Part 15

by CM Towns

   Red Sprite had decided to skip the various shady business’ in Sinaola and go straight for the El Jefe. This was due to how quickly Reina Titán stomped over part of Cartels manufacturing wing in New Mexico. Not just that but also the details left behind by unprotected computers and snitches who will be looking to make deals. Araminta was once more in awe of Reina’s unequaled power and also scared that instead of building to the big clash like she expected they were, as Reed said, ‘skipping straight to the final stage.’
   The plan was to send Huntsman in first. The trio stayed outside the lavish mansion and waited as Huntsman flew overhead and fired a half dozen warning shots to draw out the brunt of Daga forces which included the robots Reina warned about. The description Reina gave of the machines did not do them justice. Golden machines with strange physiques and red visor eyes. Huntsman hollered a ‘WHOOOO’ as he engaged one of the three robots.
   Red Sprite signaled for them to go in. Araminta used a gate to drop them on the other side of a large stone wall and as they landed they split. Red Sprite was to go around the front while they took to around the back with the knowledge to incapacitate as many as possible as to turn over to the proper authorities. SubHuman had the lead with Araminta following him with one hand on the hilt of her blade.
   “Here we go!” SubHuman shouted before blasting down a pair of armed men.

   Araminta heard shouts behind them accompanied by growls. Araminta saw dogs running. She held her ground and then threw up a gate in front of herself. The dogs slipped in and dropped out a couple yards away from a ate planted four feet off the ground. The dogs rushed off scared. The men who chased after them opened fire and Araminta put up her shield to block the bullets. The noise of a falling robot behind them distracted the two long enough for Araminta to drop the shield and rush one man into the gut shoulder first while SubHuman tagged the other with his electro-blasts.
   “Ease up, I think he’s done with,” SubHuman commented on Araminta slamming her fists into the mans head. Huntsman flew over and landed on the robot and after a moment flew over to the two.
   “Here,” he said handed over the gem which powered the robot.
   Araminta tossed it into her gate-which doubled as storage-and said, “Was that all of them?”
   “No. Two more. One of which is repairing its leg. Its so cool,” he commented.
   “Get back to it Machine Kid,” SubHuman said and Huntsman flew up and started firing in the distance.
   Araminta and SubHuman continued forth. As they moved toward the pool they had to duck around the corner when they saw men heading their direction. The two escaped through a portal on to the roof to plan their next moves.
   “Is this a bad time to say-Wow-look at that,” Araminta said pointing over the back wall to the ocean ahead. SubHuman looked up and took in excellent sight.
   Araminta went on, “That is beautiful. This mansion is beautiful.”
   “It won’t be for much longer,” SubHuman said.
   “Okay, I’ll drop down and make a few jumps to confuse them then back here. Hows that?” Araminta said.
   “Okay, try and get a count,” SubHuman agreed.
   Araminta nodded and jumped through a gate. SubHuman peeked over and saw Araminta hop out and through another gate, out another while pushing a man into the jacuzzi and then into another gate and back up top.
   “I saw a total of four. There is one near the corner we were at. All with weapons. Some have laser weapons,” she explained.
   “Okay-drop me there and you by the pool. Draw their fire then I’ll draw it away and then you hit some of the bastards,” he instructed.
   They went to work. SubHuman out first tagged one guy from behind. An armed man coming from the path they ran up from fired on him, tagging SubHuman in the back but his protective gear protected him from the bullets but the pain was like being socked by an amateur boxer. SubHuman dropped, spun and sent out two blasts on the man. He rushed around the corner and saw three men firing on Araminta behind the pool with her shield up. Two men were coming out from the sliding back door but SubHuman caught both from the side as he went up that back porch area.
   Some of the guards turned his way and Araminta slipped out and into a gate, hopped out across the pool to where they were and swung her sword catching one man in the gut. The others were down thank’s to her teammate. He gave her the thumbs up.
   “Nice swing,” he complimented her.
   Araminta got cocky, put the sword up on her shoulder and smiled. “Why thank you kindly,” she replied.
   “I bet Red Sprite is tearing through the guards easily,” SubHuman predicted.
   “Let’s get inside the house-” Araminta swerved her head to see part of a robot fly past them. She waved at Huntsman before running over to SubHuman who suggested they start on the balcony just above. Araminta opened a gate and both popped in and out, broke the doors into a large empty room. Araminta once again stopped to admire her surroundings.
   “Wow-the bed… It’s so big. These sheets…” she rubbed them.
   “Not the time.”
   “I’m sure we have a little time to admire the interior decorating-between Reed killing the robots and Sprite being ruthlessly aggressive-plus us taking a few guys down-isn’t the fight over yet?” Araminta joked.
   “Ha ha,” SubHuman replied taking a look out the door. “I see two on the run.”
   “Our way or the other way?”
   “The other way.”
   “Then let’s skip them,” she recommended.
   “Okay-but lets clear the rooms,” SubHuman said.
   Araminta agreed and the two exited the room at the ready. They checked the nearby rooms and only had to dispatch one Daga member. The two decided to get down to the first floor and see if Red Sprite need any help.
   Araminta had to admit to herself she was feeling confident and good. Her and SubHuman were making a good team. They had taken out the men on the outside, knocked around a couple men on the inside and now were moving down into the basement to tackle even more bad guys. The basement area was a long hallway with steel doors on each side. There was sudden skip of Araminta’s heart at the view. A few doors were open and inside they encountered some drugs and weapons and a few captives beaten and bruised. They moved toward the end of the hall where there was a large door and Araminta’s heart now speed faster. There was a large, steel lock and they debated on how to get in. Luckily Huntsman tracked them down.
   “What’s going on?” he asked in his mechanical voice.
   “Araminta doesn’t want to take a risk hopping into here. This one is locked up more than the others,” SubHuman explained.
   “Can you open it?” Araminta asked. Huntsman pulled the door off its hinges and Araminta looked inside. She grabbed her mouth, turned and vomited.
   SubHuman shouted curses and Huntsman stood cold, swallowing the bile that was coming up.