Character Profile-Flash-Man

by CM Towns

Real Name: Aamil Khattak
Nickname: n/a
Alias: Faiz Hannan, Faiz Rafiq
Codename: Flash-Man
Moniker: n/a
City: Richmond, Virgina
Ethnicity: Pashtun/Kashimiri
Hair/Eye Color: Buzz cut/Grey eyes
Height/Weight: 5’7″ ½/144 lbs.
Bday: June 28th (17 years old)
Classification: Magic
Abilities/Weapons: Super-speed. Utility belt holds brass knuckles, wirecuffs, first aid, phone, money, knife, and bolas.
Origin: n/a
Costume: Black with white gloves, boots and belt with pouches as well as white dots around outfit that illuminate. They are located on the chest and gut (medium sized), back (largest sized), biceps (smallest size), and the front and back of his legs (medium sized). Mask is all black
Family: Lives with Aunt and Uncle, Older Sister
First Appearance: Case File 004-Dagger