Character Profile-Brown Widow

by CM Towns

Real Name: April O’Day
Nickname: n/a
Alias’: May Harper, May Leary
Codename: Brown Widow
Superhero Moniker: The Spider Woman of New Mexico
From:Albuquerque, New Mexico but originally from Chicago, IL
Ethnicity: Latino (Puerto Rican mother, Irish/Scottish on fathers side)
Hair/Eye Color: Brown Medium Length/Brown
Height/Weight: 5’7″/139 lbs.
DOB: May 10th (16 years old)
Classification: Science based mutation
Abilities/Weapons: Spider like. Sticks to walls, shoots webs from back of hands, incredible leaping ability. Increased strength and speed.
Origin: Kicked out of her home, April lived on the streets for a few years. Ending up in New Mexico where she agreed to testing for cash. The mix of serum injections and pills over the time gave incredible powers.
Costume: Russet brown color in the body and legs. Black sleeves and gloves with small opening on back for webbing. Rust colored hour glass symbol on chest. Black boots with a rust colored stripe down the center. Wears a small black mask connected with wig (red or white).
Family: Parents, Brother
First Appearance: Case File 004-Dagger