a five foot seven, medium fair skinned teenage boy with a flop of hair, thin jagged nose and wide smile. He a black jacket, beige slacks, and some new sneakers Kid Victory noted.
   “Kid Victory,” he said reaching out to shake hands.
   Kid Victory shook his hand. “Ghost. Good to see you man,” Kid Victory said before asking, “Any problems getting out?”

   “Its a midnight rendezvous many miles from my home-of course there were problems,” remarked Ghost.
   “Sorry. I know I have been asking many favors from you,” he responded.
   “It’s alright. Anything to help the cause.”
   “So how did you do?” inquired Kid Victory.
   “I got your feelers out. Three people-one of them turned it down outright. The speedster seemed curious but not sure of the Indian girl,” Ghost answered.
   “Native American girl.”
   “You know what I meant. She was also trouble to get to by the way,” said Ghost.
   “Good thing you’re an expert car jacker,” Kid Victory joked.
   “Yes, good thing. I haven’t had time to check in on Blackwell or any of those other names you gave me,” added Ghost.
   “No worries. If you can get to it we’d appreciate that. You’ve already done so much for me and the team,” he said.
   “Your teammates Reina and Red Sprite are fine with me checking into their pal?” questioned Ghost.
   Kid Victory responded, “Okay. Thanks for helping me to watch out for my teammates.”
   Ghost nodded and pointed to him. “That’s more like it.”
   “How did the three act toward you?” questioned Kid Victory.
   “The leaping guy didn’t even give me a second. The girl-she stared me down-took the card and told me to get lost. I think the fact she was being spied on my a white dude bothered her greatly. The speedster, he asked a few questions,” Ghost said.
   Kid Victory heard some steps and pulled his stun gun, stepping in front of Ghost to protect him. Standing across from them was a figure in a black costume which covered every inch of their body with white dots decorated in several areas. The largest in the center but also white dots on the shoulders and the thighs. The costumed figure also wore white boots and gloves. The mans black mask had a white stripe across the top where the eyes would be-much like a visor.
   “I still have questions,” the man said in a guttural voice.
   Kid Victory holstered his weapon and said, “Hello there. How’d you find us?”
   “I tracked your friend here. Followed him to his car and to his home. He let it slip that you two were having a clan-destined meeting this day. Why not over the phone?” he questioned.
   Kid Victory reached into a pouch and showed off a wad of cash. He gave it to Ghost.
   Ghost smiled and tipped his head to them and announced, “I’ll leave you two to talk.”
   The speedster watched him go and turned to Kid Victory who asked, “What should I call you?”
   “I don’t bother with codenames.”
   “Okay. I’ve heard about you on the news. You have taken to dealing with domestic problems, stopping petty crimes, robberies and assaults,” Kid Victory stated.
   “I know what I do. I want to know what you want me to do for you and your organization,” he responded.
   “As you know the Guard has dealt with some serious bad guys and recent events have shown that team must expand. Not just to take on the enemies but to be able to operate at a moments notice if need be,” explained Kid Victory.
   “These recent events leave you worried that things are going to get worse? Hmmmm…” the mysterious speedster thought, “How many people have you reached out too?”
   “Is that important to this conversation?”
   “No, it is not but it makes me wonder the kind of soldiers you are looking for. By recruiting for an outlaw team you are risking your secrets being exposed,” he spoke.
   “It’s a calculated risk. That’s why I wanted to vet the ones interested. Then possibly put them with a partner to see how they operate,” Kid Victory said.
   “As well as to spy on them.”
   “Sure,” was Victory’s simple reply.
   “I am interested,” the speedster acknowledged the obvious.
   “That’s good. The fastest man alive would be beneficial to the team,” said Kid Victory.
   “Am I really the fastest man alive? Maybe on the ground but from what I hear Reina Titán is the fastest in the sky,” he suggested.
   “Possibly but that doesn’t changed that you are fast. You also have had some training on your hands which is good.”
   “How do you know I had training?” he asked.
   “I looked up your sightings and the case files I can get a hand on. If you’re just a brawler you’re good but something makes me think you have had some training-even if limited you learned well,” answered Kid Victory.
   The speedster nodded his head and said, “Ever since I got my powers I’ve made an effort to pay attention to you heroes. I read the books, watched the footage, and even got some interviews. You are extremely impressive. Its one thing for someone with powers like Reina Titán or Red Sprite but a teenage vigilante like yourself? That takes a lot of confidence and skill. Even luck.”
   “There’s no luck in my case. I’m just that damn good,” Kid Victory bragged.
   “Be careful-pride can be a weakness.”
   “Maybe for others.”
   The speedster snickered under his mask before saying, “As I was saying-you impress me. As do the others. Even your weakest members are gifted with such potential. I would be honored to join up with the Guard and face down the sick, pathetic lot that seek to harm others.”
   “Okay. I’ll talk with the others and we’ll contact you.”
   Kid Victory thought that one over and said, “Give me a number to call you at.”
   The speedster was a little hesitant and then nodded. He gave a phone number that Kid Victory put into his cell.
   “If you do join, you will be asked to set aside all prejudice to work hand in hand with us. To defend all kinds of people,” he told Victory.
   The speedster nodded and Kid Victory added, “You will be let into our lives as we will be in your life. Secrets must be guarded.”
   “I understand what would be required of me. I will win the trust of the team. We will crush anyone who threatens our country and our world,” he said raising his fist.
   “It was good to meet you,” Kid Victory said extending his hand. The speedster shook it. He then added, “By the way, your outfits interesting with the dots.”
   “Their lights,” he explained pressing a switch on his belt buckle. “For night running.” The speedster ran off and Kid Victory nodded his head.
   “We need to get you a code name,” Kid Victory said to himself.