Part 12

by CM Towns

   “Whats up? Hows the case going?” asked Kid Victory’s brother over the computer screen.
   Kid Victory had his visor and headgear off and was rubbing his eyes after little sleep. “Its going okay. Haven’t really done much yet-sorry about ruining the weekend plans,” he said.
   “No worries. When you gotta throw down you gotta throw down,” Robert replied.
   “So what you doing today?”
   “Nothing it seems like. I called up Fred but his ass is grounded for some stupid shit. Matthew and the others, man-they got other things going so I’m stuck,” he replied.
   “You should be taking this time to work on your report!” Kid Victory’s dad shouted off camera.
   Robert looked off screen and replied, “I got two more weeks on that.”
   “I don’t want you rushing last minute!” he shouted back.
   “Let me talk to dad,” Kid Victory said.

   Robert gave up the computer to his dad. “Hows it down in New Mexico?” Zachary Jackson asked his oldest son.
   “Not in New Mexico, I’m in Texas.”
   “So you letting Titan handle your business out there?”
   “I need you to do something for me. I got a paper on my laptop I need to finish. I forgot to transfer it,” Kid Victory said.
   “Need me to email it?” he asked.
   “More like upload to a dropbox. I’ll get it from there,” Kid Victory replied.
   “Which one-never mind. I know the one,” he said.
   “Thanks dad.”
   “How are you doing?” inquired his dad.
   “Doing fine. Things are a little confusing having multiple operatives stationed elsewhere but this case is very simple in its end results,” Kid Victory said.
   “Well, you be careful out there.”
   “I will,” Kid Victory.
   “Love ya’,” he said.
   Kid Victory nodded. “You too,” Kid Victory signed off and closed the laptop. Kid Victory looked over the workspace in the office of the empty auto garage he was using. The office was bare with the exception of some tools and luggage brought by the team. The garage itself was small with room for only a couple cars plus the work stations, the office and a little lot surrounded by chain link fence.
   The team arrived in the middle of the night by private jet arranged by Blackwell’s associates. They were gifted with a car to keep a low profile and given several empty business’ to possibly set up shop in. Kid Victory chose to ignore their suggestions and chose this garage. He had spent time on the flight cruising Google maps in areas with known cartel dealings to find possible hideouts which lead him here. Victory did not want too many people knowing where the team would be and at the first chance they ditched the given car to pick up another. Kid Victory would use his contacts for certain resources but wanted them to know as little of their movements as possible.
   A knock at the office door and Kid Victory stood up. He opened it to the five-foot-seven teen of Islamic descent. He had a broad jaw, snub nose, focused grey eyes and buzz cut.
   “How you doing Aamil?” Kid Victory asked.
   AAMIL KHATTAK replied in an irked tone, “I’m a Muslim in Texas. Not my ideal area.”
   “You got food?”
   He motioned to the box of donuts atop a police car that Mr. Monster was digging through. “Excellent, any troubles with the locals?”
   “Dirty looks here and there. No one followed me or noticed my entrance into this dirty garage,” he replied.
   “Good. Grab a couple and then get ready to roll out,” Kid Victory instructed.
   “I’ll get ready first,” he said walking by Kid Victory to the office to get suited up.
   “I think we should get a police car for the headquarters,” Mr. Monster said.
   “Too much trouble driving in and out of Cardy. Besides, I’m surprised we got this one,” Kid Victory said. The trio retrieved this decommissioned police cruiser when Kid Victory discovered that Texas was moving over to a new line of police cars. He knew it would be some time before they noticed one missing and that it would allow them to move freely through the city for a little while.
   “Aamil got our new license plate,” Monster waved a cop car plate and Kid Victory smiled.
   Victory took a donut and opened a bottle of chocolate milk. After a bit he turned to see Aamil in costume. “We need a codename for you,” Kid Victory said.
   “Reed had a suggestion so he had Sprite text me,” Monster said between bites, “FLASH-MAN.”
   “I don’t like it,” Aamil said.
   “If you need to change it later that’s fine but for now, Flash-Man it is,” Kid Victory said.
   Aamil shook his head and walked over to the cop car. He switched the plates quickly and said, “Now do we get to work?”
   “Lets get geared up. C’mon,” he said to the two. Kid Victory stopped at the steel cases by the office door. He unlocked the cases and opened each.
   “Alright, Flash-Man, I got some tools for you. First off, some pouches to hook to your belt. Now, a burner phone. We’ll plug in our numbers just in case we get separated. Got some wire cuffs, a new top of the line taser plus a some extra cartridges,” he showed off.
   “That’s a very weak weapon,” Flash-Man said.
   “Not against most the guys we meet. These are flash grenades, we’ll start you with one,” Kid Victory handed Flash-Man one of the devices that looked like a small thin can with glass circles all over with a button on top and then said, “Finally, some brass knuckles. Make every hit count.”
   “That I can get behind.”
   Mr. Monster reached around and Kid Victory pointed to the small explosives. “Excellent,” Monster said putting them in one of his pouches.
   “Why does he get explosives?” Aamil asked.
   “He knows how to use them. Plus allows me to skip carry them this time. But I think we can both do smoke capsules,” Kid Victory said.
   Kid Victory got his stun gun and extra power cartridge as well as grappling gun. He took his phone, smoke capsules, folding boomerang, first aid pack, a pair of small vials that were his foam bombs, two small discs that worked as EMPs, his phone, couple bolos, his dual fighting sticks and his knife. He handed one to Flash-Man and told him to tape the sheath to his boot with duct tape.
   “Any other gear we need?” Mr. Monster said.
   Kid Victory walked over to the cop car, opened the trunk and showed what was inside.
   “Binoculars, Current gun and zip line for entry if needed. Plus this baby-” Kid Victory showed what appeared to be a shotgun, “Beanbag shotgun.”
   “So where do we hit first?” Flash-Man asked.
   “We’re after Tiro Certero. We shut him down and any other cartel operations on our way to find him. If we discover any workshops building robots, we cut them down. That’s second objective. Certero we turn over to the feds and with that Daga’s control in Texas and surrounding states is minimized,” explained Kid Victory.
   “The third objective is picking up loose cash, right?” asked Monster to which Kid Victory nodded.
   “We take the money from the bad guys?” Flash-Man asked.
   “Its how we keep in business. But only if the cash is not from a heist we are aware of,” Mr. Monster said.
   “Plus our main contact needs to spread the wealth to continue to help us move freely,” Kid Victory said before adding, “As freely as we can, I should say.”
   “So where do we start?” Flash-Man asked.
   “Here in Maverick County. We go to the dangerous neighborhoods, make a ruckus,” Kid Victory said.
   “Wouldn’t this… Certero character just make a run for it?” asked Flash-Man.
   “He won’t be able to run fast enough,” Kid Victory said with a smile.
   “If that was joke, it was terrible,” Flash-Man replied.