Part 4

by CM Towns

   The Tuskegee-1 was minutes from the site of a daring bank robbery that went south fast. Three armed men along with a robot attempted to rob a private bank, but as they were in there getaway the SHRT responded in time to assist the police force. They now had the culprits pinned down in a dangerous gunfight. Mr. Monster, who had taken to monitoring crime during what he referred to as ‘working hours’, picked up the information and ran with it. He knew he should call the info in but was sure his teammates were in school, so Mr. Monster left them a text and took command of the team.
   It took only several minutes to get everyone onto the Tuskegee-1. On the Flier they slipped into their gear and flew out from the hangar inside their mountain compound. The flight to the bank in Kentucky was short, fifteen minutes top at their fastest speed. Mr. Monster would get talked to about that point since fuel for the fliers were pricey. They eased the speed as they flew into the city. Monster checked the news of the robbery and it sounded like the SWAT and SHRT would have had them taken down if not for the robot. The robot was a near eight foot tall bulky machine. Chipped paint job-was white with blue circles around the body. The arms that were Gatling-like guns. SubHuman made a crack about how easy it must be to purchase a deadly robot nowadays.
   Mr. Monster passed orders to SubHuman who unstrapped himself from the co-pilot position and stepped out of the small cockpit. The Tuskegee-1 was most like their first flier. Through the cockpit was a small area with a restroom, trio of storage cabinets, and a single seating area where Huntsman stood holding the pole by the seats side. SubHuman motioned for him to follow. The third and large portion was the transport with its 5 seats on each side and two parallel bars up top to hold. The final part through the far door was a small storage area and the main entrance exit.
   “The plan is this-Araminta you open a portal and Huntsman goes through and tackles the robot,” SubHuman said.
   “Can’t I just go through the back? Her portal makes me feel sick. In my gut,” Huntsman said.
   “That’s just the weightlessness.”
   “No its not. I’m a living machine like this, its messing with my sort of-robotic parts,” Huntsman said.
   “The jump should be shorter than your last,” SubHuman said.
   “Fine,” he replied annoyed.
   “Go!” Monster shouted over the PA.

   Araminta unstrapped herself and raised her arms. The blue colored witches circle expanded and Huntsman leaped through the black center portion. Once inside he was surrounded by the dark with blue sparks and an exit only a few feet head. Huntmans landed on the ground and once he got into a fighting stance a missile caught him by surprise in the gut. Araminta and SubHuman landed on a parked car on the side of the street. SubHuman scoped the scene, hit one of the bank robbers with a hard shock that took him down.
   Araminta threw up a shield before a missile could hit them. “Huntsman didn’t do his job,” she observed.
   “The robot also has some shoulder missiles. Did not expect that,” observed SubHuman.
   Huntsman tackled the robot and the pair rolled down the street. SubHuman told Araminta to hold her shield for a moment. He hopped off the car, made a dash behind another parked car while firing voltage at one of the other men who now turned his aim at SubHumans direction. This allowed Araminta to make a jump. She figured she would drop behind the last bank robber who was returning fire on some pinned down cops a half dozen yards away, behind some cars. Araminta came out the portal quietly and went for her new sword in the sheath hooked to her belt. She could not pull it smooth and the robber caught a glimpse of her from his periphery. He turned quick and Araminta used a strike to the throat like Kid Victory showed her.
   “The neck is rarely protected even when a man is in body armor,” he explained just this past weekend. Aramina grabbed one leg from behind and swept the other one, forcing the man to fall forward onto the sidewalk. That she saw from Sally and Jessie sparring one another. Araminta took his big gun and tossed it. The robber was able to get her off his back. Both up they went for their weapons, this time Araminta pulled her sword first and knock away the side arm he pulled.
   Mr. Monster’s arm caught around the neck of the man, spun the criminal around to face him. Mr. Monster smiled, said ‘boo’ before dropping him on the ground and adding a boot to the head for good measure. Mr. Monster turned to Araminta and congratulated her.
   “Brilliant work,” he said to her.
   “Thanks. How about the others?” Araminta asked. Monster pointed and she turned to see Huntsman stomping on the robot. She saw him squat down and then he stood back up shouting ‘whooo!’ They could see Huntsman holding the robots head. He tossed it behind himself as he started to walk his way toward them.
   “SubHuman, come in,” Mr. Monster said into the comlink he just slipped onto his ear, hoping SubHuman put his on as well. He saw SubHuman returning with one of the robbers wire-cuffed from behind. SubHuman pushed him down onto the ground and the team met in the center of the street.
   “This one tried fleeing but I caught him. Easy-peasy, right?”
   “Good work everyone. Wish I could have done a little more,” Mr. Monster said.
   “FREEZE!” shouted some officers and Araminta opened up a gate. The four escaped in quickly and back into their ship hovering above. From there they flew back to base while avoiding a couple attempted tails. As they made their way back a call came in over the system. SubHuman in the co-pilot seat turned it on.
   “Hello?” SubHuman said.
   “You guys went on a mission and did not clear it?” asked Professor on the other line.
   “Figured a little hands on training would be good,” Mr. Monster responded.
   “We did good by the way,” SubHuman added.
   “I gathered that from the news. I did not even realize you all were monitoring for crimes,” replied the Professor.
   “We have a great deal of time on our hands,” SubHuman said.
   “Next time leave voice messages and not texts. Okay?” recommended Professor.
   “Noted,” Mr. Monster answered.
   “Footage is replaying on the internet so if you want to take a glimpse of yourselves in action you can see the needless decapitation of a robot,” she added slightly amused.
   “Reed goes all out sometime,” SubHuman joked.
   “Good job. Kid Victory will contact you and say the same.”
   “I hope to hear that from him. I’m sure Araminta would too-she’s coming on nicely. Needs to be able to work with the sword though,” Mr. Monster commented.
   “I’ll pass that along. When you get back, refuel the ship,” Professor instructed.
   “Of course,” Mr. Monster said.
   They exchanged goodbyes and SubHuman said, “Guess we’re good enough to take on the low level scum now.”
   “Yes-we can do the work of a pair of teenage vigilantes from Kirby,” Mr. Monster observed.
   “Please-I think we did it in half the time,” he replied. A quick high five and the two joked the rest of the way home.